Question: How many hours a day do biggest loser contestants work out?

Contestants train for at least four hours a day on Biggest Loser. In real life, its not usually possible for someone to get out and exercise for four or five hours a day. Not only is it not possible, its not safe. You only want to work out like that when youre being medically supervised.

How many hours do Biggest Loser contestants workout?

First, to answer the most common question, the contestants on NBCs The Biggest Loser exercise a lot: upwards of four to six hours a day.

How much do Biggest Loser contestants get paid?

Sure, you have to leave your job (and salary) for a bit while youre on a reality show, but the contestants still made some money. “They paid us $100 a day,” Nicole told A.V. Club.

How many calories do contestants on Biggest Loser eat?

How the Biggest Loser diet works. Like many other weight loss diets, the Biggest Loser diet is a low calorie eating program. It also stresses regular exercise. Its meal plans provide 1,200–1,500 calories per day and include 3 meals, plus 2–3 snacks from whole foods.

How long do contestants have to lose weight on Biggest Loser?

Contestants on the show lose upwards of 10 pounds per week (in the very first week, some contestants have lost 20–30+ pounds in that one week alone), whereas the established medical guidelines for safe weight loss are between 1 and 2 pounds per week.

This season featured star as the host, with trainers and ; all three returning from season four. Although the contestants came in as teams of two couplesthe grand prize was eventually awarded to an individual. In the end won, making her the first female winner in the history of the.

After his elimination from the show, Dan Evans released a album in 2008. Black Status Total Votes Lynn Westphal60, Green Team Eliminated Week 1 5 Jenni Westphal31, Curtis Bray35, Brown Team Eliminated Week 2 4 Mallory Bray36, Amanda Harmer29, White Team Eliminated Week 3 4 Neill Harmer28, Ali VincentReturned Week 11 Pink Team Eliminated Week 4 1 Bette-Sue Birkland53, Jenn Widder22, Purple Team Black Team Eliminated Week 5 5 Jackie Evans.

The total does not count unrevealed votes. Mark's 13 pound weight loss in week 15 was displayed as -12, due to his weight gain the previous week.

X Eliminated Week 4, Returned Week 11 Maggie Brittany Dan Jay Biggest Loser Roger? X X Re-eliminated at Finale Jay? Each member of the couple must touch a flagpole there and return to the starting point. As each couple returns, they may choose with which trainer they want to work out with: Bob or Jillian. Each trainer may work with only five of the couples, so, once that limit is reached, additional couples must go to the remaining trainer.

The second challenge requires the couples to drag a heavy helium-filled color-coordinated weather balloon around a racecourse. The first team to cross the finish line will have a bonus of two pounds added to their weight loss for the week. The last team to arrive will have two pounds subtracted from their week's weight-loss total.

The final result: five votes for the Green Team, one vote for the Purple Team, with the votes of two teams unrevealed. After they return home it is shown that Lynn and Jenni still continued to exercise and watch their weight. Lynn lost a total of 30 lbs and Jenni lost a total of 20 lbs. Each team has to get on a giantand the first team to achieve 100 repetitions will win a 10-minute call home for each member.

Jay and Mark Black Team win the reward and an additional responsibility: they must choose three other teams to win the same prize. The second challenge separates the teams so that each member faces temptation on his or her own: four minutes alone, surrounded by thousands of calories in favorite foods.

Members from only three couples give in to temptation: Mallory, who eats 210 calories; Paul Yellow Teamwho eats 912 calories; and Mark, who eats 925 calories. At the weigh-in, the Brown Team and the Yellow Team How many hours a day do biggest loser contestants work out?

fall below the yellow line and are How many hours a day do biggest loser contestants work out? for elimination. The final result is four votes for the Brown Team and three votes for the Yellow Team. Curtis and Mallory are eliminated. Later, it is shown that Mallory and Curtis each reached their weight-loss goal after returning home. Curtis has lost a total of 84 lbs and Mallory has lost a total of 33 lbs.

They did not know the specifics of the prize until after making their choice. At the challenge, one member from each team had to run an obstacle course carrying a. At the end of the course, the runner placed his or her ball in a rack with eight spaces, each rack representing one of the other teams. Once a team's rack was full, that team was eliminated from the challenge. As a reward, the Gray Team was given at the next weigh-in. It was not necessary to count Dan's vote, since a majority was reached.

At home, Neill and Amanda have continued their diets, losing a total of 48 lbs and 43 lbs respectively. However, this vote did not send the Yellow team home, but instead it changed the rules. This meant that at the challenge, all six teams would be in competition against the Yellow team for the reward, and at the weigh-in, if the Yellow team's percentage is lower than the average of the other six teams combined, the Yellow team would go home automatically. In addition, the Yellow team was allowed to choose their own exclusive trainer, and they chose Jillian.

As the Biggest Losers of the Week, the Yellow team was asked to choose a reward. They elected to keep their reward a secret until the weigh-in. This week's challenge involved a test of balance. Each contestant had to cross a large swimming pool on a balance beam and place 12 pegs How many hours a day do biggest loser contestants work out?

at a time into a board on the opposite side. Any contestant to fall off the beam would have to start over. The Yellow team won the challenge, with Paul taking eleven of the twelve trips across the pool. Their How many hours a day do biggest loser contestants work out? was letters from home; a prize they elected to give to all the other contestants. The conspiring contestants were: Brittany Blue TeamMaggie Purple Teamand Jackie Orange Team. Later, Jackie's son and teammate, Dan, also joined the group.

The three teams whose members chose to gain weight before the weigh-in had the three lowest percentages, and the Yellow team won the weigh-in by beating the average. However, the Black team won immunity, as they were the Biggest Losers of the Week, with a percentage of 4. Ali managed to lose 61 lbs and Bette-Sue has lost 49 lbs. Bob and Jillian are both on hand — presumably to cheer the contestants on, but Alison says differently. The trainers are actually the contestants: The first trainer to complete ten laps of running up a down escalator will win the right to choose which three teams to train with from now going forward.

The two trainers are evenly matched through the first two laps, but eventually Bob pulls ahead and wins the challenge. No sooner have Bob and Jillian passed out their new team shirts than Alison announces there will be a team challenge after all. This time, it is a matter of endurance: Each team will get on the escalator, and the team with the last player standing will win.

The challenge begins with Paul Black Team and Trent Blue Team immediately riding down the escalators and stepping off — each has a torn in his knee. After that, the order in which the players drop out and the amount of time he or she lasts is: Kelly 2:55Jenn 3:11Jackie 5:00Roger 8:24Maggie 10:04Bernie 12:30and Brittany 23:59.

Brittany was the last member of the Black Team to drop out, and the Blue Team wins the challenge, with Mark, Jay and Dan still on the escalator. At the Temptation, contestants are confronted with a major source of sugar in the American diet: Soda.

Alison shows them a table covered with 240 plastic cups of soda, in several different flavors. One of the cups is marked with a gold star. All the other cups are marked with the number of calories that soda contains.

The person who finds the star gets to choose one player from the opposing team and make their weight not count at the next weigh-in.

Alison tempts them further by telling them that the star is not on a cup of orange soda, reducing the number of possible cups to 190. Alison makes one final offer: The star is not on a cup of grape soda, reducing the number to 110. Alison begins a ten-second countdown to the end of the challenge.

She quickly turns around, though, and walks back to her team.

How many hours a day do biggest loser contestants work out?

Time expires, and Alison shows that the marked cup was the one at the front corner of the table, most accessible to the contestants. At the weigh-in, the double scale set-up has been removed with a single scale in its place. The new Blue Team weighs in first. Mark and Jay are up, and they each lose 5 lbs. Trent loses 9 lbs, Roger drops ten. Jackie shed 8 lbs this week, and Dan earns himself the title 'Biggest Loser Player' for the week, having dropped 13 lbs, for a team loss of 50 lbs 3.

The new Black Team needs to lose an average of 6 lbs each in order to win, or 42 lbs combined. While Jenn -6Maggie -7 and Bernie -5 each keep to the average, Brittany loses only two pounds; Kelly loses no weight; and Paul gains three pounds. The Black Team has a weight-loss percentage of 1. At elimination, Bernie, Brittany, Kelly and Paul vote for Jenn, while Jenn and Maggie vote for Kelly. Jenn is eliminated, and it is shown that at home, Jenn has continued her diet and is now down to 201 lbs.

The prize is a chance to change the teams by swapping any two players, including the winner, from one team to the other. Dan, Maggie, Jackie, Trent, and Jay eat none of the candies. Paul eats three, and Roger eats one.

Brittany, of the Black Team, eats 15, while Mark, of the Blue Team, eats 43 candies. And, I really feel that I accomplished that. Mark learns that he has a in his right leg.

He must wear a cast How many hours a day do biggest loser contestants work out? limit his workouts to primarily upper-body exercises.

The Team Challenge turns out not to be physical. It is a cooking competition, judged by Alison and celebrity chef. The contestants are given 15 minutes to shop for ingredients atand must adapt Rocco's recipes to create calorie-controlled appetizers, entrées and desserts. After tasting both efforts, Rocco indicates that he had a hard time choosing a winner.

The Black Team wins the challenge, by providing a three-course meal for under 800 calories.

How many hours a day do biggest loser contestants work out?

The reward is a dinner made by Rocco, and presents from home — video messages from the contestants' families. At the Weigh-In, the Blue Team goes first. Dan loses 7 lbs, and Jackie only drops 2. Trent goes up next and sheds 9 lbs, while his partner, Roger, loses 8.

Jay loses 5 lbs and Mark, despite a stress fracture in his leg, drops 9 lbs, achieving a team weight loss of 40 lbs 2. In order for the Black Team to win, its five members must lose an average of almost six How many hours a day do biggest loser contestants work out?

each, or 29 lbs. After only four team members weigh in Kelly loses 7, Paul drops 12, Brittany loses 10, and Maggie loses 5. The Black Team wins the weigh-in and sends the Blue Team to Elimination.

Mark's 9-pound weight loss makes him the team's Biggest Loser for the week, and immune from the vote. At the vote, however, Jackie and Dan each cast votes for Trent, while Trent, Roger, Mark and Jay each cast votes for Jackie. The episode ends with Alison advising the Blue Team to deal with its trust issues. Meanwhile, at home, Jackie has dropped even more weight for a total weight loss of 76 lbs.

He does not know how he will be able to still be on a team with guys he does not trust. However, he decides to pretend that he forgives them and understands what they did, just so that he will be able to remain on the team. Mark and Jay apologize and say they would never lie to him again. They say it went against their core values and that they could have handled it better. The team that holds on the longest wins. The prize is two immunities — one for the winning team and one to give to the other team.

From the Black team, the contestants are Bernie and Brittany — who have the least weight to hold up, due to Bernie's prize. Maggie and Paul also compete. Kelly and Trent are each chosen to sit out of the challenge. From the Blue Team, Roger and Jay compete. They are the first to fall into the water. Mark and Dan work together but Mark has a lot of difficulty finding his balance and holding up so much weight; they are the second team into the water.

The Black team wins the Challenge. Jillian states that the only fair way to pick who will get immunity on the Black Team is to place names in a hat, and to pull them out one by one. Maggie's name is last one to be pulled so she wins immunity. It is later revealed at the weigh-in that the Black Team chooses Jay on the Blue Team to also receive immunity. At the weigh-in, the Black team is very nervous. They feel their high numbers from Week How many hours a day do biggest loser contestants work out?

will mean lower numbers this week. They weigh in first and Paul, Kelly and Bernie all have lost significant weight. Paul has dropped 10 lbs, Kelly has lost 8, and Bernie shed 7. Then Brittany weighs in and How many hours a day do biggest loser contestants work out? only one pound, followed by Maggie who loses two pounds. The Black Team's weight-loss is 28 lbs 2. Kelly is upset because she feels that she will be the one to go home, if they lose.

She worries that Bernie, Brittany, and Maggie have a stronger bond because they are closer to each other in age, and that she and Paul do not fit in as well. The Blue Team must lose an average of seven pounds per man in order to win the weigh-in, or 35 lbs total. Trent, Roger, and Dan all meet or exceed that goal Trent loses 8, Roger drops 9, and Dan sheds 7.

Mark, however, loses only six pounds. Jay is last to weigh in and needs a 5-pound loss in order to win. He loses only four, giving the Blue Team a final percentage of 2. Everyone is shocked, and Bob looks like he is so disappointed that he walked right out of the room; his team lost by only one pound. The Blue Team is forced to send someone home. They meet as a team and Trent volunteers to leave the competition. He has been suffering from a knee injury, and feels that it is really bothering him too much to be able to continue to keep up with the strenuous workouts.

He says he would be better off going home, getting his knee fixed, and finishing on his own. At the end of the episode, Alison reveals that all of the contestants will be going home during Week 8, but she does not elaborate on the details.

Trent is shown reuniting with his family. To date, he has lost 112 lbs. It is up to them to stick to their diets and continue their workouts on their own. Later, the trainers are How many hours a day do biggest loser contestants work out? informed about the contestants going home this week. Both discuss what the contestants need to do in order to pass this challenge, and they will call each contestant on the phone twice a day to keep them on track.

The challenges begin right away for every contestant. Each person is faced with a welcome home celebration with all their families and friends. There are tempting foods at the parties but all the contestants seem to do well.

They are all shown throughout the week doing different things. Bernie goes to his favorite bakery with his friends and there is a cupcake that they have named for him. Bernie goes so far as to smell it but does not taste it. Brittany is shown going out with her friends. Roger also goes to dinner with his family and is tempted by French fries but only holds one in his hand and does not eat it.

He orders a steak and steamed vegetables for dinner. Paul is the only contestant who seems to have forgotten what he learned and makes some very unhealthy choices. He is shown drinking soda many times and, at a family dinner, he eats many fried chicken wings. Some of the contestants are shown exercising as well.

The brutal secrets behind ‘The Biggest Loser’

Maggie goes with her former partner Jenn to her trainer and they work out together. Mark and Jay go a gym together and work out very strenuously. Dan is shown with his mom, Jackie, playing dodgeball with kids at a youth program they run.

Dan comments that he and his mom were never able to play with the kids before, and how nice it is to be able to do that now.

The contestants return to the campus the day before weigh in. The Blue Team meets with Bob and they discuss their week. All admitted to minor indulgences, but ultimately they did well. The Black Team meets with Jillian where they too admit to minor things but nothing too bad. Paul gets scolded by Jillian because she was unable to speak with him the whole time. He said that he did not know that it was her calling so he did not pick up his phone, but Kelly said that he did know and he chose not to speak to her.

He apologizes and tells Jillian that he was not so good all week. They are faced with a challenge that evening. Three contestants from each team have to compete. The challenge is an endurance test where the contestants have to keep ducking under or jumping over a swinging bar. Contact with the bar will cause it to break and eliminate the contestant. Roger hits his bar and is out first. The challenge goes for a long time and Roger tries to broker a deal with the Black Team to make it a draw.

Dan is then eliminated, leaving only Jay for the Blue team against Maggie and Brittany. The next one out is Maggie.

Brittany claims she will never give up and she is correct. After several more rounds, Jay finally gets out and Brittany wins for the Black team. The prize was that the Black Team gets to pick two players from the Blue Team to weigh in immediately — 24 hours earlier than everyone else, thus losing the benefits of a last chance workout.

The Black Team chooses Dan and Roger to weigh in early. Dan drops 11 lbs and Roger drops a staggering 16 lbs for a total of 27 lbs. Bob is surely shocked and pleasantly surprised by the numbers. At weigh in the next day it is revealed what Dan and Roger had lost. The Black team was surprised as well and was quickly losing their confidence. Then Mark and Jay weigh in — Mark lost 13 lbs and Jay lost a whopping 16 lbs for a total of 56 lbs 5.

The Black Team knew that these were phenomenal numbers to overcome, having needed to have lost 61 lbs just to overtake them. Maggie, Kelly, and Bernie, however, seemed to have done well at home. Maggie shed 6 pounds, Kelly lost 7, and Bernie dropped 5. Brittany, however, lost only 3 pounds, and Paul shed 5 pounds. The team ends up losing a total of 26 lbs 2. Jay wins Biggest Loser Player of the week for losing the most on the Blue Team, while Kelly; having the biggest percent of weight-loss on her team, won immunity from elimination.

In the elimination room, Paul shows up wearing his original Yellow Team shirt. He says he is wearing it because he never felt like a member of the Black Team and felt that he and Kelly are outsiders. Kelly did not agree with him, saying that they were a team and had to work together with the others and that he may be Yellow, but she is Black. Ultimately, Paul and Kelly both How many hours a day do biggest loser contestants work out?

for Bernie while Bernie, Brittany and Maggie all vote for Paul. After Paul returns home, he is afflicted with double and, as a result, puts back on a few of the pounds he lost. He is better now and back to losing weight. He has kept off a total of 64 lbs since starting the competition. Bob does not like the idea but, since he cannot prevent them from going, he does what he can to prepare them with an intense pre-trip workout.

The Blue Team arrives at the Hotel and Casino. They notice the casino entrance right away, and some are tempted to try a few games first. Just as they are about to go out again, there is a knock at the door: It's Room Service. The Black Team has sent them tables and tables full of all kinds of food and drink, including sweet desserts, as a temptation. None of the Blue Team members are shown eating any of the calorie-rich food.

The Blue Team hits the casino, and are shown riding a carnival ride, playing craps and blackjack, and socializing with other guests. Jay and Mark want to work out when the gym re-opens at 7 a.

Dan and Roger, however, do not make it back to the suite until after 6 a. Roger sleeps until about 9 a. He leaves to work out. Dan sleeps in until nearly noon, and skips his morning workout. How many hours a day do biggest loser contestants work out? week's challenge is The Biggest Loser Obstacle Course.

The obstacles include flipping 200-pound tires, moving a ton's worth of heavy sandbags, crawling on their bellies to push medicine balls, and How many hours a day do biggest loser contestants work out? half-mile all-out foot race to the finish. The entire team must cross the finish line at the same time. The Blue Team leads the challenge from the first obstacle, and the Black Team never manages to close the gap.

Each member of the winning team will receive an all-expenses paid trip for two to Puerto Rico. Jillian expresses relief that the prize will not affect the weigh-in. At the weigh-in, the Black Team gets weighed first. Jillian felt that the team needed to lose a total of 32 lbs in order to have the best chance against the Blue Team, considering their competition.

How many hours a day do biggest loser contestants work out?

After three members How many hours a day do biggest loser contestants work out? in, the total weight lost is 20 lbs — Kelly dropped 6, Maggie lost 8, and Brittany shed 6. Bernie is last to weigh in and posts a ten-pound drop. This gives the Black Team a Week 9 How many hours a day do biggest loser contestants work out? loss of 30 lbs 3. Alison says this means the Blue Team must lose a total of more than 34 lbs, or about 9 lbs in order to win.

After three members weigh in, the team loses 22 lbs — Roger dropped 8, while Dan and Jay each lose 7 lbs. Mark is last to weigh in and, despite being the only one except for his brother who stuck to the workout regiment, only shed 1 pound.

That gave the Blue Team a weight-loss of 23 lbs 2. The Black Team wins the weigh-in. Dan is the Blue Team's biggest loser; he is immune from the upcoming vote.

Before Elimination, the Blue Team — particularly Mark — are shown agonizing over the decision of whom to send home. They finally unanimously decide that Roger, Dan and Jay will all vote for Mark. This is exactly how the vote goes. Mark is eliminated after having lost 84 lbs at the ranch. As of today, Mark has reduced further to 195 lbs.

There is a Temptation Challenge. Each contestant goes into a room with a vending machine and makes a selection. What falls out, however, is random: If junk food falls, it must be eaten. For each player, there is also a 1-Pound Pass, which adds one pound to his or her weight loss at weigh in. Contestants can take as many turns as they want, but once a 1-Pound Pass falls, their turn is over. In the end, Dan has to eat a lot of junk food and also wins a lot of money, but not the pass. Kelly also has to eat a lot of junk food and finally gives up without getting a pass.

Everyone else wins the 1-Pound Pass. The Physical Challenge is a race in which the contestants have to 'fly' across a zip line over a canyon and pull off up to 14 flags. The team with the most flags wins a trip in a fighter airplane.

After the challenge Bernie announces to the Black Team that he has an immunity to give to anyone except himself. He thought of giving it to Brittany, but Kelly suggests to give to Jay so Dan or Roger would go home if the Blue team loses the next weigh-in. Brittany then told him he can do whatever he wants to do with it. At the weigh in, Alison announces that the game has changed once again. There is no more Blue Team or Black Team.

They will compete as individuals. Just like the first four weeks, the two lowest weight-loss percentages will fall below the yellow line and those contestants will be up for elimination. Bernie announces that he would grant the immunity he won to his teammate Brittany. Dan lost 8 lbs -99 totalRoger lost 8 -104 total making him the seventh person overall to reach the 100 lb milestone.

Maggie loses 6 lbs -55 totaland Jay dropped 7 -79 total Bernie -6 and Kelly -6 fall below the yellow line, with weight-loss percentages of 3. Had Bernie not granted his immunity to Brittany -5whose percentage of 3. Because two out of the four members of the former Black Team are up for elimination, the decision of whom to send home falls to the former Blue Team, for all intents and purposes.

Roger, Dan and Jay feel that both Kelly and Bernie are a threat, so they are unsure whom to vote off, at first. In the Elimination Room, Brittany and Maggie each vote for Kelly, but all three members of the former Blue Team vote for Bernie, marking him as the bigger threat.

He says he has no regrets and was still happy that he saved Brittany, as they were the last of the original teams still standing and he wanted her to be able to stay. At the end of the broadcast it is shown that Bernie had now lost over 100 lbs. Alison announces that the man and woman with the highest percentage of weight lost will rejoin the game. The women are weighed first; Jenni of the former Green Team has dropped 38 lbs, Mallory of the former Brown Team lost 42 lbs, Amanda of the former White Team shed 46 lbs, Bette-Sue of the former Pink Team lost 49 lbs, Jenn of the former Purple Team, lost 48 lbs, and Jackie of the former Orange Team lost 64 lbs.

Ali, formerly of the Pink Team, wins with a weight loss of 67 lbs 28. The men weigh in next; Lynn Green shed 64 lbs, Curtis Brown dropped a staggering 100 lbs. Neill White lost 55 lbs, Trent Grey dropped 105 lbs, Paul Yellow shed 70 lbs, and Bernie Blue lost 88 lbs, two pounds shy of How many hours a day do biggest loser contestants work out? Mark, formerly of the original Black Team and Bob's reformed Blue Team, who won with a weight loss of 90 lbs 31. Since Mark had the higher percentage, he got to choose which of the two trainers he wants to work with.

This means that Ali, who originally trained with Bob, must switch over to Jillian. Ali declines the Black Team's T-shirts and workout gear, and elects to stay with her original How many hours a day do biggest loser contestants work out? Team clothes in honor of Bette-Sue, her mother and former teammate. Both trainers are ecstatic to see their former trainees back. This week's physical challenge is the first in which the contestants compete for themselves.

Each one will use a stationary bicycle to generate energy that, in turn, lights up a string of ten light bulbs. The last two players to illuminate their bulbs will be out of that round of the challenge.

The last winner will receive an extra vote at the next elimination. In the first round, Mark, Dan, Jay, Roger, Maggie and Brittany are first to light their ten bulbs.

Kelly and Ali are eliminated. In the second round, Mark, Dan, Jay, Roger are first to finish. Brittany and Maggie are eliminated. In Round Three, Mark and Dan defeat Jay and Roger to go to the final round. Dan won the final head-to-head competition and the prize of an extra elimination vote.

At the Week 11 weigh-in, Alison reminds everyone of the rules: The two individuals whose weight-loss percentages fall below the yellow line will be up for elimination. Alison also asks Brittany if she thinks everyone has the same chance.

Bob and Jillian both decided to stay. Mark and Ali are first to weigh in since this was their first week back.

Both of them dropped 7 lbs, but Ali's percentage is higher 4. Dan -4Roger -8 and Jay -5 each weigh in next, but none of them lose enough weight to beat Ali's score.

Ultimately, Maggie 0 and Brittany -2 fall below the yellow line and will be sent to elimination. Since the time allowance for this episode was already exceeded due to the earlier weigh in, the elimination results for this week will be revealed in Week 12. Dan casts both of his votes for Maggie while Kelly chooses to send Brittany home. The 2-1 tally tension is quickly broken, however, as both Ali and Mark also vote for Maggie.

Neither Jay's nor Roger's vote is revealed. Maggie is eliminated, and her home footage reveals she has lost nearly 70 lbs. This episode focuses on making over the remaining contestants.

Every one also is challenged to take his or her new look down a fashion catwalk, with a member of their family in the audience as a surprise guest. The fashion show is photographed for a feature in. This week's physical challenge brings the contestants back to the Biggest Loser swimming pool — actually on a platform raised ten feet above the pool.

On the platform are seven treadmills, one for each contestant. The players must walk backwards on their treadmills in a test of endurance, with both the incline and speed increasing at regular intervals.

The last person to keep from dropping into the water would win a week at a fitness resort in. Everyone lasted more than 40 minutes on the treadmills but Kelly 40:19 dropped out first — followed by Roger 40:25Dan 41:35Brittany 45:02Jay 56:10 and Ali ~1:05:00. At this week's weigh in, Ali lost 5 lbs, Jay dropped only 3 lbs, Roger shed 9 lbs and Dan dropped 8 lbs, which, ironically, was enough to beat out Ali and win the weigh-in.

Brittany only lost 2 lbs, however, as was below the yellow line, with Kelly as the last person to get on the scale. She lost 3 lbs and kept herself above the line; Jay and Brittany are below the yellow line, with weight-loss percentages at 1. At the table, Roger, Dan and Ali voted for Brittany, sending her home at once.

At home, it is revealed that Brittany has fulfilled her dreams and faced her skydiving fears, and has lost more than 60 lbs. She reveals they will How many hours a day do biggest loser contestants work out? a quiz on what they have learned. Three questions are asked in total 1. How many calories do you have to burn to lose one pound? How many pounds did Curtis lose when he returned to the ranch in Week Eleven?

How many calories are in a cup of fat-free strawberry yogurt? His prize is a piece of chocolate cake that is 600 calories, and he is advised to bring it intact to the next challenge. While working out in the gym, Dan puts the cake on a treadmill without turning it on. Trainer Bob sees the platter on the treadmill, reveals the cake, and is not amused.

Bob says that seeing Dan carry that cake everywhere he went drove him, Bob, crazy. The challenge takes place in a basketball arena, with a table on the court for each player. The contestants are told to take high-calorie concession foods, such as French fries, pizza and ice cream, from stations all over the stadium and place the food on any table except for their own.

Dan brings the cake he won to the challenge intact and he is told he can place it on any player's table; he puts it on Kelly's table. The men stick with a plan of only putting food on the women's tables in a show of solidarity. When time expires, the standings are from most calories to fewest : Kelly 15,061Ali 14,237Dan 5,736Mark 5,612How many hours a day do biggest loser contestants work out? 4,895 and Jay 4,480. His prize is Ten Thousand Dollars.

After the challenge, Ali is angry that she was a target in the challenge and decides to enter an alliance with Kelly to avoid getting themselves and their trainer eliminated. If a trainer has only one contestant left, and that contestant is eliminated from the competition, then his or her trainer is eliminated as well.

At the weigh-in, Alison asks Jay for his decision. His weight loss of 5 lbs, plus his one-pound pass, gives him a weight-loss percentage of 2. Roger lost 6 lbs 2. Ali dropped 6 lbs and Kelly shed 7 lbs, for percentages of 3.

The women surprise the How many hours a day do biggest loser contestants work out? of the former Blue Team by coming in first and second at the weigh-in, while Dan and Mark each fall below the yellow line. During deliberation, Jay says he will not vote for his brother again while the others appear to be more equivocal in debating.

In the elimination room, however, Jay's choice is not revealed as Kelly, Ali and Roger all cast their votes for Dan. In the Biggest Loser update, it is revealed that Dan moved to to pursue his music career with a newfound confidence from his weight loss. He has lost a total of 125 lbs. During this time, they met with Adro, the winner of Biggest Loser Australia season 1. For this week's challenge, the five remaining contestants competed in a triathlon, which includes swimming 300 meters across the Sydney Harbour, then riding on bicycles, and finally running across a park and climbing up a 44-story building to the top, where Alison is waiting for them.

Mark arrives first, but he waits for Ali to arrive, and she crosses the finish line carrying him on her back. Jay finished third, How many hours a day do biggest loser contestants work out? How many hours a day do biggest loser contestants work out? fourth, and all of them went down the stairs to encourage Kelly to the end. The race was considered a tie since Mark was carried on Ali's back, and so they both got the prize.

They both got to ride on a sea plane, then eat an outdoor breakfast together with a breathtaking view of the ocean, and a phone call home. At the weigh-in, two players gain weight in the same week for the first time all game, as Mark and Jay each gained one pound.

Kelly lost one pound, Roger dropped two, and Ali won the weigh in again for the second time in a row, and the third overall, How many hours a day do biggest loser contestants work out? posting a 3-pound weight loss. Mark and Jay are up for elimination. As they deliberated, Jay volunteered to go home as Mark did earlier when he was originally eliminated in week 9and they ended up voting him out. It is then revealed by Alison that both Bob and Jillian will not return with the Final Four to America.

They will have to fend for themselves as they fight for one last chance to stick around and make it to the Final three. Later, they show Jay at home, where he reached his weight loss goal of 100 lbs, and plans to run in a 10K event. He tempts them with their favorite foods cooked by their families, calories and all. Roger is the only contestant to take a bite of his mom's.

Rocco then shows them how to make healthy versions of those favorite dishes, with calories reduced in each dish by over 600 each. Later, they arrived down at the beach for the final reward challenge of the season. After shedding the suit, they must then carry their flag and plant it at the top of a nearby hill. Roger had to carry 129 lbs on his fat suit, Ali had 88 lbs, Kelly had 80 lbs, and Mark had 103 lbs.

Mark ended up winning the challenge. Later in the week, the players go to their last chance workout, with their trainers having just arrived there to help them. And in the confessionals, they each talk about their struggles in the game and their benefits as well. Then to the final weigh-in they went. Only three of the remaining four contestants would be guaranteed a spot in the finale.

Roger went up first, and reached a personal goal he set earlier — to break a Biggest Loser campus record — by posting a loss of 15 lbs for the week, he brought his total weight loss to 144 pounds, one pound more than contestant Neil Tejwani from Season Four, who went from 421 to 278 while on campus. Roger's weight-loss percentage was 6.

Mark was next, and dropped 12 lbs for a percentage of 6. The two remaining women contestants surprised everyone once again. Ali lost 11 lbs 7. The biggest man in the house was finally below the line. But who would join him? Kelly ended up also shocking the room, losing 13 lbs 6.

The 6 year ‘Biggest Loser’ study: Why Is It So Hard to Maintain Weight Loss?

The last two members of Bob's reformed Blue Team were up for elimination. But as always, things are not always as they seem. Alison had one final surprise, however: The choice of who moves on and who gets eliminated was out of Ali and Kelly's hands. Both Mark and Roger had a chance to plea their case to America in the confessionals, as to why they should be voted to stay in the Final Three.

Then both Bob and Jillian said their goodbyes to the Final Four, and sent them off back home to continue their journey. This makes Mark the first ever contestant to have been eliminated twice before the Finale.

Next they showed each of the three finalists as well as Mark as they reunited with their families. Afterwards, they introduced the 16 eliminated players Paul did not attend and their newly transformed bodies. Jenni Green lost 54 lbs and Lynn shed 80 lbs. Mallory Brown shed 65 lbs and Curtis dropped 150 lbs, meaning he could qualify for health insurance.

Amanda White shed 64 lbs and Neill lost 88 lbs. Bette-Sue Pink dropped 75 lbs. Jenn Purple lost 64 lbs and Maggie dropped 70 lbs.

Jackie Orange lost 89 lbs and Dan shed 136 lbs, taking the lead from Curtis. Trent Gray went next and dropped 135 lbs. Bernie Blue lost 130 lbs and took the lead from Dan. Jay Black dropped 103 lbs and Mark, the last eliminated contestant at the season, dropped 129 lbs, two pounds short of beating out Bernie.

Then the Final Three came back out and showed off their newly transformed bodies, and then it was time for the Final weigh-in. Roger went first, representing his Gray Team and dropped 164 lbs in the seven months of the competition. Kelly was up next, representing the Yellow Team alone and shed a total of 109 lbs. She is also the first U. There were only six weeks between the time the finalists left the campus and the live broadcast, the shortest time in Biggest Loser history. This contest was a tie-in to the show that was conducted in conjunction with The Biggest Loser during the broadcast of the Couples competition.

Five couples were selected to represent the Million Pound Matchup at the Finale. Appearing on the episode included: Finalist Ali, and eliminated contestants Bette-Sue, Mark, Jay, Jackie, and Dan. Roger Schultz's video update is viewable on the Biggest Loser website; he was not featured in the special.

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