Question: Is Punta Cana a US territory?

Because of its close diplomatic relations with the United States since 1884, many people believe that the Dominican Republic is part of the US. However, the two are sovereign states with separate governments.

Do you need a passport to go to Punta Cana?

The short answer is – yes, Punta Cana and the Dominican Republic as a whole needs a valid passport from a tourist with at least one blank page for an entry stamp is required to enter the country.

Is the Dominican Republic a territory of the United States?

No. The Dominican Republic is a country in the Caribbean Sea. It shares the island of Hispaniola with the country of Haiti.

What country owns Punta Cana?

the Dominican Republic Punta Cana is a resort town in the easternmost region of the Dominican Republic. It is part of the Veron-Punta Cana municipal district, in the Higüey municipality of La Altagracia Province....Punta CanaCountryDominican RepublicProvinceLa Altagracia ProvinceMunicipalityHigüeyIncorporated (town)27 June 200614 more rows

What is the drinking age in Punta Cana?

18 Legal drinking age in Dominican Republic is 18. We might ask for an I.D. at any time. Under-age drinking and providing alcohol to minors is punished by law.

Can you drink the water in Punta Cana?

Can You Drink Tap Water in Punta Cana? No, tap water is not drinkable. According to WHO data, 97% of Dominican Republic cities/towns and rural areas have access to improved water sources, that are available when needed.

There are 548 rooms available, perfectly equipped to satisfy all of our guests needs in order to enjoy all of the beauty and splendor of the Caribbean.

This resort finaly spent money and cleaned it up our room was newer building in 7000 area close to Is Punta Cana a US territory? quality has improved air conditioning no problems lobby bar is the same beach bar the same. Lounge area improved with with furiture.

Buffet dinning room and food island has been renovated nice. Staff was good had some non smilers but thats okay working 12-16 hours a day i most likely would not smile that much my self. Room was cleaned daily we had clothes stolen out of our suit cases first day exspensive bathing suits make sure you bring extra ones i thiught three was good after two stolen down to one. We did not bother reporting it as i saw a a warning from other reviews same thing so what can you do the hotel policy say's not responsible for any stolen items from rooms or safety deposit box.

Beach bar guy's are out going fun and pleasent. I would go back again but two times is enough. Covid proofing and spraying of the chairs bed sheets and tables as they show on the video where you buy your tickets through trip central.

Pool chairs were showen sprayed. As a company focused on service, we continue working hard day by day for the optimization and improvement. It would be very nice to have again the possibility to welcome you back.

Is Punta Cana a US territory?

Sincerely, Alfredo Picasso-Resident Manager Stayed there for a week at the end of April. The pools are very nice, grounds are beautifully kept, beach is fantastic. They definitely prioritize Spanish speaking guests first. More than once I was ignored for Spanish speaking guests who were around me. Bar staff are friendly and approachable. Most of the wait staff seem indifferent. Very friendly young lady who went out of her way to make sure our drinks were always full.

THE 20 BEST Things to Do in Punta Cana

The buffet is average for a 4 star. But it fills you up. The deserts on the other hand are fantastic. The maids do a good job. On the surface at least. The biggest saving grace for the entire resort is the entertainment staff. They do an absolutely phenomenal job.

He is obviously the heart and soul of the resort. The nightly entertainment is very well done and very enjoyable. The buffet and the drinks were so good. She was an amazing worker has a passion in what she does and keeps your needs met at a high expectation! I hope she gets the credit for her amazing work and talent as a staff member.

She greets you with a smile and an open heart makes you feel welcomed she Is Punta Cana a US territory? all the stars and more thanks Erika and keep up the great work you are destined for more or higher! Tuve una estancia increíble aquí en Punta Vista!

El buffet y las bebidas eran muy buenos. Mi estancia no se habría hecho si no hubiera sido por esta increíble miembra del personal llamada Erika Figueroa. Te recomiendo encarecidamente que preguntes por ella si necesitas algún tipo de ayuda.

¡Era una trabajadora increíble, tiene pasión por lo que hace y mantiene tus necesidades satisfechas con una gran expectativa! Espero que obtenga el crédito por su increíble trabajo y talento como miembro del personal.

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Ella te saluda con una sonrisa y un corazón abierto te hace sentir bienvenido, se merece todas las estrellas y más! Gracias Erika y ¡sigue con el gran trabajo al que estás destinado!

Secondly, If you have any food allergies or are vegetarian and want to know if something has meat in it you will be hard pushed to find out, as food labelling is minimal and staff when asked what the dish was, or what was in it had no clue. The restaurants that you had to book, the Italian and Mexican where absolutely awful and we walked out half way through the meals.

We didn't try the gourmet as we heard bad things about that one too.

Is Punta Cana a US territory?

We ate in the sushi and teppenyaki which were ok. I take my hat off to the photographer as they did a great job of making this hotel appear better than it actually is, it really is worst for wear for the most part. The gym, spa and lobby are in good repair and there is free wifi in the lobby and theatre. However, everywhere else is in need of a refresh. The beach is nice but is covered in seaweed which the majority is removed each day but the beach is not as shown in the pictures, and is covered in fallen twigs and prickly cones from Is Punta Cana a US territory?

trees. There are also people continously trying to sell you stuff when you're sat on the beach. I was Is Punta Cana a US territory? with that but, wheb you get interrupted and approached continously it becomes alot to tolerate after a while, even I who loves the beach resorted to sitting by the pool. The room towels are hard and need replacing, the beds are soo uncomfortable and the pillows are lumpy. The room was well cleaned by our maid. What saved our holiday is that, we met some lovely people that we had a blast with.

We bonded with over our shared disgust of the food, and the shock at the aged look of the hotel. It goes without saying we will not be returning. We will keep working on it, to improve day by day.

As a company focused on service, we continue working hard day by day for the optimization and improvement. It would be very nice to have again the possibility to welcome you back. Sincerely, Alfredo Picasso-Resident Manager This is my 5th visit to Vista Sol and my last. Since I was last here in 2019 they have upgraded the Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is now available in the lobby, all of the restaurants, and the pools.

In previous stats you could only get Wi-Fi in the theater so this is a welcomed upgrade. The connectivity is great as well. However, the food is horrendous. I found myself going off resort to eat at local restaurants. This was a common complaint amongst guests. On resort we lived off potatoes and bananas.

The service at the restaurants was poor with mediocre food and long service times. The housekeeping staff was lacking as well. I had to hunt these items down. The final night of the stay a security guard approached my 14 year old daughter and asked her if she wanted to kiss. She declined but he was pushy, telling her she had nice lips and it was her last night of vacation, she should let him. She returned to the room upset. The security is generally great, and have been in previous stays.

This year there were a couple that were aggressive with guests and spent a little too much time involved on a personal level. I stayed in the 8100 building and there was a guard sitting poolside with another guest every night shift he worked. The lack of professionalism is disturbing. Overall, I will not be back again. This is my final trip here. After 3 years of not traveling the experience was extremely underwhelming and disappointing.

Vista Sol Punta Cana values all of our guests and any feedback that is provided. As a company focused on service, we continue working hard day by day for the optimization and improvement. We apologize for any inconvenience. It would be very nice to have again the possibility to welcome you back like always. Sincerely, Alfredo Picasso-Resident Manager The food at the restaurants was consistently bad.

Specifically the bar food and the buffet were close to gross. I mostly Is Punta Cana a US territory? an omelette and toast for breakfast. You have to book to go to the specialty restaurants and even though we booked early in the week we were still unable to get into some of the specialty places. The sushi restaurant was gross as was the American.

We did not get to eat the Italian. We were so hungry we literally had to order Burger King one night. The Beach is very disappointing, seaweed everywhere. If you choose this hotel make sure you take bug spray because the mosquitoes and the sand fleas eat you alive. You would not believe the number of people who had major bites all over there extremities. Be prepared for lots of children in the pool unsupervised and out of control. There was Is Punta Cana a US territory?

pool bar advertised and it was shut down. There was also a disco advertised and it was closed as well. Her name was Ali and she made the trip fun. The room was average and the bed was awful, hard. We made the best of it but will definitely not return.

Be prepared to get out of the pool to get a drink whenever you want one. No one comes around and brings you drinks. The alcohol is definitely watered down and worse than well drinks. The Wi-Fi is only good in certain parts of the buffet and the pool bar area. Location right on the super clean beach is great, grounds are pretty and the food is o. One really has to look at value for money and we thought that this was o. Check in was a bit of a leglngthy nuisance and we were given the wrong room.

A room with a queen sized bed for three!!!! I booked via booking,com and made sure I chose a room with two double beds. I rejected the room Is Punta Cana a US territory? went back to discuss the issue. I was made to prove and show evidence 9f my booking which I could in the Appbut was made to feel like I was in the wrong. Again, a lengthy process, waiting and Is Punta Cana a US territory? frumpy guyat the reception than gave us another room. On our last day we needed to post our letters to Europe.

Reception offered to post them for us, that was on April 18th. It is now May 27th and none of the six letters filled with postcards and drawings arrived in Germany.

So, I guess they never got posted. Really bad style and stuff like that sort of really sours the whole experience. We liked the annimation team espacially. Food was good and the staff in de buffet restaurant super motivated to give yoy the best service. Als the staffbat the bars were very kind and make us happy. We didn't like the sellers whit the Grey t shirts on the beach, but once you set no, they go away. The rooms are cleaned every day. Everything was great but I have knocked off 1 star because Is Punta Cana a US territory?

is a enclosure of birds divided into 3 parts. I hate seeing birds in cages. The 2 smaller parts are too small for the birds. The 2 smaller parts of the enclosure that hold parrots could easily be made larger. The buffet food was great so much choice beach was great. The resort is well managed. The grounds are beautifully kept and filled with shady palm trees.

Our room was clean and perfectly adequate for our needs. Public areas and restaurants are likewise clean and well attended by staff. If you can brush up enough basic Spanish to exchange pleasantries and order food and drink, this goes a long way - otherwise, you can just point at what you want and this works fine. Tipping for drinks is appreciated but not expected.

We did tip our housekeeper too, but not every day. The clientele during our stay was diverse, with guests from Latin America, Europe and the States. The beach is beautifully shaded, has more than enough sun loungers and is a lovely place to spend the day.

On the negative side, internet connectivity is poor. The mixed drinks could be better standardised. Sometimes we had to ask politely! Overall, astonishing value and highly recommended if you are on a budget.

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