Question: What does the ending of Looper mean?

Basically, Looper ends with young Joe making an unselfish decision to take his own life as a means to save another. He has developed a love and fondness for Sara and Cid, despite realizing that Cid is most likely going to grow up to be the Rainmaker.

Why does Joe kill himself in Looper?

But Old Joes alteration of time means that theres a possibility for more than one path – so when Young Joe finds himself in a moment where his violent ways cant save the day, he makes a choice to not be like Old Joe and actually give up his all-important ambition to hold on to “whats his.” He removes himself (and ...

Does the kid die in Looper?

Joe does, and the fleeing future Seth is killed when the syndicate begins carving pieces off of present Seth as punishment. Later, when Joe goes to kill his next target, the target spins and shields himself with the bars on his back.

How did Seth die in Looper?

Abes elite Gat Men capture Seth, cut an address into his arm, and begin severing body parts. These effects appear on Old Seths body; he goes to the address on his arm and is shot dead by Kid Blue, one of the Gat Men.

Who is the bad guy in Looper?

Old Joe is the main antagonist of the 2012 film Looper. He is the future version of Joseph Simmons, a Looper who assassinates people for the Mob using time travel.

Who is the child in Looper?

Pierce Gagnon Pierce Gagnon (born July 25, 2005) is an American child actor. He is known for his roles in the film Looper and in the CBS series Extant.

Is Sid The Rainmaker?

Cid, as an adult with a prosthetic jaw and telepathic abilities, would take over the Gatman empire. He becomes the Rainmaker and closes all loops, including Joseph Simmons. This act results the death of Joes wife when the Gatman tried to take him away.

Is Abe Kid Blue?

Abe was sent back in time to run the loopers, so it would make since that he is trusted and been in the mob a long time.

What is the point of Looper?

Loopers are voice actors whose work begins after the show or film is shot and edited. Their job is to record what people in the background of a scene could be saying.

What happens to the Rainmaker in Looper?

In the climactic finale, old Joe confronts Sara and the young Cid, meaning to kill the boy. ... Young Joe realizes that if old Joe kills Cid, it will put the steps into place for Cid to become the Rainmaker, so he decides to shoot himself as a way to stop old Joe.

Is CID Joe?

Cid is Joe. Heres the facts. So the guy who runs the loopers came back from the future to run it young joe says this early on. In a conversation with the leader he reveals that he found Joe when he was a young angry kid and recruited him.

Are CID and Joe the same person?

At the end of Looper, Young Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) realizes that Cid (Pierce Gagnon) only becomes the evil known as The Rainmaker after Old Joe (Bruce Willis) kills Cids mother, Sara (Emily Blunt).

By November 15, 2021 Share exists in a category of its own when it comes to genre, gameplay, and story. In the 1930s, Colt, a fighter pilot, arrives on Blackreef as part of Operation Horizon.

A strange Anomaly has intrigued the top scientific minds, and the best plan they can come up with is to fly straight into it. Researchers mention hearing voices and even seeing different versions of themselves stemming from the Anomaly.

Before he embarks on his maiden voyage, Colt falls in love with a woman named Lila. She begs him not to go, but what choice does Colt have? Still, Colt straps What does the ending of Looper mean? in and blasts off toward the Anomaly, disappearing through the other side. Lila is left alone, sad, and pregnant.

What does the ending of Looper mean?

They abandon Blackreef with Colt trapped inside. Colt spends 17 years in a time loop, reliving the events of his maiden voyage until he discovers how to break the loop — kill himself. The years spent in the loop drove him mad, and Colt is confined to a mental institution before he ever makes it back to civilization. During that time, Lila gives birth to Julianna before succumbing to and dying from a rare disease. The events of Deathloop Now begin the early events of Deathloop, which we can safely pin as sometime in the 1960s or late 1950s.

Colt happily returns to Blackreef, planning to use the power of the Anomaly to get back to his one true love, Lila. Of course, he has no idea who Julianna is. So, in an ironic turn of events, Colt decides the only way to save his long-lost daughter is to kill her again, and again, and again.

Julianna remembers each loop and inevitably realizes who Colt is. However, she remains gung-ho about the benefits of the loop and commits herself to keeping it safe at all costs.

What does the ending of Looper mean?

She tells everyone on Blackreef that Colt is looking to end their eternal party, instructing them to shoot on sight. He loses sight of who he is, who Julianna is, and what his purpose on Blackreef was from the very beginning. Now Colt is tasked with killing all eight Visionaries in the same day to break the loop and rescue his daughter.

What are Loops? For, While & Do

Players will go through the motions as they uncover clues about each visionary and eventually learn all of the information laid out above. UponColt will blast off in his rocket as he did all those years before to confront Julianna in the loop control station. He is met with one final choice that dictates the end of the game. They point them at each other, giving players one of two options: Kill Julianna or spare Julianna. Doing so will see Colt waking up on the same beach as before.

Only this time, everything looks different. The world has gone to rapture. The sky is a bright hue of orange and yellow, and the ocean has completely dried up. However, breaking the loop shatters any chance of a relationship with his daughter.

Colt is left weighing his options and questioning if he did the right thing. Not only is he left without Lila, What does the ending of Looper mean? his daughter is likely never to speak to him again.

Knowing what he knows now, perhaps Colt wishes he What does the ending of Looper mean? in the loop after all. Colt wakes up on the same beach as always, and Julianna will be waiting with a smile on her face. In a twisted, murderous sort of way, Colt gets a daughter, and Julianna gets the father she always wanted.

The Ending Of It Comes At Night Explained

She even goes as far as to call him dad for the first time. We know the base seven, and Julianna makes eight. If Colt kills Julianna and does nothing or sits back down in the chairthe loop resets as it usually would. The Slabs that Colt and each Visionary carry bind to the power of the Anomaly.

Where does she shift to? What is the world like now? Will a Deathloop sequel involve a time loop mechanic, or will we get the same cast of characters and powers in a linear story on the mainland?

Will the two now work together to protect their paradise from an outside threat?

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