Question: What is Control-M in SAP?

Control-M for SAP® is a workload automation solution that automates and simplifies the scheduling of SAP batch jobs within enterprise IT environments, resulting in improved service delivery.

What is out condition in control-M?

Out Conditions (CONDITION1(JOB-X-TO-JOB-A OK-) Removal, CONDITION2(JOB-Y-TO-JOB-A OK -) Removal ) - previous JOB Conditions Removal. If you HAVE the REAL need to trigger either: JOB-C or JOB-D next JOBs in the chain with JOB-A previous run IN CONDITION PREFIX (JOB-?- TO-JOB-A OK) as a Conditional JOB-A EVENT.

What is keep active in control-M?

The below Control-M Parameter will. - Determines the number of extra days (beyond the original scheduling date) that the job is allowed to remain in the Active Jobs database if ended NOTOK.

What is control module in control-M?

BMC Software, Inc. BMC Control-M/CM for Oracle E-BusinessSuite ensures automation and integration of business processes within and outside the Oracle eBusiness Suite environment. It allows Control-M to handle Concurrent Manager requests like regular batch jobs.

What is Control M REST API?

The Control-M Automation API allows you to automate and work interactively with Control-M. Services are groups of API commands available via either a CLI (Command Line Interface) or as REST API commands. ... Using the CLI. Working with the REST API. REST Verbs.

Introduction If What is Control-M in SAP? are using python, then sometimes you need to take a list as an input. In this article, we have a look on how to input a list in python. How to Input a list in python?

What is Control-M in SAP?

The list is one of the data structure in python. It is basically a collection of certain items.

Modes of Entry

These items are separated by the commaand the list is enclosed with the square brackets. In python, to accept the inputs from the user, you can use input function. Using this function, you can accept a string, integer or even a single character.

What is Control-M in SAP?

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In python, it is possible to get a string as an input.

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