Question: Why is Garrett popcorn so good?


Dedicated to preserving our secret family recipes, we only use high-quality, local ingredients to create our delicious popcorn in old-fashioned copper kettles. Made fresh daily in small batches, our gourmet popcorn is gluten free, preservative free, and full of delicious flavors.

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Why is Garrett popcorn so good?

You don't need to go to the Why is Garrett popcorn so good? for an excuse to pound back the kernels anymore. At less than per ounce, where could you go wrong? By putting popcorn in the freezer, it stays good for days at a time, even weeks.

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Yes, that's right, keep your popped corn in the freezer. Popcorn never freezes and never turns stale when stored this way.

Why is Garrett popcorn so good?

Just put the popcorn into a sealed bag and stick it right in the freezer. Why is Garrett popcorn so good? you take it out, you can munch on it right away. Andrea Kang One of my favorite ways to use this hack is to pop a small handful of kernels on the stove a little goes a long way. I throw the kernels in a large pot and drizzle olive or canola oil on them. Mix the ingredients together, then add a little salt to the mixture.

Turn the stove to medium heat and let it sit. It takes some time before you hear the kernels popping. Once you start hearing the popping begin to fade, hold on to the top, and give the pot a shake.

Cut the heat, and let it sit for another minute. Here's where the fun begins! You can put whatever you want on it. Add oil or melted butter to taste, salt, rosemary, cinnamon, parmesan, or any seasonings you want.

Give the pot a few more shakes and start bagging the popcorn.

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