Question: How much is a Mercedes 190E Cosworth worth?

Both the 190E 2.3-16 and Cosworth variants hold a No. 1-condition value of $40,100. No. 2-condition values rose 12.8 percent in May and another 6.3 percent in September to settle at $27,200.

How many cylinders did the w201 190E Cosworth have?

The Cosworth engine was based on the M102 four cylinder 2.3-litre 8-valve unit producing 136 hp (101 kW; 138 PS), already fitted to the 190 and E-Class. Cosworth developed the cylinder head.

Is Benz 190 a good car?

Durable and reliable, the baby Benz is almost criminally undervalued and that makes it nothing short of a bargain. A cared for example will outlast its owner, and if you want the perfect example of over-engineering then look no further.

Which reminded us of the time our sister newspaper pitted two striking examples against each other for a feature. Well, that was a blast from the past. I grew up reading about these two extraordinary super-saloons in the 1980s in the pages of the original Performance Car magazine. For me, they defined the very notion of affordable sports cars in that excess-strewn decade, pre-empting the Japanese and European rally nutters which followed.

Even before I climbed onboard the two German saloons, their import was clear to see. More from the Merc, I think. The engine seemed astonishingly torquey to me, making for a relaxed and rapid cruiser, rather than an outright laser-guided missile. Especially with that enormous steering wheel. I loved the interior, though — how about those incredible bucket rear seats? The Mercedes only seems to want to waft, at least at first. What did you make of them on the road? What a load of cobblers.

How much is a Mercedes 190E Cosworth worth?

I loved driving these two! Momentary lapse of memory; the E30 M3 is a left-hooker only, famously.

Yahoo fait partie de la famille de marques Yahoo.

So it proves on the road: this M3 is a cinch to drive. Quite the contrast to some more recent M-sport models. Never seen anything like them before. And the 190 feels bulletproof. A reminder that Merc know how to do quality when they put their mind to it.

How much is a Mercedes 190E Cosworth worth?

I also thought the different-sized door mirrors were a really nice period detail. The comfort suggests it would certainly be an easy car to enjoy over long distances.

But which would I drive off into the sunset in? Those beautifully bulging wheelarches hint at the bespoke M-sport treatment within. I loved driving both these 1980s saloon heroes.

How much is a Mercedes 190E Cosworth worth?

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