Question: Is 57 average height for a guy?

Average male height worldwide is usually measured in centimeters by doctors and scientists. The average American man stands just under 5 feet, 10 inches -- or about 5 feet, 9.3 inches to be precise. Thats roughly 176 centimeters. This measure gives the U.S. its standing in 37th place for male height worldwide.

Is 57 an average height for a man?

In 2017, the average male in the United States measured 69 inches (5 feet 9 inches). Around a century ago, the average height in the U.S. was 67 inches (5′ 7″). Although this marks a growth of more than 2 inches, the rate at which people in the U.S. are growing has slowed compared with other nations.

Can 57 guys be models?

Male model height requirements are difficult to work around, but it is not unheard of for a shorter model to do well. Mark Wahlberg (who is 57) started his career as a model and shot to fame with the infamous Calvin Klein ad alongside Kate Moss (who is also short for a model at just 56).

Even if I'm strong; not bulky though. And at what height are girls turned off by me? But honestly I'm not really attracted to girls of that height. I prefer girls the same height as me. How short is too short? I come from a family that breeds tall men. I live in a community where the tall dutch gene is dominant. My father and most of my uncles are 6'0-6'4. My male cousins are all 6'0-6'5.

One of my uncles is 6'8. My grandfathers were both 6'0. The shortest full grown man in my family is 5'9 and he married into it. I believe my family conditioned me to find tall men attractive as I had only been around tall guys throughout my childhood. My current boyfriend is 6'5. He fits in well with my family.

Bringing someone short into our family would be odd. I feel as though he'd feel out of place among the men. All my aunts, and female cousins,even my mother are all 5'8-6'0. I got the freak gene from my really short 5'0 grandmother and it made me 5'4.

Girls, honest answer: is (170 cm) too short for you?

I am the smallest in my family. As for your want to protect a girl. It's just her way of finding herself an excuse for being attracted to taller men. Her excuse is the family, feeling out of place and shit like that. I find it quite hypocritical that women will go on saying that the biggest turn off is the insecurity, when they go on to say shit like that.

Honestly, i've heard excuses ranging from not wanting to be shorter than her husband on a wedding day awfully specificto feeling like they're their mothers. So by that logic, if the man is taller, she Is 57 average height for a guy?

Is 57 average height for a guy?

like they have a daughter-father relationship? It's not only ridiculous, it's a bit disturbing. Unfortunately, when it comes to dating, yes. Women routinely say they would never date a short guy even if they just got done saying looks don't matter.

Ask around, and most women want a guy 6' or above. Its unfortunate, but women are allowed to be shallow in a way that guy's aren't. What really kills it is your own attitude that you're so undatable. Women smell that on you and it turns them off. You're convinced of it, so it becomes reality. Ask yourself this though, are your fears founded in reality, or is it all in your head? Are girls really laughing at you, or do you just assume so?

The worst thing you can do is get inside your own head and shoot yourself in the foot. Even if girls are shallow about height, they get wet for a guy who brims with confidence. A short guy could turn Is 57 average height for a guy? if he owns the room whenever he walks in. Stop caring what women think, because at the end of the day, it ultimately doesn't matter. Look like a million dollars, and you'll be a million dollars. He is sooo manly, adequate muscle mass and a very handsome face.

I had a boyfriend who was very much taller than me, around 6 ft and hugging him was awkward, just too much work and I'm not ready to break my neck to hug a guy just so people will say my boyfriend is tall. When I hug my fiance, my head just rests on his shoulder and that's where it should be!

If we kiss, every part of our body aligns perfectly, He only has to bend his neck slightly. And depending on the size of my heel, when I wear them, he is only a few centimeters taller or we are the same height. I really do not understand the craze about height.

Is 57 average height for a guy?

When I met my fiance, I honestly didn't think he was short until he mentioned it, and that was when I started comparing. I just thought Is 57 average height for a guy? was average and it meant nothing to me. He Loves me and shows it to me, the way he treats me and the friendship we have built is stronger than the ties a guy's height will buy. HiI'm a guy with a back injury. When my posture is good I'm 172cm on a bad day 169cm on average about 170cm the rehab team keeps records.

Any way it all depends on the girl I've dated 2 girls that have been around 175cm like I'm their height on tip toes. End of the day though I was tall enough for them to date me in the first place. I like girls around my Is 57 average height for a guy? or slightly shorter. It's only when you're worried about your height that it becomes an issue. If you have poor posture hire a trainer bad posture can contribute to height loss too.

Allot of girls just like dating a guy who is taller then them. The majority of girls Is 57 average height for a guy? do factor height into account will still give a little room if you're only a bit shorter then them. The only other factor I would take into consideration if I were you would be that you're 5'7.

A girl who is taller then you is tall by female standards. It's likely that they have more insecurities about dating a shorter man, which only stands to exemplify her own height, decreasing your odds. I don't think you have anything to worry about.

I live in an area where people are taller than in the U. And even with that, I don't see guys your height having problems finding girls, because it's not about the Is 57 average height for a guy?. Sure, some guys are tall and it's a plus. But other guys have beautiful eyes, and other have great sense of humor. Work with whatever you've got going for you and don't worry about height. The only thing that would be an actual hindrance would be if you became too insecure or bitter about not being tall because insecurity drives people away.

I feel like that's just an excuse women have. Funny gets you friendship, physical attraction is what makes her want you. How can you even compare height to beautiful eyes and humor? Obviously you place higher value on one over another. I'm 5'7, and where i live average height for a woman is 5'5. I've dated a girl shorter than me, and she still seemed disappointed by my height.

Put your focus onto things you can control to improve upon instead of things you cannot control. Just practice this and over time your confidence will begin to soar, works well for things that stress you out too. I know it's only a small personal sample size. My best bro is short and he is the same height as his wife. My boyfriend is about 5'8 and so is my dad.

I've always crushed on Is 57 average height for a guy? 6'0 guys but honeslty it doesn't matter. I'm 5'3 and my mom is 5'6 Is 57 average height for a guy? 5'7 and she feels protected around my dad. I feel very protected around my boyfriend. I think most girls don't care as long as you're not shorter. You sound like you're average height and honestly I know guys who kept growing up until they were 21. Nothing is wrong with you if you're a short guy you just gotta have your pockets full and have your life put together so you don't let no woman boss you around, you'll eventually find the one just make sure to stay always stay away from shallow girls and gold diggers, also 5'7 isn't really that short it's considered amongs the average heights.

Some girls might not have an issue with it though! I have a tendency to hunch my back next to shorter people and I want to stand talk next to my boyfriend. I'm not going to sugar coat this. However, there are plenty of girls who are fine with that or are simply shorter than you so they might be fine with it. That type of surgery is extremely detrimental to the body and getting some more pussy isn't worth risking your life.

Well, first of all I respect you point of view, but disagree on 2 points, first how would you sugar coat something that you haven't created don't you believe that all men are created equal, second, surely you are free to date whoever you want but let me ask you something do have a proof that a short man is bad at bed and not attractive just because he was created with short bones that have nothing to do with his musculanity?

I am waiting for your reply, and I am ready to disscuss it with you.

Height Percentile Calculator 📊 by Gender, Age & Country

What is a girl like you, what does that mean? If you mean either short or tall, i wouldn't worry about it. It's generally women who are hung up on height. The only reason most men don't pursue taller women is that they feel they have no chance, and frankly it really is a waste of time, considering most women want to be like a whole head shorter. I think I could get that feeling. I think it's just superfacial really, because it's all about how you are on the inside.

I've got two advices for you: 1. No girls are the same, so don't take our answers like it's the only right thing. It seems to me that I either like guys my height or tall like 6'4.

But I think its more because of personality and chemistry. I'm more comfortable with guys my height for some reason, less intimidating I guess. She often wonders why she is unable to understand this feeling of love that is often portrayed in movies.

She even is not sure if she feels love for her parents. In her spare time, she comes up with random story scenarios and asks for people's reactions so that she can learn to mimic their emotions if those situations come up in real life. How do u feel about Mandy? But then there's also that thing which women quite frequently say, height doesn't matter to them, yet somehow they always end up dating a very tall guy, how peculiar.

I will always want a partner, male or female, to be taller than me. However, none of my statements are incorrect.

Is 57 average height for a guy?

Scroll up and see that you did say it. Before you didn't wear heels, you preferred men to be 5'7 - 5'9, which is a 5 to 7 inches difference. Now that you wear heels, you like them to be 5'10, which is 8 inches difference. Basically, your comments have been a waste of time, because you keep switching stories and then end up giving the same excuse as all the other females, heels. Height obviously does matter to you, and you do like them tall, the only difference is that you're short even for a woman.

Men should really start wearing platforms, so if i wear 5 inch platforms i can say im 6ft I have taken it with dignity. However, I have openly admitted now that height does matter to me, although I maintain that my other statements were correct. As I admitted earlier, I most certainly am. Thank you for it, it was great. I just want the asker to get the right idea, truth may hurt, but in the long term having the wrong idea is much more harmful.

Have a nice day as well.

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