Question: Is shisha Banned in UAE?


Ban on waterpipes in public places On 12 March 2020, municipalities of different Emirates had issued a decision banning waterpipes in all restaurants and cafés. The decision was published in official newspapers and disseminated widely across social media platforms.

Dubai Municipality has banned shisha or smoking in Ramadan tents throughout Dubai. The ban is in place during the Iftar period from the moment the cannon is fired at dusk until 9pm.

Is shisha Banned in UAE?

It issued the ban to protect children or minors under the legal age 18 and underpregnant women and non-smokers from smoking's harmful effects. The municipality is currently vetting applications for Ramadan tent permits. Two have been granted and eight applications submitted in the e-system are under consideration, according to Dr Nassim Rafi, Acting Director of Public Health and Is shisha Banned in UAE?

Department at Dubai Municipality.

Is shisha Banned in UAE?

The Dubai Municipality directed all those in charge of Ramadan tents to comply with the provisions of Federal Law No. They need to obtain permits from the planning and buildings department at the municipality in conjunction with the civil defence. There cannot be additions or alterations to the approved plans, such as increasing the number of chairs and tables to attract additional customers.

This would be in violation of space requirements determined as one square metre per smoking customer. Hotels applying for permits to host Ramadan tents must provide a tent entrance separate from the hotel entrance.

It's Official: Shisha Banned in Ramadan Tents During Iftar in Dubai

Inspection teams will monitor Ramadan tents from Iftar time until they close. They must follow rules stipulating emergency exits, segregating smokers and non-smokers and providing separations between them. Smoking areas must be completely isolated from non-smoking areas.

Shisha areas cannot exceed 50 per cent of the non-smoking area. Fire extinguishers must be placed according to the civil defense specifications.

Is shisha Banned in UAE?

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