Question: Who is inside Banny?

Banny is one of the five Showstoppers and a possible antagonist in The Walten Files. She is partially known for being the animatronic that has Susan Woodings inside of her.

Who is Banny possessed by?

ghost of Susan Woodings Banny is an animatronic and one of the four Showstoppers of Bons Burgers. She is currently assumed to be possessed by the ghost of Susan Woodings.

Who is inside Bon walten files?

It is occupied by Jack Waltens two youngest children, Ed and Molly Walten, who were killed by Felix Kranken in a drunk driving incident on May 2, 1974. Felix buried the children in Saint Juana Forest.

Who is possessing Boozoo?

Charles Charles. He appears in Boozoos segment of BunnyFarm, then his head is placed over Boozoo when he states that Sophie completed his games and said it was time for prizes.

Is Jack walten inside of Bon?

Relocate Project The tape is shown to attempt to remove any mention of Jack throughout its duration. However it is unsuccessful, as he still appears throughout as an abnormality. Notably, his appearances include driving a van in the first tape of Relocate Project and inside of the backpack of Little Bon.

How old is Banny?

A young rabbit is up to 9 months of age. An adult rabbit is approximately 9 months to 4 - 5 years of age. An elderly rabbit is 4 - 5 years upwards. Some rabbits live to be 10 - 12 years of age.

Is walten file scary?

Being a fanwork inspired by Five Nights at Freddys, its evident that therell be some quality scares. However, The Walten Files manages to innovate on the Analog Horror genre in a variety of ways, some of which make it even scarier.

How small is a newborn bunny?

Less than 2 inches long, newborn Cottontails will have a dark body with an almost transparent belly. They rely on their mothers milk to survive, and will still have their eyes closed. Do not handle rabbits this small unless youre absolutely sure their mother has abandoned them (more on this later).

How old is a rabbit in human years?

Rabbit / Human Years TableRabbit AgePeople Age6 months16 years1 year21 years2 years27 years3 years33 years15 more rows

Is walten files inspired by FNAF?

The Walten Files is a horror series of VHS animated tapes, similar to that of Squimpus Mcgrimpus or Local58. Its also inspired by Five Nights at Freddys.

How old is your rabbit in human years?

Basics Behind the Calculation The easy thing to do would be to divide the 75 year life expectancy of humans by the 10 years of life expectancy of a rabbit, and say that every one year of rabbit life would be equal to 7.5 years of human life.

Will rabbits abandon their babies if you touch them?

And dont panic if you or your child touches the bunnies. Its a myth that a mother rabbit (and many other wildlife mamas) will reject their babies if they have a human scent on them. Just cover the nest and dont touch the babies again; handling the little ones can cause injury and stress.

Do rabbits miss their owners?

Rabbits are master manipulators. ... This means that yes, rabbits remember their owners. If rehomed, a rabbit may be confused and disoriented by new owners for a while. As rabbits enjoy routine, a rehomed rabbit will also miss a former owner.

Bakersfield Sound In the 1950's and 60's Bakersfield became an unlikely birthplace for a new sound — The Bakersfield Sound. Many musicians and entertainers were involved in making the Bakersfield Sound a global phenomenon, however none were more well-known than Country Music Hall of Fame® members Buck Owens and Merle Haggard.

Both artists cut their teeth at the bars and honkytonks around Bakersfield before gaining international prominence.

Fazbear Frights: Bunny Call

Both artists have local streets named in their honor. Perhaps the most popular artist aside from Owens to be influenced by the Bakersfield Sound is Dwight Yoakam. Opening in 1996, is a must see for visitors to Bakersfield. The all-in-one restaurant, museum and music venue spotlights the rich history of the Bakersfield Sound and the career of Buck Owens. The Palace is home to countless items of memorabilia from Owens' Who is inside Banny?

Who is inside Banny?

days to his time as co-host of Hee-Haw and his final years as a living legend. Until his passing in 2006 Owens would perform each weekend to fans that came from across the globe to pay homage to the star.

Who is inside Banny?

Visitors can experience live entertainment and dancing every Tuesday through Saturday night. The Palace is regularly nominated for Nightclub of the Year by the Academy of Country Music®.

In 2005 country superstar Garth Brooks proposed to then country singer girlfriend Trisha Yearwood on the Palace stage. For a comprehensive history of the Bakersfield Sound, a visit to the is essential for visitors. The permanent exhibit is located inside the main museum building and features costumes, instruments, and memorabilia related to country music in Bakersfield.


The venue offers live music seven nights a week and line dance lessons Tuesday through Friday nights. The walls inside the club are lined with Bakersfield Sound era memorabilia and portraits of key players in the development of the Bakersfield Sound Who is inside Banny? on display inside the club.

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