Question: How did Dehaka lose his arm?


Dehakas right arm on Zerus Dehaka lost his large right arm prior to the Swarms return to Zerus; it was later to be found in the same area where Sarah Kerrigan defeated the other primal pack leaders. It was noted to still be bleeding profusely, implying he had only lost it very recently.

The team has for upcoming content, including the image above. Internet sleuths have already been hard at work trying to determine what these clues mean and have reached conclusions ranging from a raptor mount with complementary Troll hero to a playable Arrakoa to the primal Aerg character.

How did Dehaka lose his arm?

The most recent was Artanis in October of How did Dehaka lose his arm? year. As an interesting note, referring to Dehaka already exists in Heroes of the Storm, currently unused. This mystery just got a hole lot deeper! The figure in the upper left is definitely Dehaka.


I do not need a weapon, I will evolve claws. They were never assimilated into the Swarm and continued to exist as the zerg did in their most natural state.

Copying spells from your enemies, maybe? Or the ability to decide whether you want to play Dehaka as Warrior, Assassin, or Support from game to game? For all we know, this speculation could all be for naught — this guess could turn out to be completely wrong.

How did Dehaka lose his arm?

In more expected news, the have also been released. The balance changes hit two of the usual suspects, Nova and Rehgar, plus the newest addition to the roster, Xul. Nova receives another round of buffs in an attempt to make her competitive again, while Rehgar receives a brutal nerf to his survivability. Since launch, Xul has excelled in nearly every aspect of play, quickly becoming the most dangerous character on the battlefield. After some severe nerfs, he may have been brought back in line, but time will tell.

How did Dehaka lose his arm?

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