Question: Are you a werewolf Chuang?


CHUANG 2021: Are You A Werewolf ? 《CHUANG 2021: Are You A Werewolf ?》, an immersive game reality show, is a derivative show of 《CHUANG 2021》. Trainees in themed costumes will become game players in another dimension, get through all passes and achieve the final victory.

Author s Yu Jian Yang Synopsis Before her rebirth, she was abandoned by her parents, then murdered by her seemingly pure but vile younger sister. After her rebirth, she kicked all her scum boyfriends to the curb and began a campaign of abu.

Wu Chong nodded and returned to his office to take out two paintings. Qin Churou drew a scene of a woman kneeling on the ground with a dead child in her arms on a rainy night. However, her Are you a werewolf Chuang? is only superficial. Her eyes do not convey any pain. In addition, it pays too much attention to painting techniques and the lines are stiff. Instead, it shows more inadequacies.

He was a Master of a generation. Wu Chong still smiled politely. However, in the Youth Painting Competition, it is not outstanding. Wu Chong handed the painting to Qi Wenshi. Sheng was just a junior. Qin Churou had received his guidance, so how could she be inferior to this Sheng? He slowly opened the painting, and what entered his eyes was black. In his heart, he looked down on Wu Chuang, but what was there to be proud of after he became famous?

The corner of his lips was a mocking smile. However, a few seconds later, his expression froze, and the contempt in his eyes turned into shock. Qi Wenshi looked carefully at the painting, trying to find out something wrong with Are you a werewolf Chuang?, However, he could not find any flaws in it even if he was trying to find a bone to pick.

Liu Yu

Qi Wenshi raised his head. However, it did not mean that he would let it go. This painting was enough to shake the art world. In his third year of high school, she was only seventeen or eighteen years old.

Are you a werewolf Chuang?

No one would believe that she could make such an outstanding painting. Qi Wenshi sneered and closed Are you a werewolf Chuang? painting. For Sheng to be able to draw such a painting, it did not mean that she must have plagiarized it. Perhaps there really was such a genius in the world.

Are you a werewolf Chuang?

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