Question: What is the meaning of chidera in Igbo language?

Chidera. Meaning: Once God says it (destiny cant be changed)

What does chidera mean?

Meaning : Once God writes/says it (destiny cant be changed)

Is chidera a girl or boy name?

Chidera - Girls name meaning, origin, and popularity | BabyCenter.

What is the first daughter called in Igbo?

The Igbo people are an ethnic group native to the present-day south-central and southeastern Nigeria. Igbo is the principal native language of the Igbo people....Igbo Baby Names for Girl List.NameMeaningGenderAdaobiThe first daughter in the family compound.Girl27 more rows

What does Chizaram mean?

/Chi-zara-m/ Gender: m/f. (of prayers) God answered me.

What is the meaning of chimamanda?

The name Chimamanda is primarily a female name of African - Nigeria origin that means My God Will Not Fall/Fail Me. The name was brought into contemporary culture by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, a famous Nigerian writer.

What is the meaning of amarachi?

Gods Grace Amarachi originates from the Igbo people of south eastern Nigeria and means Gods Grace or Grace of God. It is a combination of two words Amara and Chi. Amara by itself means grace and Chi by itself means God.

What does Chioma mean in Nigeria?

The name Chioma is a girls name meaning good God. Beautiful West African name that could appeal across cultures.

The failure to f ind a s ingle country where this is the case po ints to the presence of a strong genetic factor. At first it was just the Caribbean blacks who were a subject of this unexpected outcome.

What most of these theories failed to predict was that the children of these immigrants would also show exceptional achievements, especially academically. It is only in recent years, as the immigrants have stayed long enough to produce a sufficiently high number of offspr ing, that it has been observed that they are over-represented among high academic achievers, especially when compared to native blacks, particularly at very elite institutions.

Igbo Language: Meaning and translation of Igbo words, names, proverbs, jokes, slangs, song lyrics

Social experiments concern ing the first test have not been decisive, especially due to the difficulty of separat ing out environmental factors s ince lighter American blacks have historically faced more favorable socioeconomic conditions. The second test did indicate some evidence of regression to a lower black mean for African Americans, which only means that the racial genetic hypothesis was not nullified; it rema ined a valid proposition.

For example, when the New York Times did a story to show the experiences of High School in New York, they had to use the personal account of a West Indian black child there Ann-Marie Miller ; if they had many native blacks, that would have certa inly been their preferred subject. Furthermore, the only other student who was interviewed for that article, Opraha Miles, a former president of the blackstudent society at Stuyvesant, also just happened to be ; no black American student was mentioned in the story.

A close look at a number of other such institutions shows even more clear evidence of a tendency for black immigrants to be over-represented as selectivity requirements for an academic institution or complexity of a subject goes higher. In the world of intellectually gifted schools, perhaps the most selective in the United States is a special program called the started by Jan and Bob Davison in 2006 in Reno, Nevada. The program has attracted fund ing from a lot of companies by ga in ing a reputation for achiev ing someth ing totally unexpected in American society: black students who take a deeply passionate interest in eng ineer ing and science majors and even proceed to advanced studies at elite universities.

However, a closer look at the program reveals that their key to success is much simpler than it appears: they simply fill up their program with Caribbean and African blacks!

What is the meaning of chidera in Igbo language? example, listen ing to the names of the graduat ing class of 2008this author could identify about half of the blacks in this class who were clearly What is the meaning of chidera in Igbo language?

African immigrant descent. The other half can be expected to have a good number of Caribbean blacks, besides blacks with only an African immigrant mother and black American father. Many programs that have tried to emulate the Meyerhoff Program in other universities have failed, particularly in solv ing the problem of retention rates, accord ing to one in Science Magaz ine. Their homepage has on their members and it features the profiles of five m inority students in their program, two of whom are black.

Both blacks just happen to be of African immigrant descent! In the 2014 on their web site, they do not give all the names of their w inners, but they give some special profiles of their most outstand ing scholars. Of the three long profiles given in the report, one of the names is from the West Indies, and the other two are from Africa one Ghanaian and one Nigerian ; there is no native black American.

Igbo Names For Girls And Their Meaning — Guardian Life — The Guardian Nigeria News

The West Indian was awarded a scholarship to study multiple languages includ ing Arabic due to her extraord inary talent in this area that has apparently been recognized by the State Department; the Ghanaian was awarded for medic ine and the Nigerian for electrical eng ineer ing.

Among the other smaller profiles given, the black immigrant names are still over-represented, especially for the harder sciences. But like the hyper-driven-personality hypothesis, this argument cannot expla in the equally, if not more impressive, achievements of their children: lottery w inners never have children who also w in the lottery.

They lump together black Africans into one homogenous group when there are different k inds of black Africans, includ ing a good number com ing in as refugees from highly troubled countries, while other nationalities consist of the ethnicities in America.

There certa inly would be no Caribbean names there. How Fair is Brita in? Almost all the guesses on what could be caus ing this unexpected trend assumed that the upward trend would not cont inue in future to the po int of actually equal ing white scores, an event that could cause a crisis in the hereditarian camp. The reason it seemed that the black Africans were only try ing to catch up now was the usual academic tendency of lump ing Africans together into one big racial group when other groups were be ing identified by nationality e.

What is the meaning of chidera in Igbo language?

Source: The pupils from these groups also had vary ing degrees of poverty levels, determ ined by how many were eligible for free school meals 2008 : The performances of these groups were highly varied, with some of them hav ing already overtaken the British average, at least as far back as 2003. Source: What is the meaning of chidera in Igbo language? to Basics: Towards a Successful and Cost-Effective Integration Policy As the table above shows, some African nationalities, particularly Ghanaians and Nigerians, score way above the England mean and the white British meanwhile others, like the Somalis and Congolese, score way below but still not as low as the Portuguese immigrants, apparently.

Improvements among the Somalians have been impressive, especially due to programs dedicated to teach ing them English. Although the Ch inese and Indians are still very conspicuously What is the meaning of chidera in Igbo language? even the best African nationalities, their superiority disappears when the Nigerian and other groups are broken down even further accord ing to their different tribal ethnicities.

Groups like the famous Igbo tribe, which has contributed much genetically to the African American blacks, are well known to be high academic achievers with in Nigeria. Source: Rais ing the Achievement of Black African Pupils: Good Practice in Schools Africans speak ing Luganda and Krio did better than the Ch inese students in 2011.

The igbo were What is the meaning of chidera in Igbo language? more impressive given their much bigger numbers and their consistently high performance over the years, ga in ing a 100 percent pass rate in2009! Source: The Ch inese and Indian levels of Free School Meals are even lower than the Ghanaian and Nigerian pupils when the What is the meaning of chidera in Igbo language?

segment is broken down into nationalities. If these Nigerian groups really performed so well under the years in question when the media started catch ing the news, one would expect some names of their students to be reported in the news among the best perform ing students in the country.

Statistically, if girls outperformed boys and Igbos outperformed other ethnic groups in 2010, one would expect an igbo girl to be among the top performers in the country.

A check on confirms that she is of Igbo descent. In short, what are the chances of say, an Indian immigrant to Jamaica w inn ing the national 100 meters spr int? Whereas Ch inese and Indian students are not exactly expected to lead their schools or colleges to w inn ing athletic championships, many black students are actively involved in athletics even when they have a strong academic focus. S ince she could not have just become a fast runner in college, it means that she achieved her academic performance in high school while be ing very active in athletics.

It is quite plausible that the higher athletic commitments of black African students probably h inders them from achiev ing even further than they do in academics; it is especially difficult to develop a deep mastery of a specific academic field s ince this requires much more intensive focus and time commitments.

On the other hand, it is also difficult for them to suppress their natural athletic or artistic gifts and interests for an unbalanced academic existence.

What is the meaning of chidera in Igbo language?

Owusu had migrated to America on an athletics scholarship from Ghana. His sons comb ined star athleticism and academic performance in such elite institutions as Stanford and Harvard with a daughter at Colombia Universitya data po int that in itself goes aga inst familial regression to the low African mean predicted by hereditarians. He was an in high school besides be ing a star basketball player. The tendency of black Africans to excel in both academics and sport may be one reason they are on such high demand with elite academic institutions in the United States.

She that one of the ma in reasons they do not accept as many blacks as would be expected is simply that they tend to apply to oversubscribed subjects specifically, economics and management, medic ine, and maths. The capital city has in recent years been do ing so well compared to other areas of the country that it attracted some hot debates from different scholars about the causes. The ma in reason that has been offered and debated so far came from a highly reputable scholar who that these achievements of London are not due to any government policy but simply a result of three high achiev ing groups mov ing to London in recent years: Ch inese, Indians, and Black Africans.

That is by no means the most enviable task in academic history. Chanda Chisala, orig inally from Zambia, has been a John S. Knight Visit ing Fellow at Stanford University, a Visit ing Fellow at the Hoover Institution, and a Reagan-Fascell Fellowship at the National Endowment for Democracy.

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