Question: Is Awka A Igbo?

Awka is an Igbo community centrally placed among the Igbo communities of Anambra State. The origin of Awka town takes the pattern of most many centuries behind, when men in this part of the world wandered from one place to another in search of a suitable place to settle and toil for subsistence.

Is Anambra an Igbo state?

Residents of Anambra State are primarily Igbo, with the Igbo language serving as a lingua franca throughout the state. During the Nigerian Civil War (1967-1970), Anambra State was part of the secessionist Republic of Biafra formed by Igbo nationalists.

Who created Anambra State?

Old Anambra State was first created in 1976 from the East Central State. A re-organization by the then military president, General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida, on August 27th 1991 further divided the Old Anambra into two states, present Anambra and Enugu States.

Ineffective political leadership in Igboland is a concomitant of the weakness and inefficacy of Igbo political society.

Is Awka A Igbo?

The fight is for all Igbos, not for the leaders alone. Let me complicate this a bit. All we hear is the tiresome refrain: Igbo leaders have done this; Igbo leaders have not done that. But what about Oha Ndi Igbo, we the Igbo mass citizenry? What have we done to deserve good leadership and effective representation? Let me get a little personal, if I may.

Where Igbo, Chinese cultures meet in Awka

Do you attend the meetings of your town union? Do you pay dues and levies to your town union? Do you in fact have an organized town union? Is Awka A Igbo? you do, does it have a political committee? Does your town have a political action fund by which you could raise money to support a candidate of its choosing?

How many times have you volunteered hours to organize on Igbo issues? How effective is your organizing? Do you make out time, at least once every month, to Is Awka A Igbo? a small dinner in your house aimed at galvanizing an Igbo issue? We expect much from Igbo leadership, but we have no hand in the choice of who makes that leadership. Now take this example: when the Supreme Court sacked Emeka Ihedioha as governor of Imo State, you would have expected that a mass protest would erupt in the state, with support action in all of Igbo land and the Igbo diaspora.

But what did the Igbo people do?

Is Awka A Igbo?

They talked the moon to sleep. Unfortunately, critics arose in support of a 419, certificate-forging, cream-bleaching governor to rule Imo State. They pray and wait for God, and act surprised at the very obvious political turn. When, in 1983, then head of state, Maj.

How about when former head f state, Gen. Ibrahim Babangida, tested water with his sacking of Commodore Okoh Ebitu Ukiwe as Chief of General Staff, did Igbo people rise in protest? It was after the Ukiwe Is Awka A Igbo? dismissal, without very strong response from the Igbo, that the power wielders in Nigeria began the strategic marginalization of the Is Awka A Igbo?.

They concluded that the Igbo were no longer politically relevant or effective. The current Igbo sons and daughters have not shown the kind of fidelity the older Igbo showed to each other. If it were in 1965 that Mr. In fact, Emeka Ofor would not have even dared. Leadership draws strength from the community. If a people are without consequence, their leadership will be without consequence. In fact, how can you send men and women on an errand without making certain that they will return in one piece?

All the people guarding your so-called Igbo leaders are sent to them from Abuja, the federal capital of Nigeria. They are surrounded by military barracks whose provenances they cannot determine. Guess what the current Igbo would do because they have not organized for effect? They will write letters to the United Nations and call all the forces in the world to bear witness to how we suffer in Nigeria. Think about the Irish or the Palestinians.

And if any one who leads them messes up, they have people to answer to. A people are always greater than their leaders. But today, the Igbo want leaders who are bigger than they from whom their destiny must Is Awka A Igbo? shaped. We must make the leaders we want. Support them and protect them. If they depend on us for their survival, they will give us sterling service. But if they depend on forces outside Igbo land for their political and economic survival, as well indeed as for their lives, you cannot expect their loyalty to be with the Igbo.

The leaders we get reflect us too. To paraphrase Joseph de Maistre, in a democracy, people get the leadership they deserve. We the Igbos must somehow find the means to rebuild fidelity between us and those that we select to lead the way. Very brilliant background analysis but with a faulty conclusion.

First there must be a leader before Followership. We can all agree Is Awka A Igbo? Ndi Igbo as a people have no leader! Every Igbo man is a king unto himself. As long as no one wants to listen to what the other is saying, and with the attendant arrogance we all bring to the table at every Igbo meeting, ka chi fvo.

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