Question: Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted?


College junior Alexa Rivera arrived in Madera from Colorado for the weekend. Coming in on Thursday, shell leave again for school on Sunday, but with one difference — the 21-year-old will officially be adopted by her foster parents, and a member of the Rivera family.

After sharing a bathroom withthe idea of sharing one with a dozen strangers just sounded like a nightmare. But I had no idea how lucky I was that my tricked me into moving in here.

You know, when you leave the family that you wereor into, you go out in the world, you get to make a chosen family. And I will never find a better-chosen family than you guys. I just - I love you all so much. Thank you for letting me be a part of. Callie is the adoptive daughter of andthe oldest biological daughter ofwho passed away, and the oldest biological daughter of.

She is also the oldest step-daughter of. She is 's maternal half-sister, and 's paternal half-sister. She's also the adoptive sister of, and. Her rough upbringing and tumultuous past caused her to witness and be a victim of many injustices. After being adopted by the family, Callie became a social justice fighter with strong beliefs about equality. Shortly thereafter, she received and accepted a job offer to work with a federal.

She has witnessed inequality and is familiar with the system that she is fighting to change through policies. After leaving her clerkship with Judge Wilson, Callie pursued her desire to help others through law, eventually passing her bar exam.

In her personal life, she maintained a close relationship with her adoptive sisterand a complicated love Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted?. Warning: This section contains sensitive content such as sexual assault, manslaughter, and abuse that could potentially be triggering for some individuals. Callie Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted? was born on July 11, 1996, to. Callie's biological father,was a wealthy upperclassman who was in love with Colleen.

Robert's family disapproved of their relationship and they decided to elope. However, after pressure from the Quinn's, Robert divorced Colleen. During this time, Colleen learned she was pregnant with their child, but chose not to tell him. When Callie was six-months-old, Colleen marriedand Callie grew up believing Donald to be her biological father. Donald adopted Callie and her name was legally Callie Jacob. Donald and Colleen then had their first child together, Callie's younger half-brother.

When Callie was ten, her andwent out to dinner. Donald drove under the influence of alcohol and his recklessness caused a car accident that proved fatal for Colleen.

Callie struggled with deep regret on how her last conversation with her mother went, having been mad at her and refusing to kiss her goodbye before she left. After hearing about her mother's death, Callie lashed out and destroyed her bedroom.

She was so upset that she blocked the incident from her memory and thought that Jude, who witnessed the event, destroyed her room. After Colleen's death, Donald was arrested and later convicted of manslaughter. Callie and Jude were placed in the foster care system. Callie felt as though she had to take care of Jude and protect him from the many homes they moved through, several of which proved to be abusive.

She shielded Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted? from any harm even at the cost of her own safety.

Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted?

After many years in the system, the Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted? were placed with the Olmstead family. The parents already had a son,who was four-years-older than Callie. Callie bonded with Liam, as he was nice to her and would flirt with her, a gesture that was new to Callie. A romantic relationship was forbidden among foster siblings, so Callie refused the relationship for many months.

Callie eventually gave in and began a secret relationship with him. However, late one night, he snuck into her room so they could make out, though things escalated quickly and Callie was sexually assaulted.

She didn't know what to do, as the home had been the best one they'd ever been in - until now. Shortly after the rape, he claimed that she was the one who came onto him and wanted a relationship, not him. Callie and Jude were quickly thrown out of the house, with the family claiming that Callie ruined things by pursuing a relationship. This created a rift between Callie and Jude, with him thinking she always ruined their positive homes.

It wouldn't be until years later that Callie told the truth, and was able to get justice by having him incarcerated. Released from Juvie In another home a year later, Jude tried on a dress owned by their foster father's ex-wife. The man walked in on Jude wearing it and was infuriated Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted? the point where he began violently beating him. Callie attempted to intervene, but was kicked in the stomach and tossed aside.

Refusing to watch her brother be assaulted, she took a baseball bat to their foster father's car to avert his attention from Jude to her. He called the police and she was arrested for destruction of property and placed in juvie.

On the day of her release, she was attacked by a few girls who were jealous of her release. Soon after, a social worker from child protective services, Bill, contacted and requested she come meet the teen. He explained that he wanted to send her Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted?

and Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted? partner,as there aren't any male authority figures there, which he thought would be beneficial to Callie. Callie moved in with the Adams Foster family and was later reunited with her younger brother, Jude. Stef and Lena decided to foster the siblings so that they would be in a safe environment until they could find a permanent home.

However, he insisted that it wasn't something the kids did, but rather bad things Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted? to happen to them. She developed a romance withStef's biological son, shortly after moving in with the Adams Foster family.

Callie knew that being in a relationship with a foster sibling wasn't allowed and that she could get kicked out of the house along with Jude.

She told Brandon this, and they decided not to act on their feelings. They then secretly dated for a brief time. However, they broke up after they realized Callie needed a family more than a Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted?. While it was difficult for them to move on and accept each other as siblings, they gradually learned how to do so. During this time, Jude was adopted by Stef and Lena. Callie then met her biological father,and the two began to form a relationship. She also met her half-sister,Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted?

the two girls seemed to form a relationship. Robert loved Callie and wanted to adopt her, something Callie fought against as she wanted to be part of the Foster family. She agreed to try and form a relationship with him and did want him in her life. He withdrew his custody suite and officially signed away his legal parental rights.

Callie's adopted Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted? a battle with the legal system, being placed into a group home, an investigation by the court officials, and foundingCallie went before an adoption judge one last time. She delivered a moving speech about foster kids' inability to make their own decisions, which moved the judge greatly. He granted her adoption and she was officially adopted by the. She then legally became Callie Adams Foster. A year or so later, Callie graduated from and decided to pursue her dream of being a lawyer and helping other foster children.

She planned to move to Los Angeles to be a clerk for Federal Judge. She decided to share an apartment with. The sisters, now roommates, moved into a communal housing project, which Callie rebuked at first.

She felt betrayed by her sister who lied about the type of apartment building they would be living in. Callie also struggled to balance her life as a progressive clerk for conservative Judge and a passionate twenty-something-year-old. She was soon faced with both moral and Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted? dilemmas in the workplace. Especially so after Judge Wilson appointed her first major docket case as a judicial clerk: the. The case itself sparked debate and conflict in both her professional and personal life, especially with her fellow housemate and activist.

Callie soon found herself bonding with her fellow Coterie housemates, especially her temporarily non-exclusive partner. Callie and Gael embarked on a passionate yet fleeting romance, however, their relationship was forced to take Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted?

backseat to their respective careers. In the meantime, she rekindled her old friendship with a fellow lawyer,and increased her sisterly bond with Mariana. Personality Callie is independent, intelligent, artsy and very loyal as well as protective over her loved ones. Throughout her youth, she is shown to always put the needs of others ahead of herself, even if it costs her trouble. As a result of living and growing up in the foster system for the majority of her life, Callie is tough and has built up walls to protect herself from pain - both physically and emotionally.

However, she is also compassionate and kind. She loves her younger brother Jude very much, always putting him ahead of herself and has even risked her life for him. It is also shown that she doesn't care what happens to her, as long as she knows that he is safe. As a result of taking care of Jude for most of her life, she has a strong tendency to sometimes act like his mother instead of his sister, much to Jude's frustration. Despite her maternal instincts, Callie has a tendency to get herself into dangerous situations by choosing not to trust Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted?

adult figures in her life. She often felt as though by confiding in her moms, they would want to get rid of her - believing herself to be disposable. It took Callie many years to trust that her home with Adams Fosters was permanent, and that despite her mounting mistakes, they would always love her as their own. As a young adult, Callie is remarkably intelligent and free-thinking, fighting for equality and a better world through politics.

She is brave, fearless, wildly independent, and stubborn. Despite her open-mind towards sexuality, gender, race, and other social issues, she is quick to judge others with a differing opinion. She struggles to accept others when they exhibit traits or thoughts that rival hers. She demands honesty from Mariana, though Callie herself keep secrets and harbored some resentment toward Mariana for their living situation.

She found herself unhappy with her life and job, hating having to work for a judge who failed to recognize the injustices surrounding his cases.

She desired a change and quit her job to secure aeven though she risked her career in the process. When Callie allows herself to vulnerable with those around her, she can be quite fun, loose, and free-spirited. She has the capability to confide in her romantic partners about her troubled past, but has difficulty letting her walls down around them. Physical Appearance Callie is a beautiful girl with an oval-shaped face, light olive complexion, almond-shaped brown eyes, and shoulder-length brown hair.

Her hair was normally straightened in the beginning ofbut in later episodes, it was normally curled and grew past her shoulders. Callie initially wore plain, dark clothing.

Later though, she began dressing in more colorful and comfortable tops, usually paired with jeans and casual shoes. As she progressed through high school, Callie gradually transitioned into more striking clothing with shades of girliness. Callie normally doesn't wear a lot of makeup unless attending a formal event. After graduating college, Callie cut her hair to a chin-length bob, which she wears straightened. Her sense of fashion is more chic and modern as well, with an upper-class style to it.

She dresses professionally when working. Season 1 Callie in juvie. Callie faces mistreatment Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted? many of her inmates at the Chula Vista Juvenile Detention Facility. When comes to pick her up, she learns that Callie has trouble with male figures and is in juvie because she damaged her foster father's car.

Lena is reluctant to take Callie in because she doesn't want someone violent to be in the house with her children. As Callie gets out, she is flustered and confused why Bill, the usual social worker, isn't there, and tells David, his substitute, that she needs to speak to Jude. Callie getting out of juvie Lena has a change of heart when she sees Callie's bruised appearance and hopeless expression, and agrees to takes her in for a few weeks.

After dinner, Lena tries to help Callie get settled in and tries to get more information about who Jude is. Callie starts telling Lena, until Stef disrupts them, Callie mistrustful of cops, shuts down again. The following day, Callie goes to school with the other kids and is amazed by their school, Anchor Beach Charter School, but she feels out of place. She goes with Brandon to the music room and listens to him practice for his music competition. She likes the piece that Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted?

is playing and learns that it is an original competition about the night that his moms asked him if they could adopt Jesus and Mariana. They get interrupted by his girlfriend who who shows Callie to her class. In class, Callie finds a student with car keys and thinks that he might drive her to see Jude. After class, she tries to get the student to take her to see her brother, but thinking that she is trouble, he refuses. Mariana sees Callie trying to get off of campus and tells her Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted?

to get out and where the metro is. Callie using Brandon's phone to talk to Jude. Brandon sees Callie leaving school and follows her, abandoning his jealous looking girlfriend.

Callie tells him to leave her alone and mind his own business. Brandon suggests that they involve Stef since she is a cop, but Callie refuses because she thinks that she will be sent back to juvie. On the bus, Callie tells Brandon how abusive her foster father is and how she ended up in juvie.

She reminds him that he has a music competition, but he tells her that there will be others, giving up a huge scholarship. Callie and Brandon set up a plan to distract her foster father so that she can see Jude. However, it fails when her foster father catches her and threatens her to leave. When she refuses, he shakes her to leave prompting Brandon to come in. Callie rushes to Jude, trying to comfort him, and the two share a loving, relieved sibling embrace. A long look passes between them, hinting chemistry and a possible future relationship.

Callie and Jude are both now staying at the Adams-Foster's home. At the breakfast table, tells Callie that will go to school at a later time than the rest of them which kind of worries her. But Lena reassures her that she is not going to let anyone split the two of them apart. Callie sees Jude in his classroom and signals to him to come out. Mariana thinks that Callie might steal her jewelry so she slyly tries to hide it in a drawer.

However, Callie catches her doing it and tells her that she is not going to steal anything. At school, Callie seems uncomfortable while she peeks at and kiss. Callie thinks that it is unfair, but Lena tells them that she will work with him to pass the exam.

Callie continues to listen and understand Mariana. The following day, Timothy checks if his students completed the assignment and finds out that Callie and did not do it. He asks them to come after school so that he can help them write. The conversation with Callie conflicts Brandon. Timothy gives them a small meaningful lecture which incites Callie to write about the mysterious. She continues her thoughts about Liam at home. She places the journal in a specific place after she is done writing.

When Brandon comes home, he finds his family playing a board game and reveals to them that his final decision is to move in with his dad which upsets some of them. Afterwards, Callie finds Brandon and tries to give him back his guitar, but he refuses and tells her to keep playing it. Mariana and Callie get into a huge row because Callie thinks that Mariana read her private journal. She takes Jude Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted? and shows him why she got so angry at Mariana. Jude understands her actions when he finds out that she wrote about Liam.

At school, Callie tears out the pages about Liam from her journal and throws them in the trash. Wyatt sees her and joins her in the act: tearing out and throwing away his own writing.

Mariana also understands why Callie is distrustful because Mariana also experienced the foster system. The Fosters have a family movie night and invite and Talya over. Before the film starts, Lena asks Jude if he needs help with his homework and he says that he needs a name for the villain in his story.

Some of them suggest names but when Talya says the name Liam, it dawns on Callie that Talya was the one who read her journal.

Callie agrees but seems uneasy when she finds out that she has to wear a gown. However, Mariana lets her decide and she says yes. The following day, Wyatt steals a seat next to Callie while she is eating lunch by herself. He comments on how sad her lunch is and asks her about her rap sheet. Callie demands his motives and he reveals that he wants to be in a stimulating conversation and sex.

He also invites her to hang out with him and his friends at the beach on Saturday, but Callie declines due to the Quinceanera. Callie appears to be slightly uncomfortable while she practices with Brandon for the waltz. Talya glowers at Callie and Brandon intently when the dance instructor tells the two of them to connect and be closer to one another.

Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted? following morning, everyone in the house prepares for the big Quinceanera. Brandon gets distracted from carrying gift bags to the car when sees Callie. He is mesmerized by her beauty and stammers when he compliments her. Before the court enters into the hall, Callie decides to switch partners to make Talya happy. While Mariana is dancing with Mike, Brandon asks Callie if he did something wrong to make her choose Sam as her partner. She tells him to let Talya know that there is no competition for his affections.

Talya goes over to Callie and Brandon dancing which prompts Callie to leave. He also tells his sister that Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted? she is not stupid, she does many stupid things. Callie caresses Jude while the video of the twins is playing; they feel the love that family has for one another. While the camera flashes for a family photo, Callie asks Brandon if he is alright but he is not. Brandon takes Callie outside and tells her that he broke up with Talya.

She becomes worried that it was her fault and that Brandon knew what happened with Liam. When the family talks about going to a slam poetry reading, Callie declines the offer. Callie tells Brandon that Wyatt has been the only person who has accepted her at school when he asks her why she has been hanging out with him. She tells her brother to not wear nail polish at school. At school, Callie confronts Wyatt about what happened with him and Talya.

She finds out that Wyatt dumped Talya because she became controlling after they had sex. Callie apologizes for giving him the third degree and he says that she can only make it up him by going out with him. Lena tells Callie that a few kids gave Jude a rough time at school for wearing nail polish and Callie goes tell Jude to take it off. The doorbell rings and Callie goes on her date with Wyatt but not before Lena gives her a cellphone. A dense layer of cloud blocks their view so Callie and Wyatt end up kissing.

However, their moment gets interrupted when the owner of the house shows up. Wyatt tells Callie that it is not his house and they hurry out.

They hide behind a dumpster from the police. Callie is very distressed by the whole situation because she is on probation and would have been sent back to juvie if they were caught.

She calls Brandon to come pick them up and he does. The following day at school, Wyatt apologizes to Callie for putting her in a tough situation.

They make up and kiss. However, she seems to long for Brandon when she sees him in the hallway. At home, Callie tells Jude to take off the nail polish so that no one mistreats him, but he refuses. He tells her that he likes having this family even though it might not be forever and that he is already hurting inside.

He proves her wrong when he shows her the drawings he made when he was younger in the inside of his closet. He asks her if they are in a relationship but she is reluctant to agree. Afterwards, he invites her to his foreclosure house party but she declines him again. Callie preoccupies herself during her foster therapy session but begins to listen in when a girl named talks about how caring her current foster family is.

After the session, Callie takes Sarah to go get some coffee. Callie knew that Sarah was staying with Liam and his family so she tries to get Sarah to talk more about her and her brother.

Sarah mentioned that her foster brother and father love golf and they were playing golf and he got so mad he broke his golf club in half and Callie asks who Liam or his dad. Mariana learns that Wyatt is having a party and tells Callie she doesn't want to be there when Lexi and her parents get here, and then she said you know you don't want to be sitting here on a Saturday night. When Callie goes inside of the house, she immediately wants to go home.

However, she is forced to stay and look after Mariana who embraces the partying mood. He tells her that he is remodeling it for the bank which is due to his anger at the bank for taking his house away from him.

While Callie is at the party, she encounters a drunk Talya who tells Callie that she is a cool girl and says the she is the shiny new toy and everyone Talya likes Callie. Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted? follows Wyatt to his room Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted? he goes on a rage and destroys everything he can. After Wyatt and Callie kiss, Wyatt removes a section of a wall that contains his drawing and they decide to leave the party.

Callie finds Mariana drunk and tries to get her out of the party but fails at first. While Callie goes down the stairs, she encounters Liam. She tries to get away from him, but he holds on to her and threatens her to stop asking questions and to stay away from Sarah. Wyatt comes in and asks what going on when Liam replies nothing Mariana comes down to the scene and Liam leaves. When they are about to leave, Callie sees Talya dance drunk with two guys and asks her if she wants to leave with them to save her but Talya just stays.

Callie looking outside her window. At home, Callie gives Mariana gum and tells her to contain herself and Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted? try to sneak upstairs but Stef notices that they were there and tells them to greet Lexi's family. Stef notices Mariana is drunk and she calls the dinner over.

However, before the Riveras leave, Mariana hears that Jesus is going to camp with Lexi. In bed, Callie gets an Instagram comment because Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted? took a picture of her tree in the front yard and learns that Liam has been stalking her. Lena informs Callie that she needs to participate in group therapy. Callie wants to find another support group because of the hardship that Liam brought to her. Lena tells her that they will try, but Callie must continue going to the support group as part of her probation requirement.

Inside the house, Brandon munches on his breakfast while neglecting to talk to Callie who is preparing hers. When Callie confronts Brandon about the silent treatment, Brandon seems infuriated that Callie brought Mariana to Wyatt's party and got her drunk. Callie sets the record straight that it was all Mariana's doing and Brandon retracts.

At school, Wyatt asks Callie about Liam and if Liam is harassing her in any way. She tells Wyatt that he has nothing to worry about and that she only made her Instagram account private because she didn't want the world to see all her posts. After school, Brandon asks Callie if she wanted to walk home with him, but she declined the offer because she was going to hang out with Wyatt.

As Brandon leaves, Liam viciously approaches Callie and tells her to stay away from Sarah and for Wyatt to stop sending him threats. Liam grips Callie's wrist violently. Out of nowhere, Wyatt tackles Liam to the ground and a scuffle ensues.

Hearing the confrontation, Brandon rushes back to end the fight. After Wyatt and Liam are disentangled, Callie tells Liam to go away and tells Wyatt to go home.

On their walk home, Callie tells Brandon about her relationship with Liam. She also tells him that she fears for Sarah who is following in her footsteps as Liam's next victim. The following day, Brandon tells Callie that it might be a good idea to call Bill and tell him about Liam's nature with foster siblings.

Callie Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted? to Brandon that if she tells Bill about her relationship with Liam, it's her word against his and that it goes on her record. She continues to stay that the system can label her as sexually volatile if they find any supporting evidence, in which case, she would be placed in a group home and never be fostered again.

Realizing the difficulty of Callie's situation, Brandon switches subject and asks Callie what Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted? is going to do with Sarah. During group therapy, the psychiatrist asks Callie if she wanted to share and Callie finally opens up. She tells the group about her relationship with Liam, mentioning subtle moments in the hope of letting Sarah know that Liam's not the guy she thinks he is.

Sarah rushes off when she has finally had enough of Callie's story. Callie follows her out and tells her that even though Liam may seem caring and sensitive, he doesn't Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted? her at all. Sarah refuses to believe Callie and goes home. Brandon tells Callie that she did all she could to help Sarah and now it's Sarah's choice. But Callie tells Brandon that it isn't Sarah's choice just like it wasn't her choice when Liam had sex with her. When Callie and Brandon arrive home, Callie tells Lena and Stef about her relationship with Liam.

While the family is eating, Callie mentions that she likes the piano piece Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted? in the background.

At school, Callie finds Wyatt and returns a book to him. Then she tells him that she understands what Mr. Timothy meant by writing is a hostile act and asks Wyatt if he is angry with her. Callie tells him that her relationship with Liam is complicated.

During math class, the teacher leaves the room and a group of students starts laughing at a video. Talya rushes off feeling Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted? and Callie follows her. Brandon comes home and heats a slice of pizza while Callie starts up a conversation with him about what happened with Talya.

He then asks her if there is something going on between Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted? two of them and between her and Wyatt.

The following day at school, Callie finds Wyatt and asks him if he wants to go see a film with her for her photography class. Callie waits for Wyatt outside of the theatre but after a while, she goes in.

During the middle of the movie, Wyatt joins Callie on the condition that it is a date. She agrees and they kiss. Callie comes down the stairs and tells Brandon that she found an empty house when she came home. He opens a knock at the door and two policemen tell him that Stef has been shot. At home, Brandon tries to pick out some clothes for Stef when Callie comes in and selects for him. Callie becomes mother-like and tells him that he should never Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted?

that again. In the morning, Brandon finds Callie making biscuits and gravy and asks her how she and Jude ended up in the foster system. She tells him that her mother died in a crash that her father caused while he was intoxicated. Since her father was charged with manslaughter and she had no other relatives, she and Jude ended up in the system. Callie reveals that she used to write her father letters but he stopped answering them. Brandon asks her if her father will take them back if he gets out of jail but she doubts it.

Outside the hospital, Wyatt tells Callie that she is just using him and that the person who Callie really likes is Brandon. Wyatt also tells her that to be happy she needs to tell Brandon. Callie realizes that Wyatt is right, so she rushes back to find Brandon, but stops short when she finds him with Talya. At school, Wyatt finds Callie and tells her that he and his mom are moving to Indiana to live with his grandparents. Callie is saddened by the news because Wyatt is one of the only people who showed her kindness.

While Brandon is walking by, he spots a distressed Callie sitting by herself and goes over to join her. Callie speaks with her lawyer about her Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted? against Liam. However, the lawyer informs her that if it was consensual sex, Liam would be charged with statutory rape and go to jail for a year.

An optimistic Brandon tries to cheer Callie up by saying that it will all work out in the end, but his comment only enrages her because nothing has ever gone her way.

Callie even says that the system is so messed up that the only way she will attain justice is to lie and say that the sex was consensual. That night, Callie rustles around in her bed unable to fall asleep. Hearing Callie, Mariana cautions her about the dangerous effects lies can bring on an individual by recounting her own experience with them. Back home, Callie plays the guitar to drown out the injustice that she experienced.

In the morning, Stef and Lena surprise Callie and Jude by telling them that they would like to adopt both of them. Callie and Jude are both really thrilled. Before the wedding festivities, Callie takes Brandon aside and thanks him for always believing in her and she realizes that she Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted?

to have a good life. Callie and Brandon finally reciprocate their feelings for another. However, their intimate moment takes a turn for the worse when Jude catches them kissing.

Callie rushes off to follow an angry Jude. Jude reprimands his sister by saying that the Fosters are not going to keep them if she has a relationship with Brandon.

Callie witnesses the moving wedding ceremony. During the party, the family has their dance. Callie tries to enjoy dancing with her new family but veers away from Brandon. That night, Callie packs her things and leaves the family behind; but not before she sneaks a peek at Brandon and Jude and makes her silent goodbyes. At first, he refuses but then they drive off. Wyatt and Callie are at a gas station filling up his car.

Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted?

Wyatt refuses to let her in until he tells her what happened, and she tells him that she was going to be sent to another foster home and couldn't handle that as she wanted to take charge of her life. They drive off and leave the state of California. Wyatt and Callie are visiting an area where aliens have supposedly landed.

They order ice flavored ice cream, and they discuss their future. She says that Jude is better off without her. They arrive at a motel room settling for the night. While Callie takes her shower, Wyatt receives a call from Lena. She leaves a voicemail for him after he rejects her call. She asks him about Callie, making him realize that Callie ran away and she lied to him.

Wyatt and Callie are having dinner in their motel room. He asks her if she was going to call the Fosters. She says that she ruined things for Jude and either way she violated her probation. Wyatt asks her what is her plan, and she possibly makes the decision of going to Indiana with Wyatt. She suggests that if she went to Indiana with him, she could find a job as well as finding a place to live.

Wyatt asks if she could stay with her father to which he is in prison. Callie says that her father doesn't want her and Jude. Wyatt takes another wind with advice as he tells her that he doesn't understand why her father suddenly abandoned her, and he tells her that Callie always automatically assumes that somebody gives up on her.

He suggests that maybe her father is looking for her. Wyatt goes to bed when he doesn't receive a response. Wyatt and Callie end up sleeping together in the same bed.

During the night, Callie approaches Wyatt in her sleep and wraps her arms around him to which they cuddle until Wyatt gets too uncomfortable. Callie is looking out the window when she says Stef and Lena in talking with Wyatt. Callie jumps Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted? a truck and leaves. Callie is dropped off somewhere, and she walks around.

She walks towards a diner who is needed help. Callie is in her interview with a waiter who questions everything about Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted? who doesn't have a residence or a phone number. She is then rejected of her application, and she leaves. Callie is walking down a street and takes the bus where she falls asleep and is forced to get out. She goes to a corner's store where she meets a prostitute. The hooker tries to help Callie to which she rejects.

She tells her that if she ever needs a place Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted? stay for a little while, she could join her and her girls. Callie asks to borrow her phone.

She calls Lompoc Federal Prison where her father supposedly lives temporarily. She finds out that her father has been released over a year Is Lexi Brooke Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted? adopted?. The hooker tells her that if she needs anything, she knows where to find her. Callie enters the corner's store. She heads for the fridge where she takes a sandwich and eats it in front of the cashier present.

He tells her that she has to pay for her food. She grabs a can of soda and starts to drink it. The man threatens her to call the police if she continues. She grabs a chocolate bar, and the Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted? tells her that if she eats one bite, he will call the police.

She ignores the cashier and takes the bite. The cashier calls the police to report a burglary. Callie is filled with emotion as she deliberately turns herself in.

The episode begins with Callie's meeting with her social worker. He questions why she is getting in trouble again when things were going well. Brandon finally shares that Callie ran away because he kissed her. Stef and Lena talk to Brandon privately about the incident. The next day, Callie goes to court. Rita shows Callie to her room.

Callie is surprised there are no bars or locks on the doors to keep the girls from running away. Callie attends her first group session at the home. The girls introduce themselves one by one to Callie. Rita informs Callie of their no-tolerance policy for violence. Then Callie has to introduce herself. At the group home, Callie has her first cleaning duty with the other girls.

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The other girls exchange barbs at one another while Callie keeps quiet. Callie is uncomfortable with a girl she met in juvey who beat her up. He does, making them both happy. Rita invites Callie and her new roommate, Cole, down for snacks. Cole goes downstairs, leaving Rita alone with Callie. Then, Callie spots Brandon standing outside across the street from the home. She runs outside and jumps in his arms as Rita and the group home girls look on from the porch.

At the group home, Daphne tells Callie to hurry with her chore, the van will be picking them up soon. Meanwhile, the group home girls go on their field trip, Callie wanders off for a secret rendezvous with Brandon. She goes back to find Callie, who is still with Brandon in the art room. Callie tells Brandon she wants out of the house, then asks about Jude.

She thinks Jude hates her, but Brandon says he just misses her. Daphne finds Callie just before Rita and saves Callie from getting caught with Brandon. Daphne tells Callie things are even between them now.

Callie for what she said in the group meeting. Daphne informs Callie that she has to do well at the group home for a while before she can apply for the program. Then, Daphne surprises Callie by sharing that she has a two-year-old daughter that she hopes to get back from foster care one day. Brandon texts Callie then receives a text back telling him things are over between them.

He has no idea that Cole sent the message. Callie and her housemates have been taking various cooking classes. So there was an arrangement of Asian cuisine and soul food waiting for the families. That was until she returns to the home. Cole had overdosed on his hormones injections.

After apologizing for the text to Brandon, Callie allowed him to continue to use her phone. Everyone knows she has a place to go to while the rest of them have to fend for themselves. Eventually, Callie had to stop running from her problems. When Cole returned, Callie finally figured out she should try listening for once instead of thinking she could solve all Is Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted? Brooke Rivera adopted? her own problems. She gave Rita her cell phone.

The first step into making a second chance was to admit what she was doing was wrong. The funeral is hard on Callie. It brings back old memories of her mother and how she lost her. While at the same time it appears to have the opposite effect on Jude. Callie advised him against it. Callie is also feeling guilty about leaving the family the way she did. Being back home has reminded her how much she misses Mariana. Callie freaks out when she was helping everyone in the kitchen.

It was because she had lost her necklace. The same one she wore everyday seeing as it used to belong to her mother. Jude told her after she began to hyperventilate that she was acting the same way she did when they learned their mom had died. Callie had destroyed her room and completely blacked it out of her memory. Jude was worried she was close to doing the same thing when Stef intervened. Stef managed to calm her. Her Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted?

was always going to be with her and it was time Callie stopped trying to deal with these things on her own. It was good advice that extended towards the both of them. Luckily Brandon found the necklace and safely returned it to Callie. Nevertheless, it was a bittersweet moment for them. And to be fair Brandon saw it coming. He realized she would have to give up their family once he saw her with his mother. It made he accept that Callie is going to need more than just him. She wants to come back home.

She chose to go home to the Fosters and get adopted alongside Jude. Mainly because Callie has to deal with Brandon on a regular basis.

And unlike how it would have been when she first arrived, Callie is finally able to listen to their legitimate concerns. She gets to go home to a family that loves and not everyone gets that chance.

Daphne is also leaving the group home. Luckily her living situation improved without her even knowing. Brandon and the rest of their family held the truth from Callie up to the last minute. It seems Brandon thought it would best to live Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted? his dad for a while. Just until Callie gets readjusted back home. But a lot of things is starting to look like her fault. Jude is distant with her. She hurt him when she left him the way she did. The foster system never found out and ever since he and Callie have been celebrating his birthday privately.

At first, Jude was stumped Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted? why he was getting mysterious gifts. Then he realized it was a puzzle. Callie, on the other hand, is still proving to be a model citizen since returning.

She even helps out Mariana. Last week Mariana had foolishly ditched her friend, Zach, just to spend time with the boy she had a crush on. Too bad he was a jerk then and is a jerk now. He told everyone at school about her putting her underwear in his pocket. And in his version of events, they hooked up. Callie is keeping her friendships with Kiara and Daphne. They got close during their time together at the outreach house. She took a picture of Kiara and it helped her friend find a decent foster family.

The very same night Callie is taking pictures for the foster kids, a couple of e-readers were stolen. Callie thought Daphne had done it seeing as her friend has been struggling with independent living. Yet she still confronted Daphne and got yelled at. So Callie started to look into why Brandon was a part of the theft. She saw his interactions with Vico which was unusual enough. When Brandon had heard about it through Vico, he confronted Callie.

She tried to tell her to stay away from that scene and she called him out on hypocrisy. She did all of this as a test to draw him out which he obviously failed. She tried to get the reason behind why he would do something like that and he refused to tell her the truth. But Callie doesn't have the time to grill him about it.

She got called in for a family meeting with Stef, Lena, and Jude. Callie was upset to learn he still had any. Jude is angry that she kept such a secret from him.

The episode begins with Callie paying a visit to her dad to figure out what he is going to say to Jude when he stops by to visit him. Her dad says that he is going to say that he wanted to wait to see and communicate with everyone when he was stable and was prepared to get them back.

Callie is frightened by this and when she gets back to her house she asks Jude how he would feel if dad asked if he could get back custody of them. This makes Callie nervous that one of them or even both of them could get hurt by having contact with their dad. He said he would go if Callie goes too, and she agrees. When asked why he says because it was the truthful thing to do and that he could never provide for them the way that Stef and Lena have.

And this is where the episode ends with Callie and Jude being able to be officially adopted by Stef and Lena. The episode starts with Callie and Brandon at school in the music room. They talk about everything that has happened. After she leaves the music room, Callie receives a call from an old friend.

Shen then turns around and there he is. Callie shows up to talk to Wyatt whom she got a job filling drinks so he could get money to get his car back. Lena then goes to Brandon and tells him to ask Callie to dance so the principal will see she is participating. Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted? episode then swings back to Brandon and Callie who says she is tired of being judged by everyone.

He agrees Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted? it is because he is mad that she did not meet up with him the other day. They talk about being together, but she really wants a family; and, when she is adopted by Lena and Stef, technically Callie and Brandon would be brother and sister. She does not want to mess up the family dynamic by dating her foster brother. He then tells her to tell him something to make him get over her. She tells him that when she and Wyatt ran away together, that they slept together.

The nominees for Winter King and Queen are then announced. Callie wins the Winter Queen title and is forced to dance with another guy. Meanwhile, Marianna and Zac leave to go look for his mom. The principal then goes into the bathroom to find kids drinking alcohol.

She asks where they got this from and everyone says that Callie gave it to them so they would vote for her. The principal then goes and accuses Callie of buying alcohol with a fake id. It turns out she was driving and she tells Jesus to get lost. Zach and Maria find his mom. She wants the final verdict on where they both stand; if Brandon is really Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted? truly okay with Callie being adopted into this family.

Wyatt surprises Callie with not only his surprise appearance, but with Rita and everyone else from Girls United! While much excitement is happening all throughout the lobby, lawyers pull Stef and Lena aside to have a chat with them.

It is then Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted? Stef and Lena pull Callie and Jude aside. They explain to her that there seems to be a mix-up with her original birth certificate. A different person is listed as her father, not Donald Jacob like she always thought.

Tears are shed between both Jude and Callie. Stef and Lena reassure Callie that just because this little hiccup occurred does not change their mind; she will be adopted by them one day. He eventually agrees with his big sister. Getting some fresh air away from everybody, Callie bursts into tears herself.

Rita later joins her to where Callie states the entire universe must be against her. That everything can go wrong always does for her. Feeling a bit better, Callie goes inside to witness the adoption.

Jude, Stef and Lena sign the papers and the entire Adams-Foster family including Callie takes a picture with a judge. Jude is adopted; he has a family again!

Everyone goes back to the house for celebrations. While everyone is munching on cake, Callie heads outside to the patio to which Brandon joins Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted?. She asks about the audition and Brandon replies he got it. He is curious because of this recent error with the adoption, will things change between Callie and Brandon. She says no and the two kiss. Season 2 Callie gives Jude a hug after he receives his updated birth certificate in the mail.

Stef assures her that she will get adopted too. Callie goes to court with Stef and Lena hoping that she can get adopted without her permission, but the judge says that since he may not even know she exists, they need the signature from him. Callie hears Brandon playing the piano. Callie has started working at 'Not A Burger Stand' with Daphne.

While at work, she is Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted? Daphne and Wyatt about how she can't get adopted because Donald is not her birth father.

During dinner, a social worker comes to collect Callie, as Lena and Stef's foster license has expired, and since Callie isn't officially adopted she can't live with the Adams Fosters for the time being.

At her new foster home, Callie is being looked after by an elderly lady. When finding out that Callie has been in six foster homes, the lady gets the idea that Callie will try to escape at night. That night, she locks the door to Callie's room to prevent her from leaving. The next day as Callie is about to do chores, Stef and Lena appear at the door to collect Callie. Back at the house, she receives hugs from everybody. Callie decides to find Robert Quinn to prevent this from happening again.

At her work Callie tells Daphne about her search for Robert Quinn. A comes and leaves Callie a huge tip for two milkshakes.

Callie and Mariana are talking about their absentee parents. She decides to talk with him, Is Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted? Brooke Rivera adopted? he says that he never knew Callie existed. He gives her a letter from his. He later came by the center and they chatted about their lives. Callie and Brandon bask in the afterglow of their lovemaking. Callie and Brandon are in absolute bliss after their night of passion.

Brandon asks if Stef and Lena know about Callie's adoption failing yet because of her choice to save Rita from incarceration exposing their indiscretions to the social worker. Callie responds they will know soon. If not from Robyn her social worker, then from Rita, herself. Callie laments that they'll be so mad and disappointed that they can't adopt her. Callie responds that while she'll never be part of the family now, she has him. In the morning, the twosome, along with Mariana, return to the house.

Letting Mariana go inside first, Callie waits outside with Brandon, bracing for the expected storm inside. Brandon holds hands with her.

The two of them walk inside. They see Stef, Lena, Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted? and Rita at the table. Callie stands tall expecting their disappointment. Stef then tells Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted? Robyn's recommending Callie's adoption. Cheers and hugs erupt from the four of them, while Callie is shocked and in complete disbelief, but manages to hold it together and act happy for herself. Callie learns Rita persuaded Carmen to silence.

Rita calls Callie outside to talk to her. Rita tells Callie Brooke and Carmen are being sent back to juvie for pressing false charges against her. Callie, confused, asks Rita did she listen to the recording she sent her.

Rita says she listened to all of it. Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted? disappointed about some of it, she talked to Carmen about everything. She told the other girl she was above ruining someone else's life.

Rita tells Callie she saved her, she saves Callie, telling her the Adam Foster's is her home. Rita heads off, leaving Callie guilty and humiliated. Callie goes over the implications of having slept with Brandon. Callie hurriedly heads Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted? Brandon's room. Callie tells him Rita made Carmen's threat go away. Callie freaks out that he's going to be her brother after all and they had sex! Callie was totally sure, she'd believed Carmen, that the adoption was botched and both of them admit they'd have never slept together otherwise.

The next day, Callie talks to Daphne about the whole situation. Daphne calls her out and asks her what is she going to do. Callie says she can't call off the adoption and betray Stef and Lena after everything they've done for her. But she can't be in love with Brandon now when Daphne asks her.

Callie panics saying she can't deal with everything. Daphne calms her down and tells her not to get any ideas about taking off, advising her to figure it out and find out what she wants. Callie shares a brief romantic moment with Brandon. Late at night, Callie slips into Brandon's room. She tells him she loves him and she should have said so back at the cabin.

Brandon tells her he loves her too, and she lies on top of him in his arms. The two Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted? to put aside their dilemma momentarily. Callie starts to talk about what they could do, but they both hear a noise.

Brandon tells her she should get back to her room, she does, but it's clear they both don't want her to. The following morning Callie helps the family get ready for Stewart and Dana's anniversary party setting up the decorations and Brandon going to play piano for the party, and Mariana will sing.

Callie and Brandon put their night of passion behind them. Callie sits in the crowd as Stewart gives his anniversary speech, moving people and making them laugh, and thanks his Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted? and friends for being there, to her joy. During Brandon and Mariana's song, Callie shares a quiet look with Brandon. During the party, she and Brandon slip away to the garage, looking at their family while the party is in full swing. The both of them reminded of the value and importance of family once again, Callie sees and talks about what they could have ruined.

The two take what must be done in stride. She tells him nobody can know they had sex. Still watching the party, he agrees with her. Callie now truly knows what she wants. Callie tells her followers she's getting adopted, on her app, Fost And Found. Late at Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted?, Callie is recording a video for her app, Fost and Found.

She mentions getting tons of followers for her contributions, and lets her fellow foster kids know she is practically overwhelmed, but is honored nonetheless.


She lets them know she is getting adopted by her family the next day. She lets her followers know they wouldn't believe what a journey it's been for her. The next day at the courthouse, Callie enters dressed formally with Stef and Lena by her side. The social worker, Robyn, pulls the moms and Callie aside. She's talking about Callie's app. Callie Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted?

rude to Judge Ringer about delaying her adoption. Robyn says Callie must take back her comments on Fost and Found, apologize to Ringer entirely. Callie Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted? to apologize for what she believes in. Lena tries to have Callie see what she could lose.

Callie responds she loves Stef and Lena, she wants to be part of the family more than anything, but bracing herself, she declares she has followers on Fost and Found and she cannot betray them and the trust she has with them.

Upon entering the courtroom, Callie is surrounded by applause by foster kids who've come to support her. Callie is finally officially adopted. During the adoption hearing, Callie apologizes to Judge Ringer for the rude comments she made towards him on Fost and Found.

She tells him offending him was never her intention, but defends her point of view on the foster system being broken, lot of kids being failed, and that she's one of the lucky ones in being adopted by the Adams-Fosters.

She says someone has to stand up to be the voice of those who aren't lucky. Callie's impassioned speech reaches the judge who, after checking that there is no longer a relationship between her and Brandon, allows the Adams-Fosters to officially adopt her.

Callie is ecstatic and truly happy, shedding tears of joy. Her friends and family embrace her, she shares a sibling-like hug with Brandon and shares a special embrace between Stef and Lena.

Back home, she is later stunned to see Jesus at home, with Jesus telling the family that he wanted to surprise them and come back for the adoption. Mariana puts on some music and the family celebrate Callie officially joining the family.

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