Question: What is the meaning of de la?


de la f (masculine du, plural des) Of the. Some; the feminine partitive article.

Why Is La Seine Important?

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In central and western France, the Seine is a major source of water. Nuclear power stations, thermal What is the meaning of de la? stations, and other electric power stations draw cooling water from the river. The river provides half of the water used in the Paris region, and three quarters of the water used in the Rouen-Le Havre area. What Is The Meaning Of Seine River? The Seine River is defined in terms of its length.


The French river that runs through Paris and then northwards into the English Channel is called the English River. The word Seine is used in the context of the river. A large body of water more than a creek that is naturally occurring. Why Is The Seine Called The Seine?

As the name implies, the Seine is a river that can be twisted in speech. What Is The Meaning Of La France? A French name for someone who lives in France, at the time when the name applied only to lands belonging to the French king excluding many areas of what is now Franceor from the le de France, a region centered around Paris that was then part of France.

What is the meaning of de la?

During the feudal period, soldiers were given this surname. What Was The Seine Used For? Paris is the capital city of France and is home to the Seine River. Over 485 miles of the Seine are covered by 37 bridges and multiple locks. Water consumption, shipping, and tourism are all carried out on the river every day. In order to prevent boats from getting stuck on the bottom of the Seine, dredges are used.

What is the meaning of de la?

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