Question: Is there an app for Missed Connections?


Dating app Happn, whose “missed connections” type of dating experience connects people who have crossed paths in real life, is fighting back at Tinder.

Is there an app for Missed Connections?

For previous versions of Android, you will need any lockscreen replacement application. In the case of Gmail, you can also select which label to monitor. For example, you can use Missed It! The easiest way to avoid them is to use another launcher there are very good ones at Google Play for free.

Is there an app for Missed Connections?

Or you can try the following fix: Before enabling Missed It! Use them to give feedback on new features and bug fixes. Direct support for AquaMail email client. Different counter reset modes only for Android 4.

Is there an app for Missed Connections?

Application elements can show additional information. Notification filters only for Application elements.

A dating app for missed connections? We investigate

Shared Elements include fully customizable output strings that other apps can use. Backup for application settings and Shared Elements. Send anonymous reports about application usage and crashes. AppBrain Intelligence premium content Subscribe now to get full and unlimited access to AppBrain Intelligence.

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