Question: Why did Chris Barrie leave Red Dwarf?


But after filming six series of the sci-fi sitcom, as well as dividing his time between Red Dwarf and his other BBC sitcom The Brittas Empire, Barrie decided he needed a break from playing hologram Arnold J Rimmer and appeared in just a handful of Red Dwarf VIIs six episodes.

We all know Red Dwarf — it's practically a member of the family. But how well do you know it? Did you know it's 30 years old today? We've gathered 12 more things you might not have realised about the evergreen sci-fi comedy.

It's not clear whether Molina left or was recast, but reportedly the producers were unhappy with Molina's demands for changes to the character. Series four was re-jigged thanks to the Gulf War 'Meltdown', the episode featuring historical figures battling each other in wax droid form, was originally planned as the series four opener. But the events of the Gulf War at the time the episode was originally scheduled to air in February 1991 made the episode a bit tonally unfortunate, and so it was swapped out for 'Camille'.

The original order would also have meant that 'Dimension Jump', aka the introduction of Ace Rimmer, was the last in the series. Which would have made a lot more sense as a finale. Grant and Naylor were worried that the Cat might seem racist Not racist in himself, but racist as a portrayal, and it was thanks to this concern that the script found its way to Craig Charles.

Why did Chris Barrie leave Red Dwarf?

There's a reason why Lister's pregnancy never got resolved Grant and Naylor were as sensitive to sexism as they were to racism, and this became a problem as they sat down to write series three. The series' first episode was meant to resolve the series two cliffhanger, in which Lister ends up pregnant with twins thanks to some parallel-universe shenanigans.

But they simply couldn't work out how to actually deal with the pregnancy without coming off as sexist, and so eventually they scrapped the episode altogether.

The episode's planned synopsis runs as a humorously sped-up -style scroll at the beginning of series three's actual first episode, 'Backwards'. Ace Rimmer was created Why did Chris Barrie leave Red Dwarf? give Chris Barrie a break from playing gits Grant Naylor Productions Between Arnold Rimmer and Gordon Brittas, you can imagine why Barrie might have been yearning to play somebody less insufferable for a week, and so Grant and Naylor threw him a bone.

A glorious bone, with great catchphrases and perfect hair. Kochanski was re-cast at the last minute Grant Naylor Productions We're not talking about Chloe Annett, who replaced Clare Grogan once Kochanski became a main character in series seven. Alexandra Pigg was originally cast to play Kochanski in series one, but shooting was delayed by an electricians' strike and she was no longer available after the strike ended.

Red Dwarf Full Script Series 4 Episode 4 White Hole

Her loss was Grogan's gain. While Robert Llewelyn was the only cast member who said yes, both Chris Barrie and Danny John-Jules were offered the chance to reprise their roles in the 1992 American remake of Red Dwarf. You've already seen the Red Dwarf movie Sort of. A script was written, and rewritten, and rewritten again.

A filming date was announced.

Why did Chris Barrie leave Red Dwarf?

But several key ideas from the movie did finally find their way to the screen in 2012, becoming the storyline for series ten's finale 'The Beginning'. Specifically, the character of Hoguey the Roguey and Rimmer's arc into becoming a capable leader were both apparently taken from a draft script.

It's not your imagination — Lister and Kochanski's relationship really is that confusing In series one, Lister just has a crush on Kochanski and they've never actually dated. But Grant and Naylor rightly decided that this made Lister seem a bit, y'know, obsessive and pathetic, considering how much time he spends talking about her. So in later series — and in the brilliant tie-in novel Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers — history gets rewritten, and Lister and Kochanski did have a brief relationship before she dumped him.

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