Question: Why does LT LaGuerta hate Debra?

Chief Matthews assigns Debra Morgan as the new Lieutenant to LaGuertas dislike, because she promised the position to Batista. ... She makes it clear that she will depose Debra if she does not do as shes told.

Does Deb become a cop again?

In mid-season, Debra and Lundy develop a romantic relationship. While living in Dexters apartment, Debra keeps leaving the place a mess to the point where Dexter says, half-jokingly, I will not kill my sister. At the end of the season, Debra has regained her confidence and her police work is back to scratch.

Quinn is a cop who transferred to the Homicide division after being in narcotics before. He takes a liking to her, even helping her with a case by giving her one of his confidential informants.

Quinn's past is unknown and even called into question, as Debra is pressured by agent Yuki Amado to report him. Quinn has the Internal Affairs case dropped after Debra tells him about it. He later confesses to Debra that Amado was once his partner, and that she blames him for a colleague's death from a ; Quinn knew about the man's addiction, but tried to offer private help instead of informing his superiors.

However, after Dexter sees Quinn taking money from a crime scene, he tries to shut him up by buying him expensive football tickets. Meanwhile, Quinn starts a relationship with Christine Hilla reporter who flirtatiously grills him for information on his Why does LT LaGuerta hate Debra?. After a confidential police lead ends up in one of Hill's articles, Lt. Quinn breaks up with Hill after she publishes the article about Lundy, but the two soon get back together.

Though more careful about what he says around her, Quinn still defends Hill when Dexter tells her to leave Debra alone, as Hill wanted to do a piece on her about a Why does LT LaGuerta hate Debra? she was involved in.

Why does LT LaGuerta hate Debra?

Quinn denounces Hill after it is revealed that she is the 's daughter and had been manipulating him to keep her father from being arrested. After Hill commits suicide, however, he is clearly distraught. After tracking down Mitchell's son Jonahwho was due to enter witness protection, he attempts to have him identify Dexter as Butler, but is caught by marshals and suspended.

Unable to continue, Quinn hires private investigator Stan Liddy to investigate Dexter.

It’s so obvious why Debra killed LaGuerta (rewatch) : Dexter

After a with Debra, Quinn repeatedly tries to get her back into bed, eventually succeeding. The two begin to date, until Debra discovers that Quinn was suspended by LaGuerta for investigating Dexter. In Why does LT LaGuerta hate Debra? to show her that his feelings for her are real, Quinn tells Liddy to drop his investigation of Dexter.

Liddy delivers to Quinn pictures of Dexter and disposing of a body. When Liddy is murdered, Quinn becomes a suspect because of the five phone calls Liddy placed to him directly prior to his death, as well as the blood on Quinn's boot.

Dexter, who killed Liddy to protect himself and Lumen, fakes the blood report so Quinn will be eliminated as a suspect.

Quinn goes to Dexter's son Harrison's birthday party with Debra, and thanks Dexter for his help. Quinn proposes to Debra, but she turns him down because she wants their relationship to stay as it is. As a result, they break up. With Debra's concurrent promotion to Lieutenant, Quinn begins to resent her, believing she values her work more than she does him.

Debra calls him into her office to tell him they can never be together. Quinn accepts her decision, albeit regretfully. He develops a relationship with Nadiaone of the club's dancers. The club's owner, George Novikovoffers to give Nadia a passport and her freedom if Quinn disposes of blood evidence linking the head of the syndicate, Isaak Sirkoto three murders; if he does not comply, Novikov will send her to a in. Why does LT LaGuerta hate Debra?

reluctantly disposes of the evidence and takes a bribe. Novikov does not keep his end of the bargain, however, and threatens to expose Quinn unless he goes on the syndicate's payroll. Soon afterward, Nadia tells Quinn that Novikov forced her to have sex with him. Enraged, Quinn beats Novikov up and kills him in cold blood after he hits Nadia. He stages the scene to look like he had acted in self-defense.

Nadia gets her passport, but tells Quinn she has to move on. Quinn then gives the dirty money to Batista so he can open a restaurant. However, Why does LT LaGuerta hate Debra? still has feelings for Debra, who had quit Miami Metro six months earlier to work as a private detective.

When he punches a fellow detective for insulting Debra, Jamie asks him point-blank if he is still in love with Debra; Quinn says no. Later, Debra shows up at Miami Metro, blind drunk, and confesses to killing LaGuerta. Unaware that she is telling the truth, he calls Dexter and tells him that she is not in her right mind, and allows him to take her away. Later, she meets with him to apologize for her behavior, and wishes him happiness with Jamie.

Jamie asks Quinn to move in with her, which he does with some apprehension. In order to prove to her and her brother that he is taking his career seriously, he takes the sergeant's exam. He does well, but Batista ultimately chooses another candidate.

The investigation puts him back in contact with Debra, and they share a kiss. Days later, he ends his relationship with Jamie, but denies that it has anything to do with Debra.

When Debra returns to Miami Metro, however, they acknowledge their feelings for each other, and renew their relationship. Quinn rides with her to the hospital, where she tells him she loves him. Soon afterward, however, she has a stroke that leaves her in Why does LT LaGuerta hate Debra?.

Why does LT LaGuerta hate Debra?

Overcome with grief and rage, he attacks Saxon in Miami Metro's interrogation room. After Dexter kills Saxon in full view of a security camera, Quinn and Batista bring him in for questioning. Dexter claims self-defense, which they both appear to accept. Quinn says that he wishes he could have killed Saxon personally; it is suggested that he knows that Dexter murdered Saxon, but considers his actions justified.

In Season 4, Quinn dates the Trinity Killer's daughter, Christine Hill. However, this relationship ends when Christine is charged with murder for killing Frank Lundy to save her dad.

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He starts to have a relationship with Debra, and even proposes, but she breaks up with him because she does not want their relationship to change. He numbs the pain of that rejection with a series of one-night-stands, but by season eight is in a relationship with Jamie Batista. He ends this relationship to be with Debra, only to lose her shortly afterwards.

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