Question: How did Buffy close the portal?

Dawn and Buffys blood was the same therefore Buffy was able to substitute herself in place of Dawn to close the portal. Dawn was needed to open it but not to close it.

How does Buffy close the portal?

Buffy stops her and realizes that as the monks made Dawn out of her, they share the same blood and Buffys death would close the portal as well. ... The mystical energy kills Buffy after a few seconds and the portal closes, ruining Glorys plan.

How did Buffy end?

Spike sacrifices himself Viewers were left in tears after Buffys love interest, Spike (James Marsters), sacrificed himself in order to save Buffy and the Potentials. Spike used his powerful amulet to create sunlight, which was channelled through his soul, and the light caused the vampire army to turn to dust.

How many times Buffy died?

Its the point where she grows up. And that event changes things for the series too because another Slayer is activated, so there no longer is only one Slayer. BONUS NOTE: Buffy was actually killed three times, if you include the Anyas alternate vengeance demon timeline when the Master kills Buffy.

Who slept with Buffy?

Beginning in Season 2, Buffy is shown having sex with many of her paramours, from Angel to Riley to Spike and beyond. Anya and Xander have a deeply sexual relationship, particularly at the beginning.

The character has also appeared in the seriesas well as numerous materials such as and. Buffy was portrayed by in the film and by in the television series. Buffy Summers is the of the series, which depicts her life and adventures as she grows up.

In the film, she is a high school who learns that she is the a Chosen One gifted with the strength and skills to fightdemons, and the forces of darkness. The television series shows Buffy carrying out her destiny in the small town of Sunnydale, built atop a portal to Hellmouthsurrounded by a group of friends and family who support her in her mission.

In the comic book continuation, she is a young woman who has accepted her duties and is now responsible for training others like her. Buffy was created by Joss Whedon to subvert the female horror film victim—Whedon wanted to create a strong female. In June 2010, ranked her third in its list of the 100 Greatest Characters of the Last 20 Years.

How did Buffy close the portal?

She was ranked at No. The film, written by Joss Whedon, depicts Buffy as a shallow high school cheerleader who is informed by a man named that she has been chosen by to battle the. Buffy reluctantly undergoes training in her abilities by Merrick, and as her responsibility as the Slayer causes her to become alienated from her peers, she finds friendship and romance with fellow How did Buffy close the portal?.

Merrick eventually comes to respect Buffy's rebellious nature, and she defeats vampire king Lothos by relying on her own contemporary style as opposed to traditional Slayer conventions. On May 25, 2009, revealed and Doug Davison of would be working with and Kazi Kuzui on a relaunch of the Buffy series for the big screen. The series would not be a sequel or prequel to the existing movie or television franchise and Joss Whedon will have no involvement in the project.

None of the cast or original characters from the television series will be featured. Television series executive producer later reflected that this story might have been produced by the studio to frighten Joss into taking reins of the project. Studio interest in the project has continued, however.

A script was rejected in 2011. In season one 1997Buffy begins to accept the responsibilities and dangers of her calling as the Slayer after moving to the small California town of. She becomes best friends with andand meets her newthe school librarian. Together, they form the Scooby Gang, and work together to battle which plague.

In the season finale, Buffy battles the vampiric villain known as theand How did Buffy close the portal? drowned in the process. She is by Xander and rises to defeat the vampire lord. In the show's second season 1997—1998Buffy continues to come to terms with her destiny, finds forbidden love with benevolent vampireand clashes with new villains and. She also meets her Slayer replacement,who was called when Buffy was killed by the Master. Kendra is later killed by Drusilla, and the next replacement is seen in season 3.

Angelus proceeds to subject the characters to mental and physical torture for the remainder of the season. In the final episode of season two, Buffy is forced to reveal her identity as the Slayer to herand send the newly good Angel to to save the world.

She then leaves Sunnydale for Los Angeles in the hopes of escaping her life as the Slayer. Season three 1998—1999 sees Buffy reconnect to her calling, her friends, and her family after her departure, as well as make difficult life decisions regarding her relationship with the resurrected Angel. She must also deal with the introduction of rebellious new Slayerwho becomes increasingly destructive and disloyal over the course of the season.

In the season finale, Buffy stabs Faith in an attempt to save Angel's life, and leads her classmates into a climactic battle against the demonic. Angel then leaves Sunnydale in hopes that Buffy can have a more normal life without him. In the fourth season 1999—2000Buffy balances her Slayer duties with her new life as a college student at Sunnydale. She experiences some difficulty adjusting to college life, and becomes increasingly disconnected from her friends, who all seem to be moving in different directions.

Buffy eventually finds a new love interest in the form ofa soldier in the demon-hunting known as The Initiative. She briefly joins forces with Riley's team, until they discover one of the Initiative's experiments,is creating an army of demon-human hybrids.

Buffy unites with her friends to defeat Adam in a spell which invokes the power of the. In season five 2000—2001Buffy battles the hell-goddessand fully embraces her destiny for the first time.

A younger sister named mysteriously appears in Buffy's household, her existence having been seamlessly integrated with memories of the other characters.

Buffy suffers emotional turmoil throughout this season, including the realization Dawn is not actually her sister, the deterioration of her relationship with Riley, the discovery that Spike has fallen with her, and her mother's death from a. Season six 2001—2002 depicts Buffy's struggle with depression after her friends, believing she was trapped in a dimension, performed a spell to bring her back from the dead; however, she was actually inand feels great loss after being ripped out.

Forced to take a mundane and degrading job slinging burgers at the after realizing her family were in financial ruin, she sinks into a deep depression amid feelings of self-loathing and spends much of the season on a downward spiral alienating her friends and family and embarking on a violent sexual relationship with the vampire Spike which leaves neither satisfied and spawns dire consequences for How did Buffy close the How did Buffy close the portal?

both of them. Aside from dealing with her emotional and psychological demons in this season, Buffy is continually targeted by a group calling themselves - and. Initially satisfied with only wreaking havoc for personal gain in Sunnydale, the Trio soon become bent on becoming a How did Buffy close the portal? nemesis to the Slayer. At first, their activities are merely annoying to Buffy and the Scoobies, but Warren's intentions become darker as the season goes on, and by the end Buffy is forced to deal with the Trio as the Slayer, while Andrew and Jonathan must come to grips with Warren's betrayal against them.

As the season draws to a close, Buffy is forced to battle her best friend when Willow becomes psychotic with dark magic after Warren shoots and kills Willow's girlfriend and wounds Buffy in the process.

15 Times Buffy The Vampire Slayer Made Fans Ugly Cry

Willow then tries to destroy How did Buffy close the portal? world to end all suffering, although Xander gets through to her in the end. Buffy then promises to change How did Buffy close the portal? self-destructive behavior to be there for her sister.

10 Hidden Powers Buffy The Vampire Slayer Has (And 10 Weaknesses)

In the final season of the show 2002—2003things start to come around for Buffy when Principal hires her as a school counselor for the newly rebuilt Sunnydale High School and she has repaired her relationships with Dawn and her friends. However, she is also confronted with the threat of the and becomes a reluctant leader to thewho are initially respectful of her, but become increasingly more alienated by her tactics and decisions throughout the season.

She unexpectedly becomes emotionally close with Spike, who has sought out his soul in an effort to prove himself to her. She also confesses her love to a disbelieving Spike before he sacrifices himself to save the world; as he dies, Buffy escapes Sunnydale's destruction with the surviving characters. Following the end of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the character maintains a presence in the fifth season of Angel 2003—2004but does not appear onscreen.

Sarah Michelle Gellar was approached to appear as Buffy in Angel'sbut declined, so the character of was used instead. Between 2001 and 2004, Joss Whedon and developed a 4-minute How did Buffy close the portal? episode forwhich was set during the show's first season.

Had the series been picked up by a network, the series would have focused upon Buffy voiced by in more high-school adventures.

How did Buffy close the portal?

Following a 2008 of the pilot to YouTube, Loeb expressed some hope the series may be resurrected in some form. This includes a and a. Buffy's debut into literature came in the comic Dark Horse Presents 1998 Annual on August 26, 1998, while her first prose appearance was in by and on October 5, 1998.

Most of these stories occur between episodes and seasons of the television series, however, some are set outside the timeline of the show to explore in depth other areas of Buffy's history. In 2003, and wrote a -style run on the Buffy comic book series which filled the How did Buffy close the portal? between the film and the first season of the show. These stories explain how Buffy's relationship with Pike ended, as well as fleshing out events alluded to in the television series, such as the time she spent in a mental institution and her parents' divorce.

The novel 2005 by How did Buffy close the portal? Holder offers a potential follow-up to the television series; set after season seven, it depicts Buffy living in Italy with the morally ambiguous Immortal. Buffy also makes appearances in literature outside of her own titular series.

We could make it officially what happened after the end of the show. Buffy appears in literature such as the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight comic book series and various spin-offs. In 2007—11it is quickly established that Buffy is not living with the Immortal in Rome as previously suggested in Angel; this is simply a cover story to ensure her safety as she is now the leader of an army which recruits and trains Slayers to deal with demonic threats worldwide.

However, a mysterious group led by the masked villain Twilight believe the Slayers themselves pose a danger to mankind and the natural order. These events have been orchestrated by a villainous future version of Willow, whom Buffy reluctantly kills to return home. The tensions between Buffy and Twilight's respective armies eventually erupts into a full-scale war in ; How did Buffy close the portal?

is unmasked as Angel being manipulated by enigmatic cosmic forces trying to destroy the universe and usher in a new dimension where Buffy and Angel will live together in paradise. However, Buffy rejects Twilight's influence and saves her world by returning to the ruins of Sunnydale and smashing the Seed of Wonder, cutting Earth off from the source of all magic in the process.

During these events, Buffy reunites with Spike, Giles is killed by How did Buffy close the portal? Twilight-controlled Angel, and the Slayer army is dissolved; Buffy moves to San Francisco with her friends to grieve their losses. In contrast to the global scale of Season Eight, 2011—13 follows Buffy living a more grounded civilian life in San Francisco; she works in a local coffee shop and shares an apartment with roommates Anaheed and Tumble. After getting at her housewarming party, Buffy has a scare and turns to Spike for support when she decides to have an abortion; the pregnancy turns out to be a misunderstanding caused by Andrew, who switched Buffy's body with a robot as part of a misguided plan to keep her safe.

Having restored magic to the world, 2014—16 picks up with Buffy and her friends reluctantly responsible for creating the laws governing it; Buffy must guard the ancient Vampyr in which the new laws of magic are formalized when recorded in the book. Some rules have already materialized without Buffy's input zompires are extinct and vampires now possess heightened strength and shapeshifting powers and new rules tend to have unforeseen -style consequences.

Buffy rejects an opportunity to join a Slayer peacekeeping force alongside the antagonistic Jordan, and instead opts to join Willow and Spike at the Safe Zone, where she does her best to maintain peace and protect innocent or harmless inmates. Buffy and Willow eventually agree to have their powers removed to leave the camp and further investigate the Pandora Project, a to drain and abuse magical energy; they expose Joanna Wise for summoning the Shenlong in the first place to put her plans in motion.

Buffy briefly reabsorbs the power of all the Slayers in the world to battle the magic-infused Wise, but returns the power by the season's final issue, warning a repentant Jordan not to misuse it. The four-issue 2018 picks up one year after Season Eleven, with a thirty-year-old Buffy pondering her future; she is separated but on cordial terms with Spike, still working as a part-time police consultant, and a doting aunt to Dawn and Xander's baby daughter Joyce.

With help from her friends, and those of Angel and Fray, Buffy proactively takes the fight to Harth in an attempt to change her fate; Illyria sacrifices herself to banish the demons in Buffy's place, altering history. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Buffy, Fray returns to the 23rd century to discover her world has been by the continued presence of many Slayers.

This series is a complete and has no continuity with any previous stories; Buffy is How did Buffy close the portal? as a teenager in 2019 rather than the 1990s. She is already aware of her destiny as the Slayer and has been living in Sunnydale for only three weeks when the series begins. She befriends Willow and Xander after saving them from a vampire outside Tunaverse, the fast food restaurant where she works.

How did Buffy close the portal?

There is no way you could hear the name Buffy and think, 'This is an important person. But a B movie that had something more going on. It has to be this. This How did Buffy close the portal? what it is. I wanted her to be a doll or an action figure. I wanted with Kung Fu grip! I wanted her to enter the mass consciousness and the imaginations of growing kids because I think she's a cool character, and that was always the plan. I wanted Buffy to be a cultural phenomenon, period.

She was an adolescent girl finding out she has great power and dealing with it. It's a start, but it's not quite the girl. Adapting the concept of the movie into a television series, Whedon decided to reinvent the character of Buffy slightly. The shallow cheerleader of the original film had grown more mature and open-minded, identifying with social outcasts such as Willow and Xander, and instead, the character of Cordelia was created to embody what Buffy once was.

However, it was later decided this was inappropriate for the character, and Buffy needed to look more like a. United States: 20th Century Fox. The Unofficial Guide to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In Elana Levine and Lisa Parks ed. United States: 20th Century Fox. United States: 20th How did Buffy close the portal? Fox.

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