Question: What are Tori Amos fans called?

Certain characters are legendary amongst the Toriphile community – mainly the American fans who have toured with Tori since the formative years of her career. While lovely, friendly and outgoing, it must be said that these superfans are eccentric.

Why was Tori Amos expelled from Peabody?

The reason I was kicked out of the Peabody was that my attitude was not suitable, she says, and laughs. Or so they felt. I wanted to be a composer – I knew that – and they let me know back then that female composers in the classical world didnt do very well. It was a boys club; it wasnt like the pop world.

Are Tori Amos and Neil Gaiman still friends?

Asked about her friendship with Gaiman and her reaction to announcement that American Gods is being made into an HBO TV series, Amos replied: He is just one of my favourite people in the universe. Hes a spiritual brother to me and has always been. Were really close friends and yet I have great respect for his talent.

When was Tori Amos most popular?

God. Tori Amos. Peaked at #1 on 3.18.1994.Spark. Tori Amos. Peaked at #13 on 6.5.1998.Caught A Lite Sneeze. Tori Amos. Peaked at #13 on 3.8.1996.Cornflake Girl. Tori Amos. Peaked at #12 on 6.3.1994.Crucify. Tori Amos. Peaked at #22 on 6.12.1992.Silent All These Years. Tori Amos. Peaked at #27 on 5.1.1992.

Is Tori Amos delirium?

Delirium (a willowy redheaded woman) was not intentionally made in Toris image, though -- she first appeared in Neils work before Neil ever met Tori. Tori really likes Neils work, and refers to this in several of her songs, and in the sheet-music to Little Earthquakes.

Who is Tori Kelly signed to?

Capitol Records Schoolboy RecordsGeffen Records Tori Kelly/Record labels

What happened between Trent Reznor and Tori Amos?

But, to summarize, Tori and Trents relationship falls apart, according to Reznor, because of “Some malicious meddling on the part of Courtney Love.” This is a little confusing given Love and Amos have ostensibly never met, but Courtney has maintained that she had a romantic relationship with Reznor briefly, something ...

Who has Tori Amos influenced?

Amos isnt afraid to confront taboos and serious subjects in her songs, tackling sexuality, politics, feminism and religion. And her left-of-center style has influenced some of todays most prominent artists — everyone from Taylor Swift to St. Vincent.

What is Tori Amos natural hair color?

1. She’s not a natural redhead. As if that really matters when it comes to her music, right? But given how front and center her red mane has been to her image since she was still fronting Y Kant Tori Read, it’s still at least a little bit surprising to learn that she’s actually a brunette by birth.

Is Tori Kelly a good singer?

With Tori, the story is that shes very authentic. Shes one of the best singer-songwriters on the planet, and shes good and warm and talented and extraordinary,” he said. By 2013, she had inked a deal with Capitol Records and began working towards her debut album, Unbreakable Smile.

Is Pretty Hate Machine about Tori Amos?

When Tori mentions My own Pretty Hate Machine, its a reference to the first Nine Inch Nails album Pretty Hate Machine. Her former producer Eric Rosse, whom she dated and went through a painful breakup with.

Here, we speak to the North Carolina native about life in lockdown in Cornwall with English husband Mark Hawley, her friendship with Pose star Sandra Bernhard and where to go for the best vegan food in Bude.

Tori Amos fans that NEED TO SHUT UP

Yes, we take breaks for meals, usually lunch, and dinner. I know that sounds like a paradox, and I guess it is. Can you share some of the rituals you employ to keep your mental health in check? I found that clearing my head and going out into nature was important and could create a shift. I found going outside and hearing life happening - the birds - was comforting. That Earth Mother was not in lockdown.


She was busy, moving from winter to spring. It was eye-opening to watch how she works through her cycles, from death to rebirth. Do you have any rituals when it comes to taking care of your voice? And, as a piano player, your hands? And I was a real lover of, particularly, British cheese. Another thing, ginger, honey, and lemon, but not too much lemon to dry you out. Some people swear by steaming your chords.

Linking the two, do you have a favourite café, restaurant or pub in Cornwall? Other than that, you can get some really good vegan food from a café called Temple in Bude. What political issue is most on your mind this week and why? I think there are a lot of questions and a need for people with different perspectives.

What are Tori Amos fans called?

And also people to galvanise the corporations that have the money to make big changes. What are Tori Amos fans called? would have to be Sandra Bernhard. What an amazing performer and thinker. I was in awe of her energy. We just did an What are Tori Amos fans called? recently about the new album. I have a lot of respect for that. This year you tweeted about the discrimination. What is your message to your trans and non-binary fans? I need to be taught about these things.

What are Tori Amos fans called?

And I look to the people who come to the shows to share with me so I can learn and grow. What song or songs are you proudest of? Loads that no one hears. There are definitely some that people have heard that I think we could have done a better job in the arrangements or production over the last 30 years. Of course, there are going to be those.

But you are who you are at the time.

What are Tori Amos fans called?

You try and learn from these experiences and apply these lessons to the next record. What is your biggest hobby outside of music? I like the feel of them, the parchment. Usually, they were in the service industry. The Maître d or the waiters. And they would always have their eye on me, looking out for me. Ocean To Ocean is out now.

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