Question: What does Davidoff smell like?


Cool Water by Davidoff is a Aromatic Aquatic fragrance for men. ... The nose behind this fragrance is Pierre Bourdon. Top notes are Sea water, Lavender, Mint, Green Notes, Rosemary, Calone and Coriander; middle notes are Sandalwood, Geranium, Neroli and Jasmine; base notes are Musk, Tobacco, Oakmoss, Cedar and Amber.

So i was shopping with my little brother on black friday and we were at macys? Smeels just like davidoff to me but not as sharp it's more dull if it makes any sense, like davidoff has higher peeks and valleys when smelling and creed does the same thing but not as exaggerated, maybe the scent doesn't fit me?

I am constantly defending my beloved floral aquatics I love Cool Water Woman and getting sneered at What does Davidoff smell like? it. Perfume, like many other things, will have people swearing blind that the most expensive one must be the best. Creed have made a lot of money from this. Aquatics get this even more than other types of scent.

It's nothing to do with the scent not being a good fit, it's just that in this case, your nose is just as happy with the cheaper scent and that's fine - and your bank account will thank you. You have me reconsidering some of my own feelings about them. I often use them in small amount when composing What does Davidoff smell like?, but I don't What does Davidoff smell like?

wear aquatic fragrances. I think that it comes down to the fact that I feel that, say, an oriental drydown attempts to compliment our natural, animalic, human odor whereas a clean and fresh aquatic drydown attempts to mask it. I don't think that this masking is inherent to aquatics, but What does Davidoff smell like? think that they're such a useful tool for masking that they're disproportionately used for that purpose. You bring up an interesting and very good point though!

I've never composed my own fragrance I keep meaning to get into it then never know where to start. Have you ever used calone in your own scents? It seems to be the compound that inspires the most anti-aquatic feelings. I've heard that undiluted it's insanely overpowering and I was just wondering if that's true. I was teaching a friend of mine about fragrances and so I brought over some scent strips with a few common aromachemicals on them.

Now, let me just say that calone is an incredibly lovely scent on its own. It's just really, really powerful. It also comes in a crystalline form with a really, really low melting point, so when you want to use it, you put the bottle of it in a hot water bath and wait for some of it to melt.

Then I'll usually dilute it down to about 5% and use that. It's like the smell version of cyan. So anyway, I left her the scent strips including one with a bit of 5% calone on it at the end of the night to keep. A week later, I come over to her apartment again and walk in.

I immediately comment that I've been doing too much perfumery lately because I'm smelling things. I tell her that I suddenly got a whiff of Calone. She then walks over to a spot about 6' away from me and pulls out the scent strips that I had given her a week ago. I was able to still smell a tiny bit of calone on a week old scent strip from 6' away.

Perfumery is a great hobby to get into and I'm happy to give suggestions for where to start, but it's not super cheap and you'll probably ignore the suggestions most people do anyway ; I use very small amounts of calone in many of my fragrances. I use Ultrazur in tiny, tiny amounts even more often.

It adds a lovely fresh complexity. In concentration it What does Davidoff smell like? like fabric softener though. Calone and Ultrazur are the two major aquatic bases. Ultrazur is a Givaudan blend and similarly powerful to Calone. I should go to bed now.

What does Davidoff smell like?

Natural oils change smell over time and are more difficult to learn than aromachemicals. Every perfumer What does Davidoff smell like? talked to suggests that you start with aromachemicals and then move to naturals. The ones who never get really into aromachemicals are the ones who end up making perfumes that smell like farmers market soaps - pleasant maybe, but not particularly complex.

The beginner's aromachemical kit is really a set of accords that were based off of Givaudan sample formulas typically used to highlight and sell particular ingredients but some of them are really fantastic and the formula is published which is important.

That'll be enough to get you started.

What does Davidoff smell like?

Get to the point where you can identify all of your ingredients blind, play around with formulas. The next step in expanding your palette should be the. A lot of really sexy smells come What does Davidoff smell like? not so sexy chemical names. Aurantiol straddles the line between sweet orange, neroli and grape. Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol smells like fresh floral rose stems. Ethyl Maltol smells like cotton candy. Hedione smells very faintly floral on it's own but when mixed with other ingredients makes them explode with a smooth, vibrant florality.

With the white musk blend in step one, you'll start to realize just how much white musk is in everything, but this gives you half a dozen or more white musks so that you can start smelling the differences. Then, you should get the which has some of the What does Davidoff smell like?, more expensive naturals sandalwood, rose and jasmine absolutes and other commonly used naturals like labdanum and styrax.

They don't give you enough vials, pipettes or scent strips. I buy vials by the gross and scent strips 500 at a time. You also may want to get a labeler. Eventually, you want a scale. I can also customize packages based on your budget, or suggest a couple of additions to the starter set based on the kind of fragrances you want to work with. Let me know if you want any other suggestions! You end up with a lot more respect for designer fragrances this way too. Designer fragrances may have a lower budget per bottle, but they hire supremely good perfumers generally.

My brother has more expertise than I with regard to fragrance and loudly asserted that I was making a mistake. I What does Davidoff smell like? that he knew something I didn't and followed his advice but now I'm questioning that. Cool Water isn't a bad fragrance because it's cheap by any means whatsoever, least of all historically. You got gipped by your brother, haha. If you can still return it, which I dunno if you can depending on Macy's Black Friday policies, you should get your money back and get the Davidoff which you like.

It really doesn't matter what everyone else thinks if you like it, least of all another Creed fanboy like your brother. As far as history goes, Cool Water is more important in the history of perfumery because it popularlized the use of aquatic notes in men's fragrances and heralded a new era. But no, you're not alone. Luca Turin is probably the world's foremost perfume critic. They are both fougeres in similar styles, though Cool Water has an aquatic twist and that twist was revolutionary.

Cool Water Davidoff perfume

There are lots of arguments about that though. They're both great fragrances and there's no reason you can't appreciate both. They're similar, but not identical. The House of Creed is very controversial in the fragrance community for their marketing practices, pricing and quality controlbut Green Irish Tweed is pretty universally well respected.

Cool Water is just a really excellent bargain though many associate it with middle school. They are far from interchangeable. That's not just my opinion it's a fact. If you think they smell the same then you What does Davidoff smell like? a dead nose. I'm not trying to be snobby I just feel that anyone should be able to smell the difference between the two. Plenty of fragheads out there who would agree with you. But they are certainly quite different from each other, to say they are the same is just false.

I don't necessarily agree, but it's a great line. My brother has more expertise than I with regard to fragrance and loudly asserted that I was making a mistake. I trusted that he knew something I didn't and followed his advice but now I'm questioning that.

That's the main difference I think. Most people don't care about their fragrances nearly as much as most of us in this sub do though.

What does Davidoff smell like?

I love the stuff, I really enjoy fougere, so I am a little more in tune with what the differences are. The same way I might not appreciate the differences between two florals, just because they aren't really my thing.

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