Question: Can you see photos on eharmony free weekend?


Can you see and evaluate matches on an eHarmony free weekend? No. The big catch here is that you cant see anyones photos, and they cant see yours either.

Everything from profile layout to pricing and functionality to profile questions has been thoroughly revamped at eHarmony. Clearly the product team has been paying attention to the competition and testing a lot of new features. Perhaps I need more coffee, but I am confused about the new eHarmony paywalls. Faceless people messaging and responding to each other for free? When the value proposition is posed like that, feels strange. Look at that, a 24-month plan.

How To Get An EHarmony Free Trial (Updated 2021)

I have never seen this before. Somebody clicking 24-months and letting out a deep sigh. Looks like that was a test, I only see 12-month plans now. The home page says communicating is free. Favorite pets, sports teams, food books, whatever.

These datapoints are far less important than things like energetic compatibility and other more modern matching attributes. Looking at Eharmony profiles now take 4-clicks to fully navigate. Feels like pages are pre-fetched which is makes it feel fast. Profile home page is a big and empty, looks terrible until they get people uploading Can you see photos on eharmony free weekend?

Facebook profile photo-sized giant photos.

Can you see photos on eharmony free weekend?

The system rejected my photo. There is so much going on here.

Can you see photos on eharmony free weekend?

Like most changes to sites, maybe this will grow on people. Looks like they got some inspiration from OkCupid here as well.

eHarmony free communication weekend, but photos blocked until you pay

If it leads to better matches, great. In closing, I wonder how readers perceive eHarmony as being different from Match besides the fact that eHarmony emails you your matches and there is no search functionality. Do people prefer to have matches emailed to them and no search, or do you like to go crazy with the advanced search to pinpoint your matches? Is the dating world splitting up into people who prefer one method of matching over another?

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