Question: What does bottom frag mean?

Bottom frag = the player with the least amount of kills on a team or for the match.

What does top frag and bottom frag mean?

top fragger = most frags in team or game. bottom fragger = least amount of frags on team or game. entry fragger = a role where the player runs in first and tries getting the first kills.

Does frag matter in Valorant?

Shroud shared his thoughts on how Valorant players focus too much on in-game statistics and bottom fragging. He explained that it does not matter if you bottom frag as long as you are not making mistakes.

It takes a little groundwork to really understand what is going on in a game of Valorant. The first bullet out of your weapon in valorant will always be the most accurate, barring sprinting around and firing like a mad person. Counter strafing is a when a player stops their direction with either A or D, immediately changing direction. Firing your weapon while What does bottom frag mean?

the middle spot, before you start to move in the other direction, gives you far more consistent aim. There are plenty of scenarios where econ comes into play. Typically a duelist character Reyna, Jett, Phoenix who leads the team in a fight by being the first one in.

They won't always have the best stats, often having the most deaths, but a successful entry fragger is meant to open up space for their team as much as possible and try and get a kill or two before being traded. Putting pressure in numbers on one of the bomb sites, forcing the other team to react to your play in order to draw pressure from another site.

You will see this done as a feint play, early in a round with a possible smaller team planting on a soon to be vacated sight. This could also happen later in the round when time is running out, and not much progress onto the first bomb site has been made. Typically done with more What does bottom frag mean?

4500 credits in the bank, a full buy means the player has enough for a late round rifle, full shield and all of their abilities. A term used to differentiate high and low ground in spots where verticality plays a role.

What does FRAG stand for?

Maps with a sniper nest, or somewhere a player can camp from both, high and low ground will have this term thrown around. Teams on defense often split their resources between watching heaven and watching from an entry point.

What does bottom frag mean?

As the round goes on, and a plant is being defended, you will find players get more creative on how they approach, using heaven and hell spots to their advantage. A throwable ability, unlike a grenade that has a quick detonation, a molly is a grenade that lingers.

Common Abbreviations

Ultimate orbs lie all over the maps. There are two near each team spawn, as well as some near the entry points to bomb sites. They boost the ult meter by one, at the cost of a sound cue and the risk of being an easy target for a few seconds. At certain times, you What does bottom frag mean? see teams letting one specific player take them more often, with the hopes of building up a higher value ultimate. To quickly turn the corner and try to spot enemy positions, hopefully baiting out a shot with relatively low risk.

Jiggle peeking is the same but with faster and more fragmented peeks. Often when facing an Op. Rounds can get long in Valorant, and best of 25 matches can lead to a lot of variance in strategy. Sometimes a team will wait for the defense to get bored or antsy, and push. Other times they scan for intel, or just wait in their backline, hoping to rush the point late and put pressure on the other team.

Playing slow helps bait out any pesky abilities the other team might have. Each point will have two entries, subject to bomb site variance depending on map. The entries on the farther side of the map, with longer lines of sight and favorable defensive positions, are called long.

A Long, B long, and C long. Short is the inside path to the point, which will be very close to the short path, running parallel to the opposite site. Well, neither do most of our teammates in unrated. Anyways, walking while holding or toggling the shift key keeps you quiet and your position unknown. This is the reason why so many rounds start off so slowly.

Unless a team is found out or making an aggressive play, they will probably be doing this.

What does bottom frag mean?

Shift walking is important because it will prevent your footsteps from making noise. Good players will generate their ults at a quicker rate than bottom fraggers. What does bottom frag mean?

shoot through a wall or another piece of cover that enemies can be hurt through. There are always enemies waiting around the next corner in valorant, so shoot through it instead.

Some weapons can puncture far easier than others but it never hurts to try. Surprise kills on bomb campers often come from clever, big brain wallbangs.

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