Question: Can you use same phone number for 2 Tinder accounts?


Can you have two tinder accounts with the same phone number? You can use multiple versions of Tinder simultaneously; just set each version up with a different Tinder account.

Maybe you just chat, or perhaps you have new guests nightly.

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You do you and let the people keep on barking on your life choices. Even best if you can just remain private. Did you know you can actually do it?

This way, you can learn how to create Grindr without a phone number. Yes, there is a way around it. Just keep reading the article till the end while we walk you through an easy guide. This will help you be safe on the internet and avoid giving your personal information. But, before we get to the steps, let us tell you why you should use Grindr.

This app also demands a method of authentication.

Can you use same phone number for 2 Tinder accounts?

Why should you use Grindr? Grindr, fundamentally, is based on location. Men appear in descending proximity, and everything else goes from there. You can filter by various categories. Get used to seeing the same 30 faces and running into them at Waitrose every Saturday; even after they turned you down.

Grindr has improved a lot over the years. You can verify Grindr without a phone number, not part of its official update, though. This way, you need not go through long and complicated steps to get the whole thing done.

All you need is to follow four easy steps and create a Grindr profile without a phone number. You can easily find this app on Google Play Store or App Store. Step 4: Check Grindr to find the Linkedin verification code that will appear in the unfilled text field.

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Step 5: Make sure you enter the exact same verification code as shown in the PingMe unfilled text field into the LinkedIn app. What if we say there is an easier way too. All this, without having to bother your device with an extra app installed. Its web app lets you log in to the account by entering either your email or phone number. See, it is easier than you thought it would be!

Can you use same phone number for 2 Tinder accounts?

Then you need to enter it into your account to get your account verified. Use PingMe to generate a private number and then enter it into your Grindr account. This code will then show up in your PingMe app text field.

Please enter this code into your Grindr account to get it verified.

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