Question: Is Bedford a good place to live?

Bedford affords residents a wonderful community as well as a host of fantastic amenities. ... Bedford is also very highly regarded. The Sunday Times voted Bedford as one of the best places to live in the UK in 2019, calling the town unfairly underappreciated!

Is Milton Keynes expensive to live?

Living Costs The cost of living is very high in Milton Keynes. An average weekly grocery shop costs £63 here, which is higher even than in central London. For motorists, car insurance is expensive at £556.40 and petrol is above average at 118p, though not among the most expensive in the UK.

Thirty years ago, Roderick May met his wife in Bedford Heights.

9 Best and Safest Neighborhoods in the Bronx

Now he'd never move, not even for a million dollars. Roderick May, 59 Assistant to the mayor I met my wife in Bedford Heights 30 years ago. I was just turning 30 years old and there was an event here at the Mediterranean Party Center just off Rockside Road.

She was standing there with her friend, fixing her dress.

Is Bedford a good place to live?

I was standing in the corner of the party with a group of my friends. We got married in that same venue where we met.

The guy who owns the venue is a good friend of a neighbor I know. A ton of community events are there. Her high school reunion was there.

Is Bedford a good place to live?

Our house is just down the street from there. We raised our three kids there. I know every neighbor on my street. The community, the people and services here are great.

Is Bedford a good place to live?

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