Question: Why did Riley leave Buffy?


Buffy later found out Riley was acting as an undercover agent for The Initiative, who captured demons and experimented on them. As Buffy and Riley had opposing views about demons, they regularly fell out and it resulted in Riley leaving the series.

Seeing my friends get more and more powerful… All of them. And I'm the guy who fixes the windows. They'll never know how tough it is, Dawnie. To be the one who isn't chosen, to live so near to the spotlight and never step in it. I see more than anybody realizes because nobody's watching me. Being the only one of his group of friends to not possess any supernatural abilities, Xander was usually the one who saw everything beyond the supernatural.

Besides this, he was known to be Why did Riley leave Buffy? humorous and sarcastic, especially in the face of danger. Raised by mongrels and set on a sacrificial stone.

Xander was born to andand grew up in. Tony struggled with alcohol addiction and was verbally abusive toward Jessica. Xander's lifelong best friend waswho secretly harbored a crush on him. In kindergarten, Xander suffered an unknown humiliation involving Aquaman underpants. At his sixth birthday party, Xander's parents hired a clown that chased him; this incident gave him a lifelong phobia of clowns and caused him to suffer from nightmares.

When Xander did not get a toy fire truck for his seventh birthday, the house next door burned down, and he believed that Willow had set the fire to let him see real fire trucks. Also at the Why did Riley leave Buffy? of seven, Xander had to take a test to see if he had a learning disability. Sunnydale High Crush on the Slayer Xander bumps into Buffy and finds the stake that spilled from her purse. In Why did Riley leave Buffy?

sophomore year of high Why did Riley leave Buffy?, Xander met Buffy Summers on her first day at and overheard her bizarre conversation with school librarian regarding and. He and Willow discovered that Sunnydale was situated on a and that Buffy was the Slayer who was granted supernatural powers and destined to fight the forces of evil. When his other best friend,was kidnapped and turned into a vampire, Xander fought him and accidentally staked him when someone pushed Jesse into the stake Xander was holding.

After stopping the together, Buffy, Xander, Willow, and Giles formed what Xander named the Scooby Gang, a small group of allies who helped the Slayer fight the forces of darkness. Xander was attracted to Buffy since he first saw her, but this was put alongside when a substitute biology teacher arrived. Xander ignored Buffy's suspicions about Miss French until he was captured by thea giant insect that disguised itself as a beautiful woman to seduce, mate with, and eat male virgins.

Buffy rescued Why did Riley leave Buffy? and his attraction to her returned. Xander becomes possessed by a hyena spirit at the local zoo. Xander's feelings took a dangerous turn when he and a gang of bullies were by the of hyenas through a ritual. Influenced by the animal spirit, Xander sexually assaulted Buffy, bullied students, insulted Willow, and ate a live pig.

Buffy and Giles found a way to remove the hyena spirits from him and the other students. Ashamed, Xander pretended to not retain any memory of his exploits under the hyena spirit's influence; only Giles was privy to the truth. Xander showed bouts of jealousy towards any man Buffy took an interest, such as her brief relationship with loner and her attraction to the handsome stranger.

Why did Riley leave Buffy?

His hostility towards Angel deepened when he learned that Angel was a vampire, Why did Riley leave Buffy? one with a. He encouraged Buffy to kill him since she was the Slayer, and was willing to do so when it seemed that he hurt. Finding out Angel was framed, Xander still didn't trust him and was shocked to discover Buffy still liked him. Come Prom, Xander finally admitted his feelings to Buffy, wanting her to be his date. Buffy, however, did not share the same feelings and spurned him, leaving him bitterly disappointed.

He then asked Willow on the rebound but, despite her crush on him, she rejected his offer as she knew his true intentions. However, he still made it his mission Why did Riley leave Buffy? save Buffy when he was told she went off to fight thedespite destiny claiming she would die. Xander forced Angel at cross point to lead the way to the Master's lair in order to find her, but the Master had already drowned her.

Overcoming insecurity In their junior year, Buffy did a provocative dance with Xander that bothered Angel, Willow, and even Xander himself, leaving him in the dance floor after asking if he'd like her to thank him for resurrecting her. Later, Buffy's new distant and emotionally crude attitude allowed vampires to kidnap Willow, and Xander threatened to kill Buffy if anything happened to his best friend.

Buffy saved her friends and the Scoobies were Why did Riley leave Buffy? again. During a foreign exchange student program, he fell for Buffy's assigned Why did Riley leave Buffy? did Riley leave Buffy?, an awoken disguised as the Peruvian exchange student. As the needed to suck the essence of Why did Riley leave Buffy? to survive, Xander refused to let her take Willow's life so they could be together, and she died.

Being his second supernatural love interest, Xander noticed a pattern that would soon follow up. Xander as a commando during a Halloween curse. Xander was transformed into an armed and experienced soldier. When the spell was lifted, he retained his memories and knowledge of the military, giving him better fighting skills and the know-how on using certain weapons or technology. This came at its handiest when Buffy needed to disassemble the.

With his knowledge, Xander gained access to a military barracks by blackmailing a soldier who was dressed wrongly, Why did Riley leave Buffy? obtained a rocket launcher for Buffy.

The Watcher's Council: Buffy and Angel Episode Viewing Order

While hiding in Buffy's basement fromthe tension between Xander and Cordelia resulted in a kiss. They tried to deny their attraction, but couldn't resist each other and thus began a secret relationship, consisting largely of making out in a closet. When Willow discovered their affair, she was devastated and offended that Xander would rather be with Cordelia than her.

Wanting revenge, Xander coerced into casting a on Cordelia so he could dump her and hurt her as she hurt him. The spell backfired, and Xander became irresistible to every female in Sunnydale except Cordelia. When he noticed his mistake, he took no enjoyment and rejected all the advances from Amy, Willow, and Buffy.

After the spell was broken, Cordelia, realizing Xander genuinely cared for her, reunited with him in defiance of her former friends.

Xander joins the swim team to try and help figure out what is happening to the players. After the suspected deaths of the by fish-like beasts, Xander infiltrated the team by joining them, which required him to wear small red Speedos to the pleasure of Cordelia and Willow.

He soon discovered that the swim team members were actually becoming as opposed to being Why did Riley leave Buffy? by them. Exposed by the performance-enhancing cold war drugs that initiated the change via aromatherapy, Xander feared he would become one of those monsters until he received the necessary treatments to undo the process when he and Buffy stoppedthe swim team's coach who perpetrated the transformations.

Why did Riley leave Buffy?

When Angel lost his soul and reverted to his evil persona, Xander felt his long-standing mistrust of the vampire had been validated, especially when he murdered Giles's girlfriend and Sunnydale High teacher. Xander opposed Buffy's back-up plan for Willow to re-ensoul him if required, believing Buffy wanted to forget his actions to get her boyfriend back.

The attempt to re-ensoul Angel failed when his minions attacked the Scoobies, causing a fight which left Xander with a broken arm, Willow unconscious at the hospital, Giles kidnapped, and dead. He encouraged Buffy to Why did Riley leave Buffy? Angel and did not inform her that Willow was going to attempt the restoration ritual once again. Xander rescued Giles during the ambush at thebefore Buffy sent the newly re-ensouled Angel to. Finding his identity In his senior year of high school, Xander joined Willow and her new boyfriend in patrolling for vampires in place of Buffy, who had left Sunnydale without a word.

When she returned, he voiced his disapproval of her leaving during her homecoming party, accusing her of being selfish. Xander was the first of the Scoobies to discover Angel had returned from and that Buffy had been secretly rehabilitating him. Resentful that Buffy still loved Angel after his rampage only a year before, Xander informed the other Scoobies of the vampire's return and convinced to attempt to slay him.

However, when Angel saved Willow from being killed by the corrupt ex-Xander begrudgingly accepted him back into the fold. In their senior year, Xander and Willow become more than friends. Xander and Willow began to exhibit a mutual romantic interest, leading to several secret kisses despite both being in relationships.

While Willow tried to find a way to eliminate their urges through magic, they were kidnapped by. Injured, Xander and Willow shared what they believed would be their final kiss. However, they were discovered by Cordelia and Oz, who had come to rescue them.

After Cordelia suffered a near-fatal injury, Xander visited her at the hospital with flowers, but she told him to stay away from her, thus ending their relationship.

Unknown to others, Xander alone stops a group of zombie delinquents. Returning to school, Cordelia's anger, along with being mocked by her friends when she reunited with them, led to the arrival of the.


In an attempt to prove Cordelia wrong, Xander acquiredwhich led him to embark on an adventure with a group of led by. However, when Jack and his friends tried to blow up Sunnydale High, Xander single-handedly put an end to their plan by convincing Jack to deactivate the explosives.

While this happened, the other Scoobies fought to prevent the apocalypse, dismissing Xander's involvement for his safety and remaining unaware of his heroism the next day. Also, during that night, Xander lost his virginity to Faith after he aided her in a fight. After this, he believed he and Faith shared a connection. As Faith wouldn't own up after murdering a human, Xander visited her in her hotel room, but she forced him into bed and nearly strangled him until Angel Why did Riley leave Buffy?

and stopped her. Xander witnesses his school explode during graduation. As the Senior Prom loomed, Xander was asked by Anyanka, now Anya, to be her date, as neither of them had dates; he accepted. During this time, he discovered Cordelia's family lost their wealth, home, and cars because of her father's tax evasion, and made peace with Cordelia by helping her pay for her prom dress.

Why did Riley leave Buffy?

At his high school graduation, Xander led Sunnydale High's students against and his vampires, acting as a commander alongside Buffy. After the school blew up and killed the Mayor, Xander expressed his happiness that high school was literally destroyed and that it was the best part of it, which was agreed upon the rest of his friends.

It's all about them and the college life. You know what college is? It's high school without the actual going to class. Well, high school was sort of like that too but the point is, I'm the one working hard to earn a living and it's a huge joke to them. He set upon a cross-country trip inspired by 's that ended when broke down having only gone as far as Oxnard.

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