Question: How do I fix YouTube not responding?

Check Your Internet Connection It might not be stable enough to stream YouTube. Use Windows native troubleshooter to detect and resolve problems. Press Windows key + I to open Settings. Go to Update & Security > Troubleshoot Additional troubleshooters > Internet Connections > Run the troubleshooter.

How do I fix YouTube isnt responding?

YouTube appRestart the YouTube app.Restart your device.Turn off and on your mobile data connection.Clear the YouTube apps cache.Uninstall and reinstall the YouTube app.Update to the newest available version of the YouTube app.Update to the newest available version of Android.

Why is YouTube not responding again and again?

Open the settings menu on your device, tap on “Apps,” and select YouTube. The next step is to choose “Storage,” which will bring up two options: Clear data and Clear cache. Clear the cache first and check if YouTube now works as it should. If it doesnt, go back and clear data to see if that solves the problem.

Why did my YouTube stop working?

If you are still experiencing problems playing videos on YouTube, it might be because of your internet connection. Check whether or not your device is connected to the internet by opening the Settings menu and viewing your network connections. If you are connected to a WiFi network, you may have a router issue.

How do I fix YouTube crashing on Android?

8 Solutions to Solve YouTube App Crashing on AndroidRestart the app.Restart the Android.Use a VPN.Clear the Cache of YouTube.Reinstall YouTube from Play Store.Reset Network Settings.Re-flash the stock ROM of Android in one click.Reset Factory Settings of this Device.

How do I fix YouTube not working on my TV?

Troubleshoot video streaming issuesRestart your device.Close & reopen the YouTube TV app.Check for app or device updates.Check your internet connection.Check on your location permissions.Restart your browser & devices.Check for browser updates.Check your internet connection.More items...

Why is my YouTube not working on Chrome?

The hardware acceleration feature in Chrome can sometimes prevent videos from playing. Clear the Chrome cache and cookies. Clearing the cache and cookies gets rid of corrupted data that can prevent YouTube from working in Chrome. Use Incognito mode.

Why does my YouTube freeze?

Hardware acceleration is typically automatically turned on in your browser in order to allow programmes to run more efficiently. However, it can also cause some hiccups, including occasionally making YouTube freeze. To try and solve the issue, you can disable hardware acceleration in your browser.

Why is my YouTube TV not HD?

Besides the internet connection, there may be other issues that are causing the lower than expected picture quality. For example, YouTube TV videos require VP9 codec support for playback in 1080p and 4K. If a supported device does not also support VP9, then the picture quality is likely to be limited.

How long does it take to unfreeze YouTube Views?

The server transition can take anywhere from 12-72 hours, but it can vary depending on things like the number of views being audited at the time, the audience retention so far etc. Once this initial freeze has ended, you may not have a freeze happen to your video for quite a while, and maybe never again.

How do I unfreeze YouTube on my TV?

General troubleshootingRestart the TV with the supplied remote control: Press and hold the POWER button until Power off appears on the screen. Press and hold the POWER button until a menu appears → select Restart.Restart the using the menu. On the remote: Press (Quick Settings) → Settings → System → Restart → Restart.Apr 23, 2021

Why is YouTube so slow today?

Its good to clear the cache often. When you load the first time, the browser caches everything in order to load faster next time. This will make browser store too much temporary data, which can be the cause of YouTube running slow. ... If not, clear the cache and see if it works.

How can I reset my YouTube?

Clearing search history in the YouTube app If you are looking to clear your search history on either your Android or iPhone, you simply need to log into the app. Hit the “Library” icon. Select History Settings > Clear Search history. You can also clear your entire watch history here by selecting that option too.

How do I refresh my YouTube feed?

How to Reset YouTube RecommendationsClick your username at the top-right of any YouTube page.In the menu that appears, click Your Data In YouTube.Scroll down to find YouTube Search History and click the field labeled Manage your YouTube Search History.Click the Delete button underneath the Search your activity bar.Aug 13, 2021

How to Fix DNS Server Not Responding on Windows 11

It is still a new system, and bugs can affect it from time to time. Important reminder: Before trying any fixes, make sure that you have a working internet connection.

How do I fix YouTube not responding?

If you have problems with your internet, fix it first before going through all these steps. If it works properly, the program is likely the cause, and you should consider other ways to protect your computer. You can either uninstall it completely and use the Windows 11 built-in security program, Microsoft Defender, or wait for a new Windows 11 update and see if it will fix this issue.

How do I fix YouTube not responding?

Then, type cmd and press Enter to open the Command Prompt. Check the error and see if your system is working as usual. Update Drivers If you want to quickly update the essential drivers of your computer, you can download and use a.

Follow these steps: Lastly, install any updates available and restart your system. You have to manually uninstall or disable the app to check which is causing the issue.

How do I fix YouTube not responding?

There are several reasons you're experiencing this issue, but there is no need to panic.

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