Question: Does Petcube work without WiFi?

Currently, Petcube works only through the home internet WiFi. If you want to access your camera through the Petcube App - it doesnt matter where the phone is connected - wi-fi, phone/mobile data, etc. If you have any further questions, please reach out to us at

Can I use Petcube without Wi-Fi?

Petcube devices have no Internet access and need to be connected to a local Wi-Fi network to work properly. Petcube requires a WiFi network and min 1Mbps upload and download speed (2Mbps is recommended).

Can you use Petcube outside?

As long as your mobile device and the Petcube camera are both connected to the Internet, you can play with your pet through Petcube from anywhere in the world.

Why wont my Petcube connect to WiFi?

This error message usually means that you didnt switch Petcube into wi-fi mode. Power your Petcube Camera off and back on and start the setup process over again. Open Petcube application, go to Home tab and select connect your device.

How does Petcube camera work?

Petcube Camera is a Wi-Fi home camera for pet owners. It allows them to watch, talk to and play with their pets using a built-in laser pointer toy from a smartphone anytime, anywhere. Through Petcube mobile app, people can share access to their Petcube Cameras so other pet lovers can interact with their pets.

Does Petcube record sound?

Petcube Care captures videos when users play with their pets using the Petcube app. Recording is triggered by sound, motion, autoplay mode, and any camera activity initiated by the owner. Users will have full control over notification alerts and recording with 3 different settings - Awake, Quiet and Sleep.

How do I reconnect to Petcube?

Power up your Petcube Play, wait 1 minute until it starts up, take a reset pin that came with your Petcube, find a small hole on the bottom of your Petcube Play, insert the reset pin into it, hold it down for 3 seconds until the light changes to pulsing green and follow the steps on your screen.

How do I reset my Petcube WIFI?

Power up your Petcube Play, wait 1 minute until it starts up, take a reset pin that came with your Petcube, find a small hole on the bottom of your Petcube Play, insert the reset pin into it, hold it down for 3 seconds until the light changes to pulsing green and follow the steps on your screen.

Can you turn Petcube Camera off?

Currently, there is no option to turn off the camera from the Petcube App, but you can disable sharing in the Settings menu. To disable sharing, go to the Home tab, then tap the Settings icon in the upper right corner, and select Sharing. To disable sharing for friends, simply switch it off.

How do you talk to Petcube?

With 2-way audio, use the push-to-talk feature using the Petcube App to hear and talk to your pet. Take a break and let your pets know you care.

Is Petcube water resistant?

Is The Petcube Waterproof? No, it is not a waterproof camera.

The Petcube Play Wi-Fi camera is one such device, and Petcube sent me one of their new wi-fi cameras to try out. This article outlines what you receive if you purchase a Petcube Play, how to setup and use the device, and my thoughts on both the hardware and software you use to control the camera and how it records. Interested in setting up a surveillance system for your dogs?

Unboxing the Petcube Play: what you get The Petcube Play, the latest device in the Petcube family, arrives securely housed in a pretty deluxe box. Impressed with the packaging too. Helps you with a quick startup too. It reminds me of unboxing any higher-end device and is a promising initial experience. The camera supports 1080p video with a wide-angle lens, has night vision, sends alerts, and will store your video in the cloud more on that later.

Everything you need has its own compartment. You also receive a nice bandana that you can tie to your dog.

Does Petcube work without WiFi?

Mort wearing the Petcube bandana and looking pretty smart. And just a little confused. With a great unboxing experience, quality was expected at this point. The device is light, and the thoughtful design includes a tripod mount and surface grip as well.

Tripod mount on the bottom of the Petcube. Also has a grippy surface for placing on a table top or counter. The Petcube is one of few cameras that ships with a laser pointer you can use to play with your pets.

It worked a few taps later, so a temporary glitch. Neither of our dogs were interested in Does Petcube work without WiFi? laser, as to be expected.

Apart from checking it out there was no further action. Cats on the other hand could certainly be enticed. Not too interested in the laser.

Petcube Play Wi

This is a somewhat low-light scenario to also show you the 1080p video quality, unadjusted screen capture of the live video stream. We immediately used the Petcube in a low-light scenario, and it did not disappoint. You could easily make out Mort and Tig wandering past the camera, and us humans too, thanks to the infrared based night vision.

Not only this, but your dogs get that zombie eye look which is always amusing to us. Making up, being nice dogs. Sound, too The Petcube play also has a microphone and speaker, which means you can listen to your dogs or even talk to them.

Petcube Camera Review

If we left the house, this could be useful or at least entice a good number of head tilts and confusion from the dogs.

It works really well, even if yelling into your phone to have the speaker yell the same thing out a fraction of a second later ended up in a multitude of head tilts from a very confused Does Petcube work without WiFi?. Petcube Play software The Petcube Does Petcube work without WiFi? an app that you can download for your device. You set up a free account to integrate with your camera hardware.

First the good: the app is pretty easy to use once you are logged in. And of course, you may receive updates as these issues are resolved and pushed into the app stores and will get used to where to find things as with most software. One of the hangups for us: my husband and I were both installing the app and trying to connect to the camera using Bluetooth.

This will of course limit the interactivity in a family situation. There also appears to be a limitation about how many cameras you can connect to your software.

Does Petcube work without WiFi?

If you really want a home security system, there are options without the pet features for this specific purpose from other manufacturers. After all, one of the promoted features of the Petcube is cloud-based videos.

The settings look like this: Where to share your data. I think what prompted this reaction was the social features in this app, unlike other similar devices designed for personal use. When I returned to my video feed later Does Petcube work without WiFi? the evening, there was a list of videos of my husband and I cooking dinner, wandering back and forth to the couch, blabbing about our day… audio and video all up somewhere in the cloud.

Also remember that only one person can watch the feed at a time. If you open your app and someone else is watching, you will see a Busy signal. Make sure you understand how to use these settings: Public sharing in Petcube play. Friends sharing in Petcube Play. So, folks, this is absolutely something to be aware of and make sure you set up your privacy and make this consideration for yourself Does Petcube work without WiFi?

goes for any similar device, not just the Petcube. Make sure you are aware of where and when Does Petcube work without WiFi? share out your privacy, and that your private conversations would be stored up on a third-party server. And of course, there are stories about your computers and smartphones being hacked and video from your cameras being captured unscrupulously.

Not the same thing of course, but something to be aware of. When we leave the house and need to monitor? Plug it in, no problem. I really hope for another day there will be a more secure way of saving the video for personal-use only encryption or device-only and bluetooth transmission.

Other uses I am excited for alternative uses for this device. I could see using it in our greenhouse to monitor plant growth and security, perhaps. The app is free, but naturally if you want to store a bunch of video in the cloud it is not, as is probably expected. You receive the 10 day history as a 30 day trial, but after that you have to either pay for the 10 or 30 day history, or degrade to the free 4 hour history subscription.

There are also annual plans available for 10 or 30 day histories that will save you a bit of money. My trial subscription has just expired. Summary of the Petcube Play So check it out and think about how this could integrate into your home. Figure out the privacy features so you set things up as you personally need and have fun!

Disclosure: As noted at the beginning of this article, Petcube supplied the device to review for this article. The review is entirely the views of the author. We Does Petcube work without WiFi? write honest reviews — good and the bad. Jen deHaan is graphic designer, small business owner, and dog person living in Bay Area, California. Jen enjoys learning about dog training and behavior, and has taken several courses and seminars since 2010. She also contributes articles to leading websites, such as.

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