Question: What is a Freetown?

British Dictionary definitions for Freetown Freetown. / (ˈfriːˌtaʊn) / noun. the capital and chief port of Sierra Leone: founded in 1787 for slaves freed and destitute in England.

Why is Sierra Leone called Freetown?

Freetown is so named for a reason. Land bought from local Themne chiefs in the late 18th century became the new home for resettled freed slaves from Britain and North America, and of recaptives taken off seized slave ships on the Atlantic after Britain passed the 1807 Abolition of the Slave Trade Act.

What is the size of Freetown?

81.48 km² Freetown/Area

Where is Freetown in South Africa?

Sierra Leone Freetown is the capital and largest city of Sierra Leone. It is a major port city on the Atlantic Ocean and is located in the Western Area of the country....FreetownRegionWestern AreaDistrictWestern Area Urban DistrictFoundedMarch 11, 1792Government15 more rows

What currency is Freetown?

Sierra Leonean Leone The Sierra Leonean Leone is the currency of Sierra Leone....Sierra Leonean Leone Profile.CoinsFreq used: Le10, Le50, Le100, Le500Bank notesFreq used: Le1000, Le2000, Le5000, Le10000Central bankBank of Sierra Leone1 more row

How do you say hello in Sierra Leone?

Sierra Leonean Creole or Krio is an English-based creole language that is lingua franca and de facto national language spoken throughout the West African nation of Sierra Leone....Language samples.Krio wordEnglish meaningSaloneSierra LeoneKushɛhHello, HiPadiFriendTitiGirl26 more rows

What is the average income of a person in Sierra Leone?

GDP per capita in Sierra Leone averaged 418.05 USD from 1960 until 2020, reaching an all time high of 567.83 USD in 2014 and a record low of 272.99 USD in 2001.

How much do things cost in Sierra Leone?

Cost of Living in Sierra LeoneRestaurantsEditMeal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course23.66$McMeal at McDonalds (or Equivalent Combo Meal)7.90$Domestic Beer (1 pint draught)0.66$Imported Beer (12 oz small bottle)2.63$62 more rows

You can go the long way round over land, but the quickest and safest airport transfer is by boat. Find your bearings with the Cotton Tree.

If you do get lost, never fear, because the residents love to help out, whether you ask or not. The cotton tree in the center of Freetown. Avoid Freetown in August, when the city receives a deluge of rain, causing widespread flooding. In 2017, a claimed the lives of over 1,000 residents. By December, the city is caked in a light covering of dust as the Harmattan winds bring sand from the Sahara.

The best time to visit What is a Freetown? early in the year January through to March, but be aware that temperatures can reach 40 degrees Celsius 104 Fahrenheit and higher as the dry seasons peak in late March and April. Learn the language of mangoes.

In April What is a Freetown? May, mangoes are sold individually or in heaps, on street pavements or from the heads of roving vendors.


The mangoes come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, and they grow everywhere, some starting off as discarded seeds. Know the names of the most common varieties and how to eat them: The super-fleshy Guinea mango the type found in many supermarkets abroad and the Big Cherry variety can be sliced and diced; the fibrous laberu and rope-rope What is a Freetown?

are meant to be massaged until soft, coaxed to give up their juice. Make sure you know the most common mango varieties and how to eat them. Yu wan fɔ it rɛs? You want for eat rice? Freetown is so named for a reason. The island was the final point of departure for many West Africans who had been sold into slavery across the Americas. An old Krio board house. View the What is a Freetown? from above. Stand 548 meters 1800 feet above sea level among radio and television masts on Leicester Peak to get the best views of the citytumbling down to the Sierra Leone River and its many inlets and creeks around the peninsula.

From up high, you can observe the results of a recent obsession with red sheets of aluminum capping many new constructions.

What is a Freetown?

A few green, blue, as well as old, rusted zinc sheets peeping through clumps of trees with slices of red earth in-between complete the color palette. The view from Old Signal Hill over Freetown. Know your plasas — leaf-based stews — cooked with chili, onions, and palm oil.

Many favor the cassava leaves dish, but we like the potato leaves version. Most come with the option of meat or fish. Freetown is a city on the ocean, so try the fish. Or visit a streetside joint, where a plate of rice and plasas will be yours for under 5,000 leones 65 cents. Our favorite is on Upper Kandeh drive.

Drink sundowners on the beach. Nothing is better What is a Freetown? a long day exploring the city than relaxing with a cold beer in hand as the sun sets into the Atlantic Ocean. Atlantic Bar used to be our favorite beach spot, but since it closed down, Bar 232 is the place to go, and is one of the only places where you can get Star, the locally brewed lager, on draught. Order one, kick off your shoes and marvel as the sun sinks into the ocean. Locally brewed beers on River No.

In addition to cassava and corn roasted and sold off the grill on roadsides, vendors sell many other types of street food. Porchehtoasted, parboiled rice, is sold in little packs and eaten as is, or as cereal. Two vendors sell barbecued fish, spicy beef sticks, and chicken legs to hungry customers on Lumley Beach on a Sunday night. Take a trip down to Malamah-Thomas Street—named after a wealthy Krio merchant who built a grand home there—to buy wax prints called kɔtin, after cottonlace, damask and more in every hue, pattern, and shimmer imaginable.

Choose a fabric and select the number of yards needed the metric system has not arrived in this bazaar yet. You can find them all over the city try the one at 2 Henry Street. Be part of the in-crowd on what is known here aswhen almost everyone wears their finest to work or to mosque. Head down to Malamah-Thomas Street for some shopping. What is a Freetown? taxis operate across the city in much the same way as Uber Pool, but offline.

On Sunday afternoons, Lumley Beach is awash with games of beach football. Ask to join a game. You can buy a soda and watch the European match of the day. If its Arsenal vs Manchester United the place will be packed, and the streets noticeably quieter — until someone scores a goal. Get your morning caffeine hit. They can be a place to talk about the challenging employment situation facing many younger residents, but you might soon find yourself being asked to help out with some money.

These are also quite macho spaces. And be careful not to drink too much: the caffeine-heavy brew is a strong stimulant. It might also not be the only stimulant on offer. The Lord rested on the seventh day.

What is a Freetown?

Freetown does not; it just slows down a little. From as early as 7. Services are packed, especially in the new evangelical churches that have sprouted up on every corner, with loud singing and clapping accompanied by even louder percussion instruments. When everyone heads home at the same time, the traffic flows like chilled honey, so continue jamming in the car. An okaka motorbike taxi driver crosses Aberdeen Bridge. A ban preventing him from performing at the National stadium was lifted this year, so if you time your visit right you might even get to hear him in concert.

Read some Sierra Leone fiction. Here a man gets his hair barbed at an outdoor stall in Dwazark. Get smart at Fourah Bay. In its heyday, Fourah Bay drew students from What is a Freetown?

the region and southern Africa with its quality of teaching, earning Freetown the nickname Athens of West Africa. Two former heads of state were educated here, as was Christian Cole, a Sierra Leonean who became the. It may no longer be What is a Freetown? internationally renowned seat of learning, but spend some time in the grounds and soak up its historic importance.

Marvel at dem old bose ose. These are reconstructions of the homes built in the 18th century on the American eastern seaboard, and many are over a century old. Their shows you were they are and also provides a little history about each.

Enjoy Sunday afternoon gelato at Gigibonta on Lumley Beach. Grab some gelato on Lumley beach. Further down the peninsula on which Freetown sits, there is a collection of white-sand beaches with green mountains in the background.

Freetown vs Monrovia: What is the difference?

Spend a night or two out here. You can do yoga on a helipad some weekends at Tokeh Beach, enjoy a stroll along the beach at River Number 2, or surf at Bureh Beach. A boatman on River No. The west coast of Africa has some of the best and least-populated surf beaches in the world.

If you brought your own board, just get out and enjoy the waves, but talk to the locals first about the best spots; the current is very strong and needs to be carefully navigated.

Di waves dem go mek yu What is a Freetown? fayn! Beach vendors or stalls along central Freetown streets will entice you carvings, paintings, batik, and jewelry, but instead, head to the two-story Big Market, the renovated 19th-century building overlooking the area where the first freed slaves landed.

Sellers throw in extra gifts to seal the deal; do not reject them. This is the best spot for last-minute souvenirs.

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