Question: Where is Black Afgano made?

Base notes: Incense, oud. Designed in Amsterdam and made in Italy, Nasomatto fragrances are modern, rich and spirited. Each is a highly concentrated parfum extract with incredible lasting power.

What is black Afgano made of?

Black Afgano by Nasomatto is a Woody Aromatic fragrance for women and men. The nose behind this fragrance is Alessandro Gualtieri. Top notes are cannabis and Green Notes; middle notes are resins, Woodsy Notes, Tobacco and Coffee; base notes are Agarwood (Oud) and Incense.

How can you tell a fake Nasomatto?

1:0410:14Fake fragrances - Nasomatto line - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipFakes. Come with demonstration tester on or if they dont have this printed on the box. They haveMoreFakes. Come with demonstration tester on or if they dont have this printed on the box. They have this sticker. Just like the fake of black of Ghana has. This is Hindu grass the fake.

Evoking the scent of hashish of the highest quality, this fragrance of the woody trilogy of the house Nasomatto presents a variation around the oud and plays the role of precursor within this trend in the 2010s. An opaque black water is captured in a bottle made in Italy, with a cap made of burnt oak wood in reference to the resin that is burnt and slowly consumed.

The untraditional hashish scent of this perfume extract is built around oud, spiced with saffron and vanilla, mixed with the power of ambrox: a true tribute to the resinous substance taken from the flowers and leaves of the cannabis plant.

Where is Black Afgano made?

A narcotic scent that ends with a chord of gaiac wood and gurjum balsam, for a woody, amber and spicy fragrance with a dark scent and an extraordinary hold. A fragrance coveted by my Where is Black Afgano made?

Black smith

of very powerful notes that perfectly matches one of the other emblematic juices of the House: Narcotic V, with green and woody notes for a suave effect. Alesandro Gualtiéri succeeds in taking us on a journey where the lingering notes of cannabis mingle with the freshness of green notes in the top; tobacco and coffee in the heart; resins, woody notes of oud and incense in the bottom. Its intense composition blends with spicy accords for a unisex fragrance that will please all lovers of fragrance with a woody amber trail.

An extract of marijuana would be hidden somewhere in the formula. Not for reasons of propriety or morality the olfactory police, thank God, do not exist. The truth is that such an extraction simply does not exist.

Where is Black Afgano made?

What creates the illusion of these interloped places where one loses oneself in the clandestine vapors, are all these balsamic notes associated with the tobacco and herbaceous effluents. Join our newsletter Subscribe to our newsletter to receive exclusive news about our new items and promotions! Subscribe Perform your olfactive diagnosis The Nose diagnostic allows you to change and find a new perfume based on your preferences and your olfactive history.

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