Question: Is the sea warm in Croatia?

Croatian children grow up going to the sea every summer. ... The Adriatic sea is a God given summer pool. The temperature is warm enough to stay in for hours, and cool enough to get refreshed from the midday sun.

What is the water temperature in Croatia?

Croatia Temperature (Sea)MonthAverage TemperatureJune22°C / (71.6°F)July24°C / (75°F)August25°C / (77°F)September23°C / (73.4°F)4 more rows•May 4, 2020

Is it safe to swim in the sea in Croatia?

Yes, swimming in the Adriatic Sea in Croatia is regarded as generally safe as long as you take some precautions: Always gradually enter into the water. Before jumping, make sure its deep enough. Many Croatian beaches are rocky or concrete.

Can you swim in Croatia in December?

Click on the links for each month to see details about the sea temperature in the cities of: Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar, Pula and Krka....Swimming in Croatia by month.MonthDec.sea temperature57°F to 61°FOur opinioncold swimming*DetailsSea temperature in Croatia in december11 more columns

Is the Adriatic Sea warm?

The temperature of the Adriatic Sea is usually from 22 to 30 °C (72 to 86 °F) in the summer. In the winter the temperature ranges from 12 to 14 °C (54 to 57 °F). In the western part of the Adriatic coast, the temperature drops to 9 °C (48 °F) during the winter.

Is the sea warm in Dubrovnik?

The sea temperature ranges between 14 °C (57 °F) and 25 °C (77 °F). The sea is warm enough for swimming from July to September.

Is it safe to swim in Croatia?

Yes, swimming in the Adriatic Sea in Croatia is regarded as generally safe as long as you take some precautions: Always gradually enter into the water. Before jumping, make sure its deep enough. Many Croatian beaches are rocky or concrete.

Are there snakes in Croatia?

Are there snakes in Croatia? The answer is yes, but not many are in fact poisonous… There are around 15 different varieties of snakes living in Croatia, but only three of those are venomous.

Are there sharks in the Croatian sea?

Shark sightings in Croatian waters are rare....certainly no tourist industry around them for diving/cage diving.

Is it cold in Croatia in December?

Averages The weather in Croatia in December remains mild and cold in places, with an average temperature of 5°C across the whole country. Croatia can dip to lows of -5°C on colder days around the mountains. ... At 15°C the sea temperature will be too low for visitors to take a dip in the Adriatic.

Is it safe to swim in the Adriatic Sea?

The Adriatic Sea is still deemed extremely safe for swimming. There are only two dangerous species of shark (Mako and Great White), and attacks are incredibly rare.

How much do you tip in Croatia?

Tipping etiquette in Croatian restaurants is pretty standard. It is expected that you leave a 10% gratuity, even if there is a fee included on your bill. If you found the service particularly wonderful its good tipping etiquette to tip 15%. If you go to a cafe you can simply round up, although it isnt required.

Does it snow in Dubrovnik Croatia?

In some winters, even Dubrovnik (one of the most southern points of Croatia) has seen a light dusting of snow. ... In general, however, during autumn and winter on the coast, you will still experience some sunny days, although it can sometimes get quite rainy.

Does it rain in Dubrovnik?

The climate of Dubrovnik is Mediterranean, with mild, rainy winters and hot, sunny summers. Dubrovnik (Ragusa in Italian) is located on the Adriatic coast in southern Dalmatia.

Beware: the coast does get crowded in summer, especially August. Luckily, Croatia has also kept it real. So, if you love cute Medieval towns, beautiful islands and waterfalls, and historical cities, then it might be just the ultimate backpacking destination in Europe! Once the heart of the Ragusan republic, the Dalmatian coast is dotted with old forts, monasteries, churches, and city walls.

Well-preserved Roman ruins can be found in Split and Pula. Croatia is Is the sea warm in Croatia? ideal summer destination with warm Mediterranean waters, pleasant pebble beaches, and one of the best areas in Europe for island hopping excursions. Cheap budget flights go to Split, Dubrovnik and to a lesser extent Zagreb from all over the continent. Best time to visit Croatia Croatia is hugely seasonal. As I soon found out when travelling in Croatia in March, the coast can be pretty much 100% dead in the winter and is just barely returning to life even in early-to-mid spring.

In the July and August high season, it becomes a madhouse with tourists concentrated especially in Split and Dubrovnik, so this period has its own disadvantages.

Arguably the best time to visit is September. The waters will still be warm but the crazy August crowds have dissipated by now. The second best time to visit is late spring in May or June. Croatia backpacking map Croatia is blessed with a 2000km Is the sea warm in Croatia? rocky coastline with loads of coves and islands, as well as several Venetian-era historical cities along the Mediterranean.

While less-visited, I also liked what I saw of the country inland. The more Central European perhaps feel makes these parts less glamorous, but not any less interesting.

The map below shows you some of the key places to visit in Croatia: Places to visit in Croatia The following are my notes on some of the highlights in Croatia, covering them in roughly a south-to-north order: Dubrovnik The old city of Dubrovnik was once a maritime city-state with a wealth and influence rivalling that of Venice. Today, with its still intact Medieval city walls and its many churches, monasteries and palaces, it is quite possibly the most picturesque place in Croatia.

While Dubrovnik is very interesting I also want to warn you: it can be murderously expensive.

Is the sea warm in Croatia?

Go in the off-season if you can. You might find Dubrovnik very tedious and stressful in season or very pleasant outside of it! The city is obviously of major historical interest. Known in the Middle Ages as Ragusa, it functioned as a key hub for trade from the East, first under Venetian vassalage and later as an independent maritime republic. A will give you entrance to 9 major cultural-historical attractions. I happened to visit Dubrovnik during the shooting of scenes for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and unexpectedly ended up having drinks with some of the camera crew Is the sea warm in Croatia?

costume designers. Hiking up there is also nice, though the hills are fully exposed so the heat can be intense on a summer day. The view inland from the Mount Srd are rather nice as well!

In August, even a lowly hostel dorm bed in the suburbs will cost around 40 to 60 euro a night up from around 10 Euros in low season. An interesting cost-saving tactic is to stay in super cheap Trebinje, just across the border inand take a day trip to Dubrovnik. You could stay in Dubrovnik for several nights I did this in the off-seasonthough the consensus among travellers seems to be that one full day in Dubrovnik is enough to see the major sights.

Is the sea warm in Croatia?

Hvar The first thing I noticed about Hvar was the dozens of superyachts docked in the harbor, some of them even guarded by private security. It made me feel like I had arrived in some jetsettey place like Saint Tropez. It turns out Hvar is in fact a popular port of call for the rich who come here to see and be seen.

The island town is known for its nightlife, some of it expectedly well-heeled. Hvar is a little flashy but still a little cute as well.


The rich mostly hang out in their luxury resorts and exclusive private coves, leaving the town itself to a more diverse mix of visitors. Korčula As the most populated island in the Adriatic, Korčula has plenty of facilities for activities like cycling, kayaking, snorkelling, wine-tasting tours, and more. Cute Korčula Town is definitely worth a stroll.

Is the sea warm in Croatia?

I also visited a house that was claimed to be the birthplace of famed explorer Marco Polo, though inside it was just an empty house without any kind of insight or information. I would have liked to explore the interior of the island as well! It is very pretty with its palm-lined boulevard along the harbor and its small historic centre built around the Is the sea warm in Croatia?

of. I visited when there was a music festival going on which made me extend my stay by another day, but I may not have done this otherwise. While I liked Split quite a bit hey, that rhymes!

The sea on most beaches in the Dubrovnik

There are also half a dozen good pebble beaches in the surrounding area. In season you can also take a shuttle boat up the river, and some private yachts come in here from the Mediterranean in summer as well. You are allowed to take a swim in the lower lake. You can hike further onwards to Visovac lake, which features an island monastery. You can stroll the atmospheric old streets, have a drink on the river front, and enjoy some good seafood.

Zadar is famed for its sunsets photo credit: Besides a slew of cathedrals and Venetian-era buildings, a very interesting thing to see is the Sea Organ.

Built in 2005, it is basically a set of steps along the seafront where strategically placed holes create a constantly changing melody from the waves flowing into them. The waterfalls are super photogenic and, I think, deserving of the hype. Paths and some little boardwalks take Is the sea warm in Croatia? along all the Is the sea warm in Croatia? and fern covered cascades. You can also walk up the hills for some overview shots of the waterfalls. The azure waters are crystal clear and easily reminded me of some tropical waterfalls I have seen in Asia or South America.

There are a few basic guesthouses and hotels that let you stay overnight in the park, which could help you beat the crowds. For that you need Is the sea warm in Croatia?

go to Krka. Karlovac Most people go to Croatia to see Instagram-worthy historical towns along the Mediterranean coast, not an unassuming town in the temperate hinterlands. Away from the allure of Venetian history, Karlovac places you in a decidedly lumpier Eastern Europe. And yet you may find it worth stopping here, particularly if you consider yourself to be travelling and not only on a sun-and-sea focused holiday. I liked it, albeit in a much simpler way than the other places in Croatia.

You can find a in Karlovac, which is doing an excellent job of promoting the area. Island hopping in Croatia The southern Dalmatian islands are among the most popular places to visit in Croatia and many people go on an island hopping tour here.

A typical itinerary takes you from Split to Dubrovnik via Brač, Hvar and Korčula, with usually a few different smaller stops throw in as well. To see the islands you have essentially two choices: do-it-yourself by taking Is the sea warm in Croatia?

ferries to some of the largest islands, or taking an organized 1-week mini cruise. I did a Croatian mini cruise a bunch of years ago when I was a little younger. It was perfect for some unpretentious fun in the sun. This is a great travel guide for all those who visit Croatia for the first time and all places you mentioned are very worth to be seen and experienced. Ps when I did a sail Croatia years ago I had a cheap downstairs cabin and it was quiet as can be, they usually steamed during the day when I was sunbaking up top!

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