Question: What is an iron collar?


Definitions of iron collar. an instrument of execution for execution by strangulation. synonyms: garotte, garrote, garrotte. type of: instrument of execution. an instrument designed and used to take the life of a condemned person.

“Hold Me Or I Will Run!” Roman Slave Collars Came With A Warning

What could be the problem? When ironing the collar, you probably unfold What is an iron collar? lay the collar out flat then iron across from one side to the other, right? Well, many collars have an inner-facing material within the collar called interfacing which gives the collar body, shape and stability.

What is an iron collar?

Ironing from side to side like that pushes the extra collar material and when the iron reaches the other end of the collar so does the extra fabric causing the wrinkle. To finish collars correctly: 1. Place the iron at one end of the collar Iron across the collar in a normal fashion but stop in the center of the collar.

What is an iron collar?

This pushes the extra fabric to the middle of the collar. Place the iron at the other end of the collar and iron across to the center, again pushing any excess fabric to the center. All the excess fabric is now in the center of the collar. When the collar is folded down and placed on the hanger or worn, the extra material is hidden in the back and absorbed in the natural fold of the collar.

What is an iron collar?

Now you know how to iron your shirt collars like a dry cleaner. Check out this video to see how we give your shirts the spa treatment.

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