Question: Are karkat and Dave dating?

Dave can also be seen cuddling with Karkat while watching movies, which he later mentions having done so frequently. They have been confirmed to be in a romantic relationship by Vriska and Jasprosesprite^2.

Who married Dave homestuck?

During the confrontation with John he does not share his opinions on the fate of Tavros Crocker but he does believe that the relationship conflicts are unnecessary. Ten years later he marries Jade out of the guise of Janes growing government influence.

Who is Dave Striders boyfriend?

Dave StriderCharacterName:Dave StriderOccupation:Relationships:Rose Lalonde (sister), Dirk Strider (brother), Bro Strider (brother), Roxy Lalonde (sister), Karkat Vantas (boyfriend), Terezi Pyrope (patron troll)Fandom:Homestuck3 more rows

Why does Dave wear sunglasses?

Dave Bautista wears sunglasses to help with his anxiety. The Guardians of the Galaxy actor has opened up about his issues with self confidence, and he revealed it took him a long time to come to terms with his nerves in social situations.

Does Karkat hate John?

Karkat, who grew up as the adopted child and caretaker of an angry giant crustacean, envies John the tranquility of his childhood. Because of this, and because John is the leader of the session whose Scratch took away Karkats own victory, Karkat hates John.

Does Dave Like Karkat?

Dave believed Karkat to be a shouty, romance-obsessed troll who liked things intentionally to bother him. ... Dave can also be seen cuddling with Karkat while watching movies, which he later mentions having done so frequently. They have been confirmed to be in a romantic relationship by Vriska and Jasprosesprite^2.

Why does Dave Bautista wear orange glasses?

Dave Bautista wears sunglasses to help with his anxiety. The Guardians of the Galaxy actor has opened up about his issues with self confidence, and he revealed it took him a long time to come to terms with his nerves in social situations. ... And I wear sunglasses a lot!

What is Dave Striders middle name?

“Daves legal name is David Elizabeth Strider”, after Bro ironically named him this after finding him.

Who Dies most in Homestuck?

Jack (unsurprisingly) kills more than anyone else, causing almost ¼ of all Homestuck Deaths.

The main purpose of this blog is to spread news from the life of my YouTube channel and from my own life. In addition, there will be oneshots and headcannons on fandoms that I like and that I am interested in. But, in any case, I will always be happy to talk or answer questions. Good luck to everyone and take care of yourself! Can I get a dave x karkat x reader poly where the reader absolutely loves puns and stupid jokes, like dad jokes, even ones where it practically not even a joke for example, Are karkat and Dave dating?

grab a banana and just say potassium and they just die with laughter. Also remember to take care of your self, close requests for awhile and just enjoy your time, we care about you!

Usually Dave was joking, but sometimes you started joking. But after every joke you made, you started laughing yourself, as if they were the funniest jokes in the world. At such moments, you were especially happy.

Dave and Karkat but AI : homestuck

Being able to see their smiles and hear their laughter made you really happy. The more you joked, the more annoyed Karkat became. You joked the way you liked. You were just happy with the three of you Okay, this is my first headcanon. You was fighting against imps, and Dave came to the rescue as soon as he noticed that a couple of imps decided to attack from behind. You turned around and, noticing Dave, beamed, thanking him for his help.

Are karkat and Dave dating?

He himself did not fully understand what kind of nasty feeling arose in his chest. But it was this that prompted him to annoy Karkat more and more, so that he would be more distracted by him, and not by you. He justified himself by saying that he and Karkat were fighting for Terezi. A song that talked about the feelings that he was experiencing. He was nervous as hell after sending it. And I was even more nervous when I heard the sound of a message coming.

You wanted to show him how much fun you can Are karkat and Dave dating? in the snow and the weather was perfect for that. A lot of snow fell overnight and it was just wonderful to play in such weather. Finally, he came out of the house, dressed in a warm jacket, gloves and even a hat. There was a big smile on your lips. Laughing, you ran to Are karkat and Dave dating? shelter that the tree had become for you. For the first time in a long time, you felt like a child again.

Homestuck Explained by a Dumbass — Karkat Vantas

The last time you played in the snow with your guardian was before you met Karkat. You were brought out of your memories by a snowball that hit you in the face. Are karkat and Dave dating? watched your happy smile. He was glad to see you so happy. In order for you to continue to smile like that, he was ready to spend even the whole day in the cold. So when he came to Are karkat and Dave dating? with a big smile and pink glasses in the shape of hearts, you were surprised, but pretty quickly you realized that Dave is in trickster mode.

He hugged you and often tried to kiss you. Previously, you were the initiator of Are karkat and Dave dating? kisses, so you were even pleasantly surprised by this change. However, you knew that a kiss on the lips could lead to you becoming a trickster yourself. He was rapping to you. Even as a trickster, Dave remained ironic, albeit much more smiley. At first his behavior seemed funny and even cute to you, but the more persistent he became, the more it bothered you.

He seemed even too positive. You knew that Dave had a lot of unpleasant moments in his life, so you suspected that he thought he was happy solely because of the trickster regime. He often told you that you should become the same person and then you will also be happy, but you understood that this was not the case. You were really starting to be afraid of him. He knew that unlike him, you lived away from big cities and spent a lot of time on the street. You lived on a farm and helped your guardian there.

He thought about it for a long time and eventually suggested that you come to him in Houston for a few days. He even managed to convince Bro to let you stay in their apartment for these few days.

He was the first friend you talked to online and whom you met in real life. You really appreciated this opportunity and were not going to miss a Are karkat and Dave dating? moment. You were sincere, simple, you often hugged him, not paying attention to his embarrassment. For you, openly expressing your emotions and feelings was commonplace, unlike Dave. You played video games together, watched movies all night long.

Despite your simplicity, you were very responsible. But Dave was genuinely surprised when you asked him to meet next time at the farm where you live. You were more than confident that even if you tried to support him, he would say that he was fine. Dave never confessed his weaknesses.

You found him all alone. He was sure that your words echoed with warmth in his heart. From each of his jokes, you were angry and snapped. Although the hug was quite awkward. Every time you had to get something from the top shelf, you preferred to bring a chair, even if it was in another room, than to ask Dave.

Dave felt so calm and peaceful, holding you to him. He felt how you hugged him back, how you snuggled up to him. He could hear your calm breathing. And it made all his worries go away. He endured the heat, but did not complain. He was only joking that he would do anything for you. You were too stubborn to ask him to bend over. So you were looking for other ways. For example, you could pull him by the collar of his T-shirt.

When he returned home, he Are karkat and Dave dating? his little miracle curled up on the sofa and hugging a pillow. At such moments, he could not help but be touched. At such times, he tried to carry you to the bed as carefully as possible, so that you would be more comfortable. You were pretty light, so there was no problem with that.

He was trying to find out if someone had said something nasty to you about growth. He could not allow the person most dear to him to be offended. He paid you a huge amount of compliments. There was a very important event ahead. You have been preparing for this for a very long time and finally today will be the day when Karkat officially becomes emperor, and on this day you will be next to him.

He specifically ordered the best tailors to sew an outfit for you for this event. But no matter how good you looked, you kept worrying. You were afraid that something might go wrong. Hugs brought you out of your thoughts. Karkat took you by the arm and led you to the throne room. Very soon all your difficulties and worries will be left behind. Very soon, the world will become the way you imagined it only in your wildest dreams.

He was again informed that the rebels had not been caught. This made him very angry. For quite a long time, there have been rebels on Alternia who have been sowing trouble.

Karkat ordered them to be caught. Little was known about them, except that their leader was a mutant. A troll with candy-red blood. Karkat saw the rebel leader only once, when he arrived in a port city and decided to walk through the streets, hiding who he is.

He was interested in finding out what was really going on Are karkat and Dave dating? the city, and not from the stories of violetbloods. You were on a makeshift stage in front of a crowd. You passionately told them that the color of blood does not matter and that all trolls are equal among themselves.

At that moment, his heart stopped for a moment. He was looking at you with fascination. He fell in love at first sight. At that time, violetbloods dispersed everyone, and you, along with your comrades, were able to escape. But since then, Karkat has not known peace. The rebels were put on the wanted list. But he needed you alive. He wanted you to be near him. He was at the top of the hemospectrum.

No one dared to argue with him. In his dreams, he imagined how your first meeting would take place. Of course, you will resist his power and his will. After all, you were the leader of the rebels. You were the very embodiment of the rebellious spirit. Another person in his place would have tried to break you. He wanted to understand you, to listen to you. And try Are karkat and Dave dating? find a compromise.

Are karkat and Dave dating?

But these were just his dreams. A voice brought him out of his thoughts. Maybe he still has a chance. John, Rose and Dave had a peaceful breakfast, but you were cleaning yourself up. John hurried to you to find out what happened. Rose and Dave hurried after John. When they came into the room, they saw that you were looking at the scales in frustration.

You were very worried about your weight. Rose came up to you. They knew perfectly well how much you love this song. Even though you were smiling, you still needed support, and they wanted to help you. They were ready to sit with you on diets, not let you eat junk food, exercise with you, and even go to the doctor if necessary.

But only if you really wanted to lose weight. For them, you were beautiful, regardless of your weight. They loved you in any way and were ready to support you regardless of what choice you make. I need more Alpha Dave! But you thought his eyes were beautiful. You liked listening to what Dave was telling you. And although he was rather silent during the first time of your communication, when he finally confided in you, he chatted a lot.

When you went to high school, you were still together. You were sitting at the next desks. You have completed all joint tasks together. You were the best of friends. But if you could be teased as a child, now many people wanted to communicate with you.

In them, he had a completely different life. He had three friends online and an older brother. You always listened to his stories and asked questions.

But you felt sorry for that other Dave. And the more time you spent together, the more you noticed that you liked Dave. You were joking, saying that this is not so. He would put his hand on your shoulder and say that yes, you are dating, and in general, you have had a stormy romance for many years. Many people did not understand whether he was serious or not. It was a shame to go alone, and you had no one to invite.

While he was on stage, you were standing against the wall, not wanting to be in the crowd. But as soon as he left the stage, he went to you. A crown has been placed on your head. You looked at him in surprise. Dave was barely smiling at you. Dave decided to become a director, you decided to become a composer.

You rented a small apartment near the university, paying rent in half. You went Are karkat and Dave dating? university together, and because of this, rumors began to circulate that you were dating.

You, tired of doing this at school, decided not to say Are karkat and Dave dating?. You helped each other, and even did graduation projects together. Dave made his first short film, Are karkat and Dave dating? was his graduation work. A lot of work has been done. And the premiere was waiting for you. A few hours before the premiere, Dave said that after it, you will need to talk about something.

Are karkat and Dave dating?

You put your arms around his neck and kissed him on the lips. He hurried to return your kiss, putting his arm around your waist. But you were together, which means that you can overcome everything.

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