Question: How do you attract a German woman?


Be outgoing and quick with a joke, and be equally quick to laugh at hers. With German women, respect gets respect – shes going to bring just as many jokes and stories to the table as you are. Shes also going to expect to pay, at least for her share, so dont be surprised when her card is flung on the table.

Hurting some feelings takes a back seat to genuinely trying to help men of all races and cultures to wise up. Before I get into the exact reasons, I first want to discuss why I have such an intense distaste towards them.

Long ago, when I started out in game and pickup, I practiced on thousands of women over several years. As the months went on, my level of game increased and I started to notice that women from different countries were different than British women… in a good way.

This piqued my interest and so I planned a trip with my pal at the time and ended up traveling around Eastern Europe for six months. What I found on that trip was that as a British man, I had been dealt a bad hand. I was angry and enlightened at the same time.

She puts her head on my shoulder and leaves behind a layer of make-up. Or a girl would panic about me breaking her false nails. False tans, eyelashes, contouring, eyebrows, foundation, lipstick, blusher, eye shadow, eye liner… the list is endless. Expect about an inch of makeup on their faces. The opposite of natural beauty. Not only that, but they are usually fat.

As we all know obesity is at breaking point in the West and continually rising. Well in Great Britain, the women love nothing more than to shove a kebab in the face after a night out and then whinge about getting fat… yet do nothing about it. I later realised it was utter delusion which has been pressed upon them by the mainstream media and idiots like Katy Perry or Taylor Swift. Daddy never made them see why feminism was a terrible ideology, so they grew up expecting to be handed things on a plate.

This laziness spills over to all areas of their life: relationships, fitness, health, sex, and work. You want to build a career in law? Well fabulous… what degree are you studying in university? Not only that, they spent most of their time just pissing How do you attract a German woman?

drinking and socialising, instead of working hard and filling their minds with useful knowledge. They have no creativity, no ambitions, work ethic, direction in life. Gone are the days of feminine women with beautiful long flowing hair and sexy nails, wearing high heels, and smelling scrumptious.

Feminine, happy to look after their men and their children, wanting to keep the house looking good, having a meal ready for the husband when he gets home from work. How dare you suggest a woman be traditional, you misogynist!

Dating a German Woman: The Comprehensive Guide

They really think that they can have it all and be happy. They have this idea that they can go to school, leave with a degree, fall into a high paying job with little work, find a husband, have a few kids and grow old together. She loves being pumped and dumped by bad boys Every girl loves a bad boy, but British girls especially. At the same time, they moan about not being able to find any nice guys and are quick to dismiss them when a nice guy appears.

Bashing men at any given opportunity. They will never admit this, but their actions show that if their boyfriend or husband is having fun, they need to do something that will cause them pain in some way. As a result, they throw things into the mix to get a reaction or to test them. They love to embrace the left. So much so, that they dislike anything to do with the right or slightly right of centre. If you argue in a rational manner, they will shout you down with emotional rhetoric.

Their feeling matter more than facts. British women have this unrealistic idea in their heads that they will find a guy that ticks all the boxes and will give them their dream wedding.

But what do they offer in return? The girls there love to dilute their conversations with sexual innuendos and give a good talk, but when it comes down to it… they are awful in bed.

No skills, no passion and more importantly they have no self respect. They will make the nice guy wait, but will be more than happy to drop to her knees for a bad boy. She uses sex as a weapon One of the worst things about British girls is their constant How do you attract a German woman?

of sex as a weapon. British men are in serious need of help, which is why the younger generation of men is so split. Because they are lazy, instead of hitting the gym and eating less junk How do you attract a German woman?, they decided it was the fault of men that they are fat and they will have to live with it. Fat is now body positive, not a health risk. Avoid this country at all costs for native females. The delusion is unbelievable to me, especially in the West. Read More: Peter What a bullshit.

I actually know world history instead of those brainwashing propaganda that you learn in school. The main reason the British could conquer so many parts of the world is because they had the chance to do so. A large part of the world was simply destroyed and open for invasion. Destroyed by Muslim invasions or destroyed by internal wars. With the 25% of votes, they have been elected the ambassadors of beauty, smiting their French cousins, who have to settle for only the 12%.

At the second place there are the Swedish, followed by Polish, Spanish and Dutch women. The British closes the ranking, with the 4% of votes. Any Utopian idea that goes against human nature or seeks to defy evolution or gravity will go the way of the dodo.

These forces are as indomitable as the tides. The female obesity epidemic crashed the womens looks. The author stating Eastern-European women as better…is just downright ridiculous. The author claim his wife from a non-specified Eastern European country is better than British women. However, better in what way? Is she more obedient than her British counterparts? Eastern European women are the biggest gold-diggers out there. In my stem classes I saw mostly Asian and middle eastern girls.

In fact I saw more latinas than western white girls. All feminism has done was enabled women to become fat and lazy. I have never seen any Arab chick, ever. Latinas are the rarest of them all. They are rarer than Black women. Joseph A Socialist state means only in the middle-class do they look for serious husbands as the state replaced the low wage man. If they cannot get a wealthy man to pay for the child they actively seek men who will not want custody so they will not take any of the power from them and undermine their ability to get sole custody and therefore a flat and a free government income.

When in many almost half the white babies are fathered by black, arab or muslim men the white men are sexually and reproductively replaced long ago. Of course there is no data on hookups and baby fathers as that is not politically correct. Evolution is rapidly selecting against groups that tolerate feminism and the low birthrates that it brings as with the white Europeans.

Then putting women against the natural order of man as tribal leaders leads to a tolerance of mass cu-koldry and the sexual replacement of the local men. These men are pitted against patriarchal mate-guarded groups such as the Muslims who do not give women back. Most white men cannot attract a black woman. They are famous for holding themselves single for years to find that black man.

Mainland Europe can see themselves in 5 years time when they look to Birmingham. White European man will soon be extinct by suicide and nobody will care. Joseph Evolution is an indominatable force and completely ignored by the left. When the world gets to 30B it will be the groups that are hardest to stop breeding which will form the bulk of the population.

Whites fell from nearly 50% of the world about a hundred years ago to 11% now and when it hits 30B they will not be more than 2% of the population. Feminism and a lack of patriarchy and mate guarding is preceding over the biggest genocide in all of human history. We already had the natural rascism and xenophobia and without that no group survives.

We need to get that back quickly or we die out. Thats not about holocausting anybody but its required for any group to survive. The oldest and most successful tribes of merchants biult their entire religion around hatred of outsiders and bigotry and How do you attract a German woman?

survived thousands of years Bob Its peculair that for all the education and technology and equal rights etc…. A 60 year faggot festival? They are famous for holding themselves single for years to find that black man. However, as for Black ladies in Africa and the Caribbean — they are very often open to marry outside their community.

Married a Black lady from the Caribbean. Fifteen years of marriage and three wonderful children later…I have no regrets. Wes the Great Hope you moved to the Caribbean. Na, I am sure you are just another one of those fags who brought your hoe to America…. Her genes are the genes that make the Caribbean a crime ridden shithole, and now you are bringing that into our country?

Gentlemen, Frank here is a perfect example of what is wrong with this nation, and what is wrong with white men.

Why are you on this site? They are very receptive to white men. Note that the few white man black girl interracial couples you see. Its not culture its primal the same as the attraction of asian women to white men and white women to black men. The only black chicks that like white men are the blasian east africans like somalis who have like 25% asian blood and that is why they want white men.

West Africans are the least interested. SlipperySammy Racemixing is abominable, but especially with blacks. Blacks everywhere in history always hate whites more than any other race. They love killing white people; the whites who provide all their food and show them nothing but kindness. At least you probably only racemixed because the white women being the disgusting abominations they are rejected you and were not wife material. Blacks did much better in America when it was so.

Now they idolize rap music, all of them speak ebonics with pants down as far as they can go and have 0 culture. Whenever any of them partake of religion they corrupt it and make it hyper emotional and all about money. Esau Pantera Get the fuck out of here with that nonsense. A lot of racist white guys are racists because they are beta males. They try and hang into the achievements of other whites to give their degenerate selves a sense of purpose.

Look at those rednecks in the How do you attract a German woman? relying on racist policies How do you attract a German woman? to stay relevant. During segregation times, blacks were doing so well that the downtrodden, lazy, inbreeding red neck resorted to brutalizing blacks because they were disgusted with their natural base levels.

Yes, the African American has limited culture.

How do you attract a German woman?

But what do you expect after sharing a hell hole with inbred rednecks for 400 years. Actively seeking the permanent demise of a group or race. But who could undertaken and masterminded such a thing. Hmmm I have no idea who that could be. I find it both funny and sad that American and British men put so much effort into self-improvement for the sake of dating women that are barely a 5 in the countries where I have done most of my dating. Instant turnoff, but no longer shocking. Chuck British women are terrible.

Story: i met a group of them in the pool in Mexico, none of them were doable so i decided to be myself. Who dareth insult the honour of our English roses! Seriously though, this degeneracy will spread to Eastern Europe soon enough. Those are some mighty bold accusations to level at not only one, but two men publicly.

How do you attract a German woman?

Then get into immediate contact with a detective from the sexual crimes division of your local police office. I have no sympathy for British women. I noticed a fair number of auzzie women obviously not all tend to uncouthness.

6 Things Good Men Do That Make Women Seriously Attracted To Them

Drinking beer from large cans and burping in public, etc. We enjoy fresh, safe milk and meat, and vegetables and tropical fruits heapened in snowbound cities. Construction is sublime male poetry. When I see a giant crane passing on a flatbed truck, I pause in awe and reverence, as one would for a church procession.

What power of conception, what grandiosity: these cranes tie us How do you attract a German woman? ancient Egypt, where monumental architecture was first imagined and achieved.

Why would the Canuck authorities waste taxpayer money trying to police the way men speak? For a munite there I thought you wrote it William A. Engines should be seen as works of masculine art.

And notice with modern architecture how designers go How do you attract a German woman? so much pains to conceal the structural engineering of a typical family house. The mancave dungeon is in the basement and the upper deck is finished like a posh cat box with finished flush surfaces everywhere so a female can lounge oblivious to how the structure is even held together.

She takes it all for granted and that in itself is toxic. You want to see screw heads, hardened pegs and keystones bearing their weight. I pick through my shitlib neighbors heavy trash and have to re engineer the damn stuff with long rods, bolts and angle braces.

Heh let em pay for my furniture heh. Yeah I wanna see the nails and screws and nuts and bolts of a typical house too. It keeps her in wonderment enough. The main structure and dwelling needs to show off its critical rafters and beams and the nuts and bolts should bug out everywhere with a shiny chrome finish.

When you respect and exhalt the engineering — guess what?? Bob the builder Women of the Anglo sphere are almost corrupted beyond repair. The cultural Marxist think tanks and generals have done a destructive job. Man hating self destructive feminist indoctrination. Pet ownership as compensation for motherhood void. Slaving away in the How do you attract a German woman?

race competing with men. Otto Theudoricus The How do you attract a German woman? are in southern England, they have the worst attitudes. At least in the north they are a bit friendlier and less insecure. But yes overall British women are terrible and finding a long term partner is a lost cause, unless you go to perhaps the outer Hebrides or some other remote region.

In order of worst to best, English, Welsh, Scottish, N Irish. I feel like this site has become for college kids. All girls are whores and stupid, we know that. This dude was a very weird and ugly looking man and now he is weird and ugly looking woman. I mean this dude would be considered ugly by straight men, straight women, gays and lesbians, before and after.

Brandon Yawn Almost each article here seems like a repetition of something published mere weeks ago, if not less. There is absolutely no fresh content here, just the same old, same old. We refer to women as hamsters, and what are we doing here?

Parroting the same ideas over and over again and acting like we are discussing something fresh and revolutionary. Get the old edge back, RoK. Readers will slowly dwindle if stale offerings like these are dished out constantly. Perhaps this picture ought to replace the image of Britannia on British currency… BluesMan Number 15 is delusional about more than finding Mr. She thinks she is too good looking to find a man? Her legs look as thick as oak trees and her ass is as wide as the How do you attract a German woman?

river. Looks like she has four kids from different fathers also. At 44 years old I give her a 4. Must only be mudsharks hitting on that, no white man would have such low standards.

As per my previous comment, the women tend to lack natural muscle tone, even when they are thin and in shape. I was mostly in Sussex south of London and London itself. The women did seem fairly classy at the time. Its been my general impression that it has gone downhill since then. They tended to be more attractive and had somewhat better muscle tone but not as good as American women.

As I mentioned before, some of them were totally uncouth. But some were fairly classy. One thing I can tell you was that they were the easiest lays in How do you attract a German woman? world. They pick up on you. Passador This is all true, particularly the bit about expecting a lot for a little. Working class women — what Americans call blue collar — are not classy but tend to not to be feminists at least. However feminism is the default position for the educated classes and these days most are accusers in waiting, and highly sexually manipulative.

First and second generation immigrant women are better because they still have family values, faith, and respect for a man. Your average educated Anglo-Saxon woman is lost. The british women are stuffed because the men are famous globally as nice guys and good husbands so the other europeans or asians dream of an english guy.

Who dreams of an English wife? Some African or Arab usually impregnates with some promises then do a runner never to be heard of again. Aeronaut My background on both sides of my family come from royalty. The 4th of July is my favorite day to remind them of their loss of colony. He was a very respectable guy from what seemed like the perfect Norman Rockwell family. He got hooked up with this skallywag and she ruined his life and disrupted his wounderful family.

This chick loved to hook up with black guys, totally flaunted it and eventually gave him herpes. When I first met her, it was at a fundraiser for an organization I was part of that my boss bought a table at. She suggested I go get the four of us drinks.

She loved to be everything British. She drove a British car, she named her B. She was bullshitting the wrong guy. I have a very British sounding last name. She asked me if I knew my family history.

Well my mom was a genealogist and I know my family history all the way back to my Viking ancestors when they landed in England. What made it even better was when I told her she was a redcoat and how my family fought a war to get rid of her two class thinking. My co-pilot who became a great friend let that woman ruin his life.

Definitely not much prior to 2005. This somewhat can be sum up by looking at their premier league football and cars. They are constantly bragging about having the best football league in the world. But look at the present top 6 clubs in the premier league.

Among the top 6 clubs in England, how many are British players in the team? How many are British coach? How many are British owners of the top 6 clubs. Top English soccer clubs are no longer English. What i know are truly British, specifically English, are the fans and the media. English football has been reduced to a spectator sports for the English.

Foreigners are the movers and shakers, participants. The English are just spectators now, watching the sport as fans and reporters. Bragging about English greatness in media and fans showing how nasty they can be. Only this greatness remains today. How did this once great nation had fallen? I will point it to the british empire and as a result, the arrogance of its conquests. They continue to live in history.

Even English soccer writers today continue to brag about how great english football were in the old days. Media brag about the past cuz they have not much How do you attract a German woman?

brag about the present. Its not all over for the British though. Not thru building empires but in world contribution. They lost their football clubs, they lost their English cars such as Rolls Royce, Daimler, Rovers. They need to come down from their high horses. Instead were ashamed and re-build their nation. They are humble, hard working and respect people of the world. Never brag about their cars, they let world demand and sales speak for itself. They have the best cars in the world.

Their football also consistently at the top or near the top. Never brag about their soccer but see how hard they work and how successful they are. Bayern Munich are respected for decades till today.

I did that for the love of a great nation gone down whom i think has the intelligence and resources to be truly called Great Britain again. K I really agree with everything said. Feminine, happy to look after their men and their children, wanting to keep the house looking good, having a meal ready for the husband when he gets home from work. You worship women for being lazy stay at home parasites, then you wonder why women are entitled and lazy!

You missed out the most important one…. They are the worst in the world. Jim Christian Quick to slug. Told her if she ever did that again, she was getting it back. She never did, but I got rid of her anyway.

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