Question: How do I reset Mozilla to factory settings?


Click Help near the bottom of the screen. Choose Troubleshooting Information from the Help menu. Click Refresh Firefox at the top right corner on the Troubleshooting Information page. Mozilla will then warn you that youre about to remove browser add-ons and restore everything to its default configuration.

Factory reset refers to restore all the settings to the factory default state.

How do I reset Mozilla to factory settings?

This is needed and helpful for lots of situations; for instance, formatting a hard drive or reinstalling an operating system. But do you know what does factory reset mean? A factory reset is also known as a hard reset or master reset; it refers to the action of restoring all software of an electronic device to its original system state and manufacturer settings.

How to Factory Reset Laptop Easily in Windows 10/8/7 (3 Ways)

This seems very terrible, but why there are so many people want to do a factory reset? Otherwise, you should get professional data recovery software from the to help. It contains the recovery image system image and is hidden by default on your computer. The second and third options will delete all partitions for you and create one or two new partitions for the recovery process.

Next, start to Reset your laptop from Settings. The description message tells you that you can choose to keep your personal files or remove them, and then reinstall Windows. After clicking on this option, the system will be downgraded to Windows 8. In many other cases, you could see only the Keep my files and Remove everything options in the Choose an option window. You should select one to continue. If you fail to reinstall Windows this way, you should try Cloud download.

View them and click Back. They want to find back the lost files and folders. Step 1: Choose a Reliable Data Recovery Tool The thing you know for sure when losing valuable data is that you need to get help from a data recovery tool. Why do you choose it?

Please click on the download button below and choose a safe location to store MiniTool Power Data Recovery on your laptop. Then, navigate to the setup file and double click on it to initialize the installation process.

How do I reset Mozilla to factory settings?

After that, follow the on-screen instructions to finish installing the data recovery software. Step 2: Scan Your Drive for Lost Files You should choose to start MiniTool Power Data Recovery at the end of the installation process or by double clicking on the software icon on the desktop.

Then, wait for a few seconds while the disk information is loading. After that, follow this guide to recover your lost files. Now, you can navigate How do I reset Mozilla to factory settings?

the target location to view the recovered files and folders. Please to know more about how to recover lost files after a factory reset.

How do I reset Mozilla to factory settings?

Can you still recover data from it? Finally, follow the steps mentioned above to regain your lost files.

Refresh Firefox

Then, wait for the process to finish. Final Thoughts Factory reset is a direct and effective method for restoring electronic devices to their original states. Sarah aims at helping users with their computer problems such as disk errors and data loss. She feels a sense of accomplishment to see that users get their issues fixed relying on her articles. Besides, she likes to make friends and listen to music after work.

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