Question: When did the BLK dating app come out?

BLK has had 5 million downloads since it was launched in 2017, user engagement spiked 30% the day #VaxThatThangUp went viral.

When did BLK app come out?

When was BLK first launched? BLK is a relatively new mobile dating app which was launched in the year 2017.

Join our community where you can chat, talk, and hang out with people who have similar interests. Building a positive and safe community is our highest priority.

When did the BLK dating app come out?

Please help us by reporting any inappropriate behavior. Our Safety Team will evaluate all reports and take immediate action when necessary. I want to get back onto the app. One other problem is being reported for no reason.

Nothing in my bio that is vulgar.

When did the BLK dating app come out?

And I never curse in posts or anything like that. Its very annoying and ruins the app for me. I got this app because I wanted to make some new friends.

The History of Online Dating From 1695 to Now

I thought I was going to put in some of my interests and then get matched for a friend. Well, I did put my interests but you could only have so many. I feel like they should have unlimited interests because they gave you lots of options to choose from.

Like come on at lest let the likes be free. Like come on this app is to get people to make friends, not just waste their money on getting unlimited chats or something.

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