Question: Which city is Chessington World of Adventures in?


Chessington World of Adventures Resort is a theme park, zoo and hotel complex in Chessington, Greater London, England, around 12 miles (19 km) southwest of Central London.


Will include weekends and bank holidays as required. Benefits: annual salary of up to £18,532. With our Theme Park, Zoo, and our spectacular Hotel, there are plenty of roaringly exciting career paths available. Working alongside a variety of species including Asiatic Lions, Amur Tigers, Western Lowland Gorillas, various smaller carnivores, Spider Monkeys, Squirrel Monkeys, Callitrichids plus many more.

The zoo is currently experiencing a period of growth with exciting developments in the pipeline.

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You will also be keen to support other areas within our Zoo, which will in turn benefit your own personal development. This role is permanent, full time, averaging 40 hours per week and will include weekends and bank holidays as required. At Merlin we welcome the world to our magical attractions and resorts every day and we want to reflect that same multicultural mix inside our business too.

Which city is Chessington World of Adventures in?

We strive to create an inclusive and diverse workplace where people can be themselves, have the same opportunities and thrive together.

Because at Merlin, everyone matters! Together, we work to create a workplace where everyone feels valued, no matter their age, race, gender, disability or sexual orientation. Although we understand that we'll always be learning and growing, we aim to be the most inclusive and flexible employer in our industry.

Which city is Chessington World of Adventures in?

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