Question: What does Crisma mean?

chrism. More meanings for crisma. oil noun. aceite, petróleo, óleo, santo óleo, caldos. Christmas card noun.

What is Crisma in English?

Chrism is used to anoint those who are baptized or ordained. ...

What does Sweng mean?

to move easily and without interruption backwards and forwards or from one side to the other, especially from a fixed point, or to cause something or someone to do this: He walked briskly along swinging his rolled-up umbrella. The door swung open. [ I or T ]

What does Gomostas mean?

gomosa. adjective. 1. Gummy, productive of gum.

What is the meaning of swing up?

Swing up means that something is going up suddenly. Example: you swing your arm up, meaning that you raise your arm suddenly.

What is a swing person?

adjective, superlative swing·ing·est. ... free and uninhibited sexually: a swinging bachelor.

What does it mean to swing it?

informal. : to do or manage something successfully If he can swing it, hell visit next month.

What is the past tense of swinging?

Swung is the past tense and past participle of swing.

What type of word is swung?

Swung is the past tense and past participle of swing.

What does Comistar mean?

transitive verb. 1. ( old-fashioned) (general) to confiscate.

What does swing at you mean?

swing at (someone or something) To attempt to hit someone or something with ones fist or an instrument in a broad, sweeping stroke. Bill didnt hear me coming up behind him, and he swung at me when I touched his shoulder.

Synonyms: beatbatter 1buffet 2hammerpound 2pummelthrash These verbs mean to hit heavily and repeatedly with violent blows: beat each other with sticks; a ship battered by storm waves; buffeted him with her open palm; hammered his opponent with his fists; troops pounded by mortar fire; pummeled the bully soundly; dolphins thrashing the water with their tails.

To is to give heavy and repeated blows, often with the What does Crisma mean? to pound the table. To is to give one or more forceful blows suddenly or swiftly: to strike a gong. To implies inflicting repeated blows as punishment, to show superior strength, or the like: to thrash an opponent.


She beat me in a contest. My heart is beating faster than usual. A conductor beats time for an orchestra.

What does Crisma mean?

I like the beat of that song. The sun's rays beat down on us. Beat it, or I'll hit you! The old man beat off the youths who attacked him; He beat the attack off easily.

What does Crisma mean?

The children beat a hasty retreat when he appeared. He beat up an old lady. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional.

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