Question: What was Elvis Presleys best-selling record?


Billboard reported that Elvis Presleys Elvis Christmas Album has sold 20 million copies. This is the highest-selling album in the US for Presleys career to date according to the RIAA, followed by Elvis Golden Records, Volume 1.

In 1954, an electric company employee dropped into a Memphis-based to record a song he had written. Watching him work in the studio was the owner, Sam Phillips, who was curious about the would-be performer. Seeing some potential, he persuaded the young man to lay down vocal tracks to songs others had written.

What was Elvis Presleys best-selling record?

One of them, That's Alright, received radio attention and the rest is history. And so began the legacy of Elvis Presley, who eventually became the undisputed King of Rock 'n' Roll with chart-topping hits like Heartbreak Hotel, Hound Dog, Suspicious Minds and dozens of others.

Before his death in 1977 at the age of 42, Presley's name was on roughly 100 albums most of them compilations which sold an unprecedented 139 million copies.

In this roundup of 10 highest-grossing releases, every effort was made to stick to figures associated with. But if you're curious, his best-selling compilation was the 1958 release of Elvis' Golden Records, which moved six million units.

It was a world of safe What was Elvis Presleys best-selling record? sedate warblers like Doris Day, Pat Boone and Perry Como who anesthetized listeners until Elvis shook the foundations with that contained upbeat rockers like Heartbreak Hotel and Don't Be Cruel.

So iconic was the album design, it was later adopted by punk rockers The Clash for its London Calling breakthrough in 1979. Every bit as energetic as the first album, this one contained three Little Richard covers Long Tall Sally, Ready Teddy and Rip It Up as well as the only songwriting credit he contributed to the outing, a reworking of the Otis Blackwell hit Paralyzed. Remarkably, this collection was recorded in only three days, to avoid scheduling conflicts with his first movie venture, Love Me Tender.

Released after the singer completed a two-year stint in the army, fans had hoped he'd get back to his old rebellious form, but it was not to be.

Despite the album and film doing relatively well, it was clear that the honeymoon with some of his devout fans was over.

What was Elvis Presleys best-selling record?

Sadly, the release, his 24th studio outing overall, would become monumental a month after it dropped when news broke that Presley died Aug. Almost overnight, Moody Blue shot to third place in the album charts, capping his career with it becoming his best-selling studio release. Most fans would call What was Elvis Presleys best-selling record? definitive Elvis movie and with the soundtrack occupying the top spot in the charts for a staggering 20 weeks, it's a tough declaration to dispute.

While kitschy, it does have one moving track, the top-selling single Can't Help Falling In Love. It also explains the passion he put into this offering, one of his best-selling gospel albums, which includes his favorite faith-based ode, Cryin' in the Chapel.

What was Elvis Presleys best-selling record?

The event itself was monumental for the audience in that it was the first time in more than 20 years. Taking a hint from rock movies like Woodstock and the Rolling Stones' Gather Moss, captured moments from a 15-night junket from 1972. Those who preferred the top-selling soundtrack instead of the movie were spared footage of excesses affecting Presley's obese body.

It would also mark that last time he'd ever appear on film. Fortunately, the transmission, which showcasedWhat was Elvis Presleys best-selling record?

successful as it reached an estimated 1. The singer was big on all things Yuletide having attached his name to a dozen outings, the most popular being. It sold three million in its initial pressing, then hit a staggering 10 million in sales when reissued in 1970.

Collecting Elvis Presley Memorabilia

Reasons are unclear but considering that year also signaled the end of the Beatles and rock pioneers Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison, it seemed that we really needed a bit of Christmas cheer to make it through to 1971. That was until he stumbled upon Valnet Inc, to which he contributes to several of its sites regularly. During downtime, Gene likes to experiment with guitars and synths, his way of deflecting the fact that he has no talent whatsoever on those instruments.

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