Question: Was gibt es alles für Hobby?


Bestens geeignet sind beispielsweise Kochen, Yoga, Origami, Jonglieren oder Meditieren. Doch auch kleine DIY-Projekte wie das Basteln eines kreativen Kalenders oder das Fotografieren sind wunderbare Ideen. Besonders Ihre kreativen oder handwerklichen Hobbys können Sie also auch von zuhause aus perfekt ausleben.

Summer's gonna be all over us again. Time for iceicebaby. The preparation is also possible without an ice cream machine.

Was gibt es alles für Hobby?

Whichever you choose - all our ice cream products guarantee you a highly enjoyable cooling. We have discovered a great new product for you and put it on sale immediately: Colouring food This means that the colour powders are produced from colour-intensive fruit, vegetables and edible plants.

Was gibt es alles für Hobby?

Completely without additives and preservatives. Completely natural and also vegan. And the best: you can mix the colours with each other and simply colour everything with it.

Kreative Hobbys für zuhause

No matter if dough, cream, frostings, ice cream or white chocolate. We think you just have to try it.

Was gibt es alles für Hobby?

In cooperation with large manufacturers from France, Italy Belgium and Germany, we have a certain standard for the products we sell and we stand by the products you find here. We offer a stock sale, but also relaxed online shipping. And from time to time we enjoy offering you a selection of articles at trade fairs - just drop by. We look forward to seeing you! We offer you the right baking accessories for the greatest baking ideas! To do so, please contact the operator of this page.

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