Question: What is Bing on Facebook?

Bing now lets you quickly find that special photo (out of your friends thousands) on Facebook with the new Friends Photo feature. ...

What is Bing famous for?

Bing, sometimes also referred to as Bing Search, is a search engine developed by Microsoft and primarily known for being a search engine website accessible by visiting While Bing is still mostly known for its search engine website, thats not the only way you can access its web searching services.

What exactly is Bing?

Bing is a search engine developed by Microsoft. It provides a standard web search, as well as specialized searches for images, videos, shopping, news, maps, and other categories. Bing originated from MSN Search, which later became Windows Live Search (or simply Live Search).

Is Bing safe to use?

Some of the enterprise search features give Bing an edge over Google. For instance, Microsoft Search uses HTTPS to securely handle search requests over Bing. This way, the connection between users and Bing is end-to-end encrypted for enhanced security.

Why is Bing not secure?

A security certificate problem triggered warnings not to use Bing over a secure Web connection Friday, and Microsoft said an issue with network service provider Akamai is to blame. ... Microsoft said the problem stemmed from Akamai, which Microsoft used for the certificate service.

Is Bing secure?

Some of the enterprise search features give Bing an edge over Google. For instance, Microsoft Search uses HTTPS to securely handle search requests over Bing. This way, the connection between users and Bing is end-to-end encrypted for enhanced security.

What finally broke me was the recipes. On July 1, I abandoned search and committed myself instead to Bing. I downloaded the Bing app on my phone. I made it the default search mode in Chrome.

I didn't switch to Edge, Microsoft's browser, because I decided to limit this experiment strictly to. Since then, for the most part, any time I've asked the internet a question, Bing has answered. I wanted to know how those people experienced the web, how much of a difference it makes when a different set of algorithms decides what knowledge you should see. The internet is a window on the world; a search engine warps and tints it. And while privacy-focused search options like DuckDuckGo go further to solve that problem, Bing is the most full-featured alternative out there.

Besides, what better way to evaluate Bing than drinking it up in its most distilled form? When you open the Bing app, the act of searching is almost incidental. A high-resolution, usually scenic photograph sweeps the display, with three icons—a camera, a magnifying glass, and a microphone—suggesting but not insisting on the different types of search you might enjoy. These are the categories Bing considers worthy of one-tap access in 2018.

What lurks behind those taps, though, varies wildly in usefulness. You can also just scroll through Bing search results for a given song, most of which are also lyrics. Near Me, on the other hand, offers some genuinely interesting options. You can play Chess or Sudoku or an online jigsaw puzzle. You can take a celebrity quiz or a news quiz or a geography quiz.

Below the traditional search and the retrograde Fun, Bing places an infinite scroll of news stories. Initially, I wondered if that was because I had no search history with Bing, and it responded to a blank canvas by splattering whatever paint was nearest at hand. But familiarity did not breed success. Which reveals less about how the features work than what purpose they serve. Courtesy of Brian Barrett Bing appears to want, both on desktop and in its app, to be not just a search engine but a portal.

Bing wants to be a destination, but search is a thruway. Spending even a second longer than necessary there is like getting on the New Jersey Turnpike to visit the Clara Barton rest stop. I tested them both out of due diligence, and they seem fine. Google obviously has an app as well, which also shoves weather and headlines underneath a search bar, and offers voice search.

But at least when I do, it knows enough about me, through years of my blindly handing over information and interests to Google, to serve up a tailored experience. When in doubt, they lost. Maybe, given enough time and attention, Bing would have that same level of insight into my What is Bing on Facebook?

psyche. And because it does some things that drive me nuts. Would you have found it faster on Google? Would another search What is Bing on Facebook? show you the perfect link first instead of fifth?

What is Bing on Facebook?

For the bulk of my Bing expatriation, I avoided Google entirely, but I switched to Google on mobile toward the end. I've stuck with Bing on desktop. In some ways, I What is Bing on Facebook? preferred the way Bing coughed things up. Anecdotally, it feels less burdened with ads. Bing does do this occasionally, with the kind of mixed results seen below. Courtesy of Brian Barrett Bing can be a little slow on the uptake.

A few months later, that same search yields better results. Bing does not always get you where you want to go, though. In fact, it keeps you locked into What is Bing on Facebook? in strange and frustrating ways. Bing tells you it sourced them from YouTube, but when you click on one, it takes you to the video, playing on a weird Bing wrapper page.

Actually getting to YouTube requires another click from there. This is, again, not the end of the world. Bing insists on itself in a way that feels unseemly. This carries over to other corners, as well. Bing also has more urgent problems that I never personally encountered. As tech siteit gave racist, antisemitic, and otherwise awful search prompts, even with SafeSearch enabled. Google hasalong withbut it seems to have worked through the most blatant of these issues a few years ago.

Everyone uses Google, after all. People are quicker to spot the problems, and Google is quicker to rectify them. In fairness, Google showed one suspect result as well, but it's generally safer clicking.

Delete Bing permanently

It's worth noting, too, that for all the kerfuffle overBing already operates there, albeit with. Again, these aren't things I can speak to from personal experience, but they all play into a fuller evaluation of Bing.

Breaking Point And then, finally, there were the recipes. For the entire summer and most of the fall, I repeated this process with Bing, which would return promising-looking recipes from sites I trust. But when I clicked on that link, Bing would not, as you might expect, take me to AllRecipes or Delish or wherever else. It would instead expand the search results to show the full list of ingredients.

Bing insists on itself in a way that feels unseemly. I have two caveats here.

I Ditched Google for Bing. Here's What I Found—and What I Didn't

First, as of October it appears that Bing has changed how it handles recipe results; the behavior described above still takes place in a top carousel of search returns, but the rest of the page behaves much more rationally.

A Microsoft spokesperson would say only that the company is always testing new features. Second, typing the above paragraph felt like complaining about a modest hangnail, or a warm beer. The prospect of repeating that with video and news results, even sporadically, was enough to send me running. At its best, search is invisible.

What is Bing on Facebook?

Bing has some things going for it, and it genuinely tries to advance the conversation of what search can do, particularly in its app. Google needs whatever competition the rest of the world can muster. But in terms of day-to-day usability, at least in my experience, it too What is Bing on Facebook? added confusion rather than strip it away. It kept me cloistered within Bing, when all I wanted—what I explicitly told it, with every query—was to go somewhere else.

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