Question: Is OLAPLEX treatment worth it?


By restoring these bonds, it makes hair stronger, healthier, and softer, which is how Olaplex came to be recommended by almost every hairstylist out there. ... That leads us to the obvious question: Are Olaplex products really worth the money? The short answer would be yes, they are.

No matter whether you embrace a complex styling routine to or Is OLAPLEX treatment worth it? to simply wash and air dry your straight hair, the haircare space has never been more saturated with products for every hair texture and type.

It can make curating a haircare routine feel slightly overwhelming—which is exactly why we decided to put together this ultimate list of the top haircare brands out there, as well as the must-try product from each one. Keep reading to learn all about the best haircare brands, from drugstore classics to niche indie companies and splurge-worthy picks.

Is OLAPLEX treatment worth it?

The brand: First launched in 2014, Olaplex started by offering a game-changing reparative in-salon treatment that colorists quickly went ga-ga for. Credit the brand's proprietary technology that focused on repairing the protein bonds that are broken when hair undergoes chemical processes. Fast forward, and there's now a whole line of at-home products that utilize the same type of bond-building technology—which in turn inspired tons of other brands to follow suit and focus on the same type of repair.

The hero product: There's a good reason why the No. Great for all hair types and textures, it can be used weekly as a preventative or up to three times per week to help undo some pretty serious damage.

All you have to do is apply to damp hair and leave it on for 10 minutes before shampooing and conditioning as normal.

Is OLAPLEX treatment worth it?

It is the only set of products that have made a true, real, visible difference in the length and strength of my breakage-prone hair. I use the shampoo and conditioner, bonding oil, as well as the No. Despite the brand's now-global popularity, the focus on high-quality, pure ingredients remains a priority. Deep Conditioning Mask is the solution. Natural hydrating oils are combined with B vitamins to pack a serious punch, leaving hair healthier, shinier, and stronger.

The premise is simple: A line of totally clean, super affordable, genderless, and above all, effective formulas. The brand checks every one of these boxes, and the packaging is beyond chic to boot. The hero product: There's no shortage of air-dry products on the market, but in our humble opinion, none work as well as the Air Dry Styler.

Just a tiny dollop of the gel-like serum adds shine and smoothness, and generally leaves your hair looking better, even if you don't do another thing to it.

$201.49 Million in Sales Expected for Olaplex Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:OLPX) This Quarter

Bonus points for the fresh and clean fragrance, which is completely naturally derived. I'm personally a big fan of the Air Dry Styler, a lightweight gel-like serum that helps my just-washed hair dry into smoothed, subtle waves instead of the massive frizzy bedhead I usually get from towel-drying.

Credit high-performance formulas and plenty of options for all hair textures and that signature Oribe scent that's so good you don't even have to wear perfume. The hero product: Anyone who loves a good blowout should try the Imperial Blowout Transformative Styling Hair Cream, a must-have for helping to add softness, shine, and volume—.

Also nice: It works just as well on Is OLAPLEX treatment worth it? hair as it does on curly, and a little bit goes a long way, meaning one bottle will last quite a while. There's a reason the brand is a staple in salons everywhere—it was created by one of the most respected hairstyles of all time. It's the closest thing to professional-quality products you can find in stores, and the brand tests every formula backstage and on set to make sure it meets the standard of industry pros.

The Imperial Blowout Transformative Styling Hair Cream, in particular, is a game-changer for getting salon-worthy blowouts at home.

Space NK

The female-owned brand is all about creating products specially made for all different types of curly textures, relying on natural ingredients in all of their Is OLAPLEX treatment worth it?

cleansing, conditioning, and styling formulas. The hero product: Ideal for 4a to 4c hair types or those with thick hair, the Curl Defining Butta is the most moisturizing of all of the brand's creams. Murumuru butter, shea butter, baobab oil, and are only some of the key players.

It infuses plenty of moisture and helps to smooth the hair while improving elasticity. It's also a must-have for wash-and-go or twist-out styles. Founded by a group of biotech scientists in 2005, the brand now has 20 different patents across 50 different products, creating unique ingredients and technologies. The hero product: To the point of unique ingredients, the Perfect Hair Day Shampoo features the brand's patented Healthy Hair Molecule, which ensures that the formula not only soaks up excess oil as most dry shampoos do but then actually whisks all that grime away, too.

In short, it's the closest you can get to without actually doing so.

Is OLAPLEX treatment worth it?

Plus, it imparts tons of volume and blends in nicely on all hair colors. Clean beauty fans will appreciate that all of the formulas are free from more than 1,300 questionable chemicals and that the packaging is also 100% recyclable. Oh, and don't miss the brand's line of incredible hot tools, too. The hero product: The Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo's talc-free formula is true to its name—it perks up and refreshes second-day hair with its sweet, clean scent.

Cruelty-Free: Yes Byrdie Clean: Yes The brand: Inspired by Sofi Tucker, who sold shea butter and African black soap-based beauty products in Sierra Leone back in 1912, this brand offers a wide range of hair, body, and skincare products. Sustainability and fair trade are a top priority, as is sourcing extremely high-quality ingredients—shea butter included.

The hero product: The Strengthen Restore Shampoo is.

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