Question: Who owns the company Life is good?


Bert and John Jacobs are the founders of T-shirt company Life Is Good, which is valued at $100 million. They are the youngest of six children raised in a lower middle-class family in Boston.

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Telco is a subsidiary of Telecontract Holdings. The company was responsible for the design, installation and commissioning of telephone lines. This covered both aerial and underground lines. Over the years the company evolved and added other services to its main operations.

Telco now provides broadband services to retail customers for both businesses and individuals. They offer packages for both and fibre optic WiFi. TelOne has one of the largest coverage in terms of broadband services. Telco was established in 1991. Telco provides broadband at wholesale to other Internet Service Providers in the country.

Over and above being an Internet access provider, the company is also an Internet Service Provider. Telco was Who owns the company Life is good? the first company to hire and train technicians and engineers locally.

Who owns the company Life is good?

Before Telco there was no company in the internet access industry that was training their own technicians and engineers. Again, Telco was the first Zimbabwean Internet Service Provider to offer voice over internet services commercially. How good is the internet in Zimbabwe? When it comes to world standards there is still big room for improvement. The vast majority of the Zimbabwean population gets Who owns the company Life is good?

to the internet via mobile phones. For that reason a huge portion of those people use mobile network providers to access the internet. Econet has the fastest 4G network followed by NetOne and lastly Telecel. Most recently Econet introduced 5G in Avondale, Harare.

The company is working with Ericsson to roll out the 5G network across the entire nation. While companies like Telco, TelOne, Liquid and Dandemutande have a large coverage in terms of fixed broadband, the internet penetration in Zimbabwe is still very low. Fixed broadband like fibre optic is more common in upmarket neighbourhoods. TelOne has a wide reach thanks to the landline infrastructure that was set up decades ago.

Liquid Telcom has the largest fibre network in Africa and it is at the forefront in terms of increasing coverage in Zimbabwe. Why is the internet expensive in Zimbabwe?

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Zimbabwe has a large surface area and a relatively small population. That means that in some areas people are thinly distributed. Setting up infrastructure in small population areas becomes very expensive. These costs are transferred to the end-user via tariffs. This is evident in most countries that have a small population and large areas.

Who owns the company Life is good?

Neighbouring South Africa has relatively cheaper internet because of the dense population, especially in urban areas.

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