Question: What does boss the scent for her smell like?

BOSS The Scent Intense for her exudes femininity and seductiveness, captivating the BOSS man and BOSS woman equally with its combination of honeyed peach, freesia, osmanthus and cocoa.

What does Boss Woman smell like?

The notes include scents such as orange, mandarin and kumquat. Also present are hints of apple and other citrus fruits while the heart notes feature sweeter scents such as passion flowers, cananga flowers and freesia. The base notes consist of the longer lasting sandalwood, vanilla, cedar wood, orris and musk.

What scent is Hugo Boss the scent?

Boss The Scent by Hugo Boss is a Aromatic Spicy fragrance for men. Boss The Scent was launched in 2015. Boss The Scent was created by Bruno Jovanovic and Pascal Gaurin. Top notes are Ginger, Mandarin Orange and Bergamot; middle notes are Maninka and Lavender; base notes are Leather and Woody Notes.

Which boss the scent is the best?

Top 10 Best Hugo Boss ColognesHugo Boss THE SCENT. ... Hugo Boss BOTTLED. ... BOSS NO. ... HUGO MAN. Check Latest Price. ... Hugo Boss DARK BLUE. Check Latest Price. ... Boss Bottled Night by Hugo Boss for Men. Check Latest Price. ... Hugo Boss The Scent Private Accord For Her. Check Latest Price. ... Hugo Boss Deep Red for Women. Check Latest Price.More items...

Whats another word for boss lady?

What is another word for boss lady?forewomanbosspatronstewardovermanhead womantop womantop manpremiersuperior commander188 more rows

What is slang for boss?

kingpin. big cheese (old-fashioned, slang) numero uno (informal) Mister Big (slang, mainly US)

What is Wood Dsquared2?

Wood for Him by DSQUARED² is a Woody Floral Musk fragrance for men. ... A powerful, distinctive and masculine fragrance. Wood, the new mens fragrance by Dsquared2, opens with the Mediterranean freshness of bergamot from Calabria, mandarin and lemon from Sicily and is enriched with elegant, sharp notes of ginger.

Hugo Boss launches the new masculine fragrance Boss The Scent at end of August 2015. Tapping into what women really want, it is a masterful orchestration of all the senses. It lasts and is not easily forgotten. Maninka fruit is mixed with tones of lavender in the heart to create a sensual scent.

Intensive leather accord that makes the base symbolizes magnetic masculinity. The face of the perfume is actor Theo James. The fragrance is available as 50 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette. Read about this perfume in other languages:,. To be fair, I have just gone through 1-2 wearings of two dozen luxury fragrances from three different niche houses over the last few weeks.

To return to a mainstream fragrance will certainly be unfair. But this is also why I picked The Scent to be the first one up, because a I'm somewhat familiar with it.

It also happens to be from the same perfumer as one of the luxury fragrances I just found strong admiration for. With all that being said, what about the scent? Compared to the luxury fragrances, the opening here was initially alcoholic and biting, but settled quickly. I believe this is the effect of transitioning from luxury to mainstream. A second spritz at the end of the day before writing this was far less concerning, reflecting my senses adjusting.

This time the opening was more citrus, bright, with a mix of apples and vanilla. In both cases the dry down reduces to a familiar, warm, and fuzzy feeling. I don't get an overwhelming musky, leathery, woodsy, or spicy tone, just warm and fuzzy. Very easy, pleasant, and comforting. I understand some might fault the scent for not having enough personality, but after some of my luxury fragrances, personality isn't what it is cracked up to be.

Sometimes you not only want friendly, warm, and fuzzy - you need it. People keep coming back to it. That is pretty unique in itself. Keep the original the same and you end up with a classic. Smells pleasant and unique, but the sillage is regrettably weak. I would want something of this scent profile to project — not necessarily Stronger with You Intensely project, but like One Million Lucky project. On the upside, the maninka accord is really delightful and distinctive, though.

The leather and lavender makes The Scent classy and without a doubt office-friendly. That if anyone can smell you. Fun fact: This is currently the best-selling masculine fragrance in Finland, beating even Sauvage. I went to get a spray from the nearly empty tester bottle, next to full tester bottles for other Boss frags. A rich evening scent in its core, blended with lighter fresher notes to make it less cloying.

I did not like either of those, but this one actually smells really good! There's nothing abrasive or annoying here. A generic cologne done right. This doesn't smell like it's trying too hard to be masculine like Ultra Male. This is just authentically itself, and does it well. Looking at the notes, I'm confused. I smell no leather or lavender in this. And I could swear I'm smelling pineapple or pear, with cinnamon or chestnut in the base.

Anyway, maybe it's somehow a Finnish thing to enjoy this fragrance? Because I think this is outstanding as far as generic cologne goes.

I can find nothing to dislike here. Try this out if you're after a generic likable masculine scent! Ok, so this is a good fragrance. It's not going to blow anyone's socks off, but it's not going to offend anyone.

It's a little rich, a little spicy, and a little bit woody, but not cloying at all. I think it cold be worn pretty much any time, including a summer day. Just like The One, the performance isn't amazing, but it's cheap and versatile enough that that's okay. This might be the most generic-smelling cologne in my collection. Nothing surprising here, it literally smells like a Macy's fragrance counter lol.

Avoid if you want something with more character, but recommended for a dumb reach inoffensive cold weather fragrance if you can get it discounted! Really love the way it smells on my clothes, been wearing it quite a bit lately. Nice scent and safe for office. I enjoy the opening and feel very fresh when spraying it on my skin.

The middle notes are a little too sweet for me. I also feel the leather note in the base is a bit weaker than I expected. I would probably wear it at home for lazy days, or maybe on an office day. Projection seems kind of weak, I sprayed it on an hour ago and I can barely smell it. The whiffs of it that I do catch tho are pretty good. However, while some may appreciate fragrances that allow for more sprays this requires too many as its longevity is disappointing even for an eau de toilette.

Futhermore, the lacklustre performance is paired with the non-existent sillage meaning as a fragrance enthusiuast its a frag you may end up enjoying privately because it sits so close to the skin. That being said, despite the citrus its pleasant for evenings as it isnt harsh and will not prick your nose. Would recommend increasing the budget if a quality warm fragrance is needed. A very leathery scent, therefore also quite a masculine scent. I can see this being a good scent to use for the office, however I wouldn't personally wear it in any other situation.

I don't find it particularly sexy or unique- so I don't think I'd wear it besides in formal situations for office wear. Projection and Longevity are somewhat weak. There are better alternatives out there really- I'd recommend Givenchy Gentleman or even Dior Fahrenheit. I've owned a lot of Boss fragrances and they have always turned out good, and was looking forward to buy this one as a blind buy but thankfully I tried it before hand. Not sure what notes I dislike about this fragrance but all I'm saying is that you have to try it before buying it because it's for sure not a scent for everyone.

Edit: After it settles down a bit it gets better, so it's not as bad as I thought it was. I think the ginger in the opening is what was annoying me at the start, not exactly sure though.

Is it a fragrance for me? But I see why some people like it. All I'm saying is that you need to try it before buying.

I picked this up at Home Bargains for £29. Buy it if you find it somewhere cheap. Spicy + powdery; leather is weak but it is there. But I came back to it after a few months, and I actually enjoyed it. Performance is a bit weak before, so I oversprayed earlier 16 sprays and after going to the mall then the gym, I can still smell it strongly 8 hours after.

The Scent uses Maninka Fruit in the top note which is rarely used in perfume. To me this smells like the Baobab fruit tastes which is sort of a bit like citrussy lemonorange with the sweetness of pear. On top of this you have a sweet ginger note, but nowhere near the potency of Gucci Envy for Men 1998. This is really pleasant and easily the best part of the fragrance.

This part lasts about 20-30 minutes. The drydown is very similar to Baldessarini Ambré 2007so much so The Scent could even be a flanker. Both use a synthetic leathery amber note which is a bit powdery. Ambré is much sweeter and cloying, but at the same time a bit more inviting. The Scent is more dry and musky. Longevity is about average for a designer fragrance at around 4-6 hours.

Sillage is average, it's not a loud scent. I found this to be a fairly average scent. It is nice, but isn't bottle worthy in my opinion. I don't get why some people bag on this one!

To me this is just as good as the others from the line. I think this is a balanced composition that highlights the Maninka and the other fruits in a good way.

It's not too sweet either, it's just right. For me the longevity is moderate. This is a good work scent, it's not a super crowd pleaser but that's what makes this good is that it's not overdone. After a tart, slightly citrus opening with a fleeting hint of spice, this Boss number quickly becomes a dull, two-dimensional leather-and-wood scent.

A soulless, generic man-in-a-suit-at-the-office scent. Masculine equivalent of mall-girl floral-fruity whatever. I think I bought it because I tested and later I thought this is good I can buy that and order it online without testing again. As not a leather lover, I think it is a good leather. But I have to wait for the dry down. Opening is not special at all. Just a fragrance, not even a reminder of anything. I get bubblegum sweet like invictus.

This literarly smells 100% like Armaf El Cielo. It does not last long or project much, but the smell is very good and very likable. Maybe I'm just nose-blind, or I got a bum batch, but this is the single worst-performing cologne I've encountered. It is an instant skin-scent, with zero projection, zero longevity. Even on the skin it fades after an hour; I've used scented hand soaps that last longer.

The fragrance itself, when you can catch an elusive hint of it, is a very nice, cool-weather scent. It should be an easy-to-wear everyday cologne for the office, or for relaxing at home. But I doubt it would even work as an air freshener. My only hope is that perhaps it's bad because I'm using it in the dead of winter. Fragrantica users seem to peg it as a fall scent; maybe when the temperature is a bit warmer, it comes alive. For now, tho, I am incredibly disappointed.

I love the smell of this fragrance the most out of all fragrances i have ever smelt, and got more compliments than any other fragrance including Aventus and Sauvage, but it doesnt last. Get some strong citrus and very separate base.

I got a bottle of this about a few months after it was introduced. I loved this scent, it was sexy but What does boss the scent for her smell like? didn't have any longevity to it.

I'd wear it for a little over an hour and then it would disappear. Sillage was great, it reached out about arms length. I would recommend this for dates and formal occasions, but I hope they worked on the short-lived problem since I bought it. To me this is one of those scents that's just perfectly fine - unoffensive, clean, pleasant, well rounded, nice balance between fruity and spicy - but it's just not something I would like to wear personally.

Still, seems to me like a pretty safe scent. Try it, you might like it. Hugo Boss' The Scent gave a good initial impression but it never quite 'got going'. The feeling I get from it, is that this scent has interesting concept in its ingredients but it never gets going and falls flat. Think a fancy- and interesting looking car accelerating on a highway all the way up to the 3rd gear, but it never gets past that 'mediocre speed'. In the end, the initial interesting impression of the scent pun intended isn't enough and the whole fragrance just ends up bland and without much character.

Initially, it makes a nice first impression, but What does boss the scent for her smell like? that it just shows how little character it has. To me it doesn't stand out. A safe, alright fragrance, but unimpressive. Some ladies seem to like it, had a female friend who even What does boss the scent for her smell like? she could wear it herself. This isn't a bad fragrance. You could wear this just about anywhere.

The sillage and longevity are only moderate. Maybe that's what they were going for was a milder and more easier acceptable scent. You have to spray 7-10 sprays if you really want to be heard.

I get a few hours easy spraying on clothes. The Scent is pretty much a mild fruity leather scent. It's very safe and it does smell good but you will have to reapply throughout the day to keep it going. The Maninka note is a unique part of this fragrance. I give this an 8. Smelled it before, if only I knew where. But hype and hype only because of the name Hugo Boss. There are so many other scents out there that kick ass. This one is just okay.

If you have some of those in your wardrobe and do not desire another you should probably pass on this one. To my nose its definitely more of a younger man's cologne. I really would have a hard time seeing someone 40+ pulling this off. Very average as far as silliage and longevity. The good news is you can get this pretty deeply discounted. If you pay full retail you are for sure getting ripped off. I am not saying its not a good thing but its really hard to be unique when you wear a perfume that women have smelled before in another man.

Its a fresh leathery spicy well blended fragrance that is easy on the nose. Let's be honest Hugo Boss doesn't get a lot of love in the fragrance community, often to the detriment of some of their better releases which will be blindly voted down by the sheep just because they can.

This is easily one of their best releases in the last 10 years and imho pretty unique and certainly not the generic fragrance that some reviews try and make it out be be. It even performs pretty well - projecting better than most other mass produced designer fragrances in that all important first couple hours window before fading away to become a skin scent. The fragrance itself is spicy fresh and at times verging on What does boss the scent for her smell like? slightly sweet which I shouldn't like but this is blended so well that the sweetness is never sickly or synthetic and yet it also has hints more towards the darker side so it's quite unique to my nose and one of those scents that is way, way better than reviews suggest.

Give it a try - it may be you miss out on an absolute gem. Tested this over the counter and even if it smelled great, I know What does boss the scent for her smell like? not original. It lacks character and distinction like The Private Accord has, or the One Million Prive has.

You can tell there's a lot What does boss the scent for her smell like? there that smells like this. The Maninka marketing tactic got me, I expected some unique accord but I got another generic citrus fragrance. I've never eaten Maninka so I don't know about the accuracy, but I must say I feel nothing new or distinctive about this fragrance. Having so many underused distinctive fruit smells such as watermelon, mango, guava, pomegranate, I guess they took too much talent to emulate and it was easier to claim a new never used before exotic fruit accord.

Given that First Instinct is a strong compliment getter, The Scent should produce similar results and that's the only good thing I can say about it. I had never worn this fragrance before so I thought I'd give it a shot. And I'm glad I did as this is a fantastic frag from Hugo Boss. I get compliments from my female colleagues which is a huge confidence boost. This is a very masculine fragrance and very sensual as well with a lovely opening blast of mandarin orange with a smooth leather dry down.

It stays relatively close to the skin, perfect for work or for running errands - any time when you want to smell yourself and smell nice to others, but not with monstrous projection. It gives way to the leather as it makes it's way to the drydown.

And yes, women do really seem to enjoy this. My wife is a tough win, but this one won her over immediately. Intense: More leather, a bit darker mirroring the darker tint of the metal framing on the flacon and a bit within the juice itself - I don't notice much performance difference yet, but I need to do side-by-side.

I like this as the evening scent in warm weather and as the office scent in cooler weather. Private Accord: Far spicer and boozier to open, and a bit sweeter than the other two throughout. I love this as a winter dazzler and it works very well as a date-night option. I rarely take this into account, but in this it deserves to be mentioned. For all three in the line I have yet to meet a woman who doesn't thoroughly enjoy smelling this off of the skin.

Paper tests may be a different story, but I think these really work well either with men's chemistry in general or my chemistry specifically. Make sure if you're sampling any of them to wear it for a bit. Not a genre of scent I've had much experience with and therefore much 'feel' for. So, assessing Boss The Scent has required me to go 'left field'. I'll say this: anyone having experienced first-hand a Thailand, Vietnam or Bali fruit market will know this smell: a spicy and fruity sweet 'something' with unusual nuances like dragon What does boss the scent for her smell like?, pomelo, pawpaw or lychee.

I suspect this would cloy if over-applied. The sample I was given yielded no expressions of appreciation amongst my circle - all of us being in our late forties early fifties. Whilst I can't say I dislike it, I can't say with any certainty that I 'like' it either.

Well into the drydown the scent slightly reminds me of children's foam banana confectionary. If thirty years younger, then maybe I'd understand this better. Probably more a young man's dating scent. It really is an amazing smell, for about 20 minutes. Then it is gone, poof. Its not even a skin scent at an hour for me. Its got the staying power of a 18 year old on prom night. The smell is amazing but its useless because it simply disappears for me so fast. I've legit bottle, batch code shows new too.

I really like Boss The Scent, it's a tempting imp. I need to keep an eye on it, not just for him. The bottle of this one is great too! Oddly, this smells exactly, and I mean exactly like Diesel Only the Brave.

Hugo Boss Fragrances : fragrance

Easily unisex, but definitely leans on woman. One of the better Hugo Boss Scents. This review based on a vial-sample review, though i didn't mind it when it came out, spraying in the store, but felt then like most Boss scents, fleeting. Should've been a Baldessarini-line scent. Might change my mind years ago but not a priority. This particular blend of lavender and What does boss the scent for her smell like?

What does boss the scent for her smell like?

smells mushy mellow to me. The intense version is more of the same. Sorry to those that like this fragrance. This is one of my favorites, well not in my top 5, but for sure in my top 10 favorite perfumes. Its not groundbreaking, its generic ye, but still it smells really good! Jeremy Fragrance said for this fragrance that he dont like it very much, but still he admitted that he received a many compliments from girls when he wore it.

Just give it a try! I bought it based on that. However, as a few others have mentioned, I was very disappointed to find that the performance is very poor on me - less than 4 hours. I was hoping the What does boss the scent for her smell like? version would fix that, but from I've read it's a very different scent. Guess I'll have to get a sample and try it because, sadly, less than 4 hours does not warrant a re-purchase in What does boss the scent for her smell like?

book. Really a bummer too, because I do like this fragrance. I went with this choice because 1 haven't had a bad Boss buy yet, and 2 was looking for something with leather undertones. I really cannot sense any leather base whatsoever, but the ginger is definitely there.

I can smell the citrus notes, but they're being nearly drowned out by the ginger as well. Projection is terrible and unless someone is hanging on me, I don't think they would be able to smell it. More of an impression of soft leather rather than something super realistic.

I get a citrus accent that brings mandarin to mind. There's sweetness, lavender and maybe a little woodiness. I take this with a grain of salt but I do kind of get that here with The Scent.

In any case it's difficult to find info online about maninka's scent. A little mature and masculine but not decidely so. I'd like to smell this on a lady. Sexy but still work appropriate. I can see it getting compliments. Projection and sillage are average; lasted about six hours before becoming soft. The Scent is a little generic but I've definitely smelled worse. Maninka might or might not be here. There's a reserved vibe that doesn't need to choke you out with over the top performance or cloying sweetness.

The bottle looks cool and I think the juice color is appropriate. Not interested in a bottle but not bad at all. People are not always going to like the same thing but what I will say is that no this is not the strongest fragrance out there but in a post one million world where everyone expects loud in your face sickly sweet fragrance's this is probably one of the best.

My quest is over, successfully completed. The moment this left the atomizer and hit my skin. This is an instant bright flash. It instantly lifted me to a higher happier state. It comes across to me as a much more dynamic, mature, sophisticated Boss In Motion i love that too I walked around the house so excited to have found this. This is a fresh, bright orange citrus, but not too sweet.

A colleague at work wears this and it makes him smell like spicy orange leather. This actually smells like the bottle looks to me. It's not a sillage monster he has to be standing right next to me for me to smell it or walk directly in front of mebut it's quite pleasant and office appropriate.

It's funny because he asked me for the name of a scent that projects strongly since his other cologne The One didn't project and I told him Sauvage, but he said when he tested it at the store it didn't seem that strong he does have sinus allergies so I think his nose was off that day because Sauvage is a sillage bomb to me so he went with The Scent which is acting just like The One as far as projection goes.

Boss the Scent vs Boss the Scent Intense vs MontBlanc Legend Night. Unlike fragrantica reviews, I was really caught surprise by how much I Adore the scent of this fragrance. My father wears it, my uncles wears it, heck most grandpa wears it still.

I think I know why lots of people don't like this. Comes across as not very complex, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Dark fruit and light leather isn't a bad place to end up after dry down. Pleasant but won't set the world on fire. I have a 100ml bottle and I have to say that I like a lot this smell. I am not sure why all the negativity. Reviews outside of this site which is where a casual person buying cologne will review are 95% positive from what I have seen.

I think this smells very good. So i wanted to test this one and id say im disappointed. Definately the name is not a witness. The scent is boring in my opinion. The opening is dull, drydown is not that bad. The fragrance is not masculine nor sensitive. It lacks depth in my opinion. The only positive side i see is its versitality and even performance is not bad.

Fair enough, that may well be because of my own personal olfactory limitations, but it was an extremely strange experience as a fragrance fan to not actually be able to smell anything! My nose was clear and I was not taking any sort of medication, however the projection on my skin was literally non-existent.

I cannot really make a fair and reasonable assessment therefore - that's a first for me! I like it enough to have purchased it, but I rate it below some of the other newer scents like Coach, and place it around the level of Legend Spirit.

Has a sort of dank, diluted rootbeer smell. Or like Manzana or Sidrel Mundet the dark version soda when it's been sitting out for What does boss the scent for her smell like?

while, sweet, and musky. It's most similar to Armani Stronger, but better, a good buy. Not sure why this is rated so low, it deserves better in my opinion. I much prefer this over Boss Bottled, by a country mile. It's warm and spicy, comforting and non offensive. I've worn this during business meetings and the office, and the feedback has been really good.

It leans towards colder days, but you could get away with it on cooler summer days with a couple of sprays. I get really good longevity, I spray it on my shirt at 7am and at 4pm it's still there and noticeable. Projection is probably about 3-4 hours, but not at big distances.

Don't blind buy it, but certainly give it a test at a store. It develops quite well in my opinion. Sure it's nothing ground breaking, but does everything have to be? I can confirm what That90sGuy says. I've just bought this for my partner because he and I both love the original Hugo Boss Bottled, and I love this soooo. In this, I smell a fruity, almost pineappley scent which I guess is the maninka?

The Scent is kinder to your nasal cavity. Doesn't blow What does boss the scent for her smell like? socks off but doesn't make me want to march my hubby to the bathroom to scrub it off. The fact that so many dudes hate this and I get so many compliments from women confirms what I thought when I first smelled it. I think women will enjoy this. Remember, if guys don't like it, women probably will. There are some exceptions to this rule, but those fragrances also draw a lot of same sex attention, which I don't think is what most guys are going for.

Below average scent with tearfully poor performance. Here in Germany most sales staff at fragrance stores push this stuff hard and it works as I recently read that The Scent is one of the beat selling frags in the country. It says a lot about the fragrance industry. I really can't say anything good about this fragrance. Strangely enough my wife loves both the opening and the dry down.

She said she gives it an 8. I can say something good about this cologne. The bottle will look nice in my collection because it was so expensive. But I am very disappointed in the scent. The opening of this is beautiful for five minutes. After that it turns to air. Please don't waste your money on this fragrance. It's a decent smell but it really has no performance whatsoever Fragrance -The Scent Hugo Boss Bottle from - 2016 This is not the best scent in the Hugo Boss line,but nevertheless,it's nice,safe and non-offensive fragrance.

The drydown is nice and i get some fruitiness,woodiness and leather. Very safe,light,pleasant and non-offensive scent. Occasion What does boss the scent for her smell like? casual activities,office,dates,school and night out. This is not a huge compliment getter. Hugo Boss The Scent is the same scent we smelled many times before this perfume. A strange spicy ginger with leather, lavender and I guess vetiver.

Nothing extraordinary, except for a smokiness that lingers for a while which is at least in my case the only thing grabbing my attention.

But in general this is just a good generic masculine fragrance, safe. I don't get all the hatred for this one. Something about this reminds me of a bottle I owned in my younger days. I'm talking about 15-20 years ago when I was in my early teenage years and just started to experiment with fragrances. Something tells me it's very similar to Signature by Kenneth Cole but I could What does boss the scent for her smell like? mistaken. Regardless, there is a certain familiarity to this juice that I rather enjoy.

It brings back memories of getting a new bottle on Christmas morning and wearing it for the first time at a relative's house for Christmas dinner along with a brand new pair of pants, shirt and socks that I had no doubt also received that morning. Strong ginger notes, obviously, but I also get an unmistakably strong vanilla-type note as well, which I appreciate quite a bit.

I'm going off a sampler here, and I just applied half an hour ago, so I won't speak on longevity, but I can testify that there is at least a decent amount of sillage here.

This is not one of those concoctions that turns into a skin scent after 10 minutes. This is nothing new, definitely not anything groundbreaking, and to be honest, the Boss house could have done so much more, but taken at face value, it's definitely not the worst I've ever smelled.

Simply summed up as a generic good scent. I wouldn't spend my money on it, but if given a bottle as a gift, it would get some occasional use for What does boss the scent for her smell like?. Oh, a shaving foam accord. Ideal if you want to smell like you've just had a shave for a couple of hours. Also I would recommend spraying it around the house if you need to create an impression that there is a man in the household, or on yourself to raise suspicion from your partner.

Besides you can buy exactly the same or better made, how? Try theirs Respect for Men. Let me preface my review by stating that I am not a fan of Hugo Boss Bottle.

So what did I think of my sampling The Scent? Surprisingly, I didn't hate it. While this one has some elements of Boss Bottled, it is a darker fragrance which I liked. Unfortunately, it has a generic department store quality to it and there is a sweetness to this fragrance that is just a bit unusual. I don't know if I necessarily agree with this statement, but I can understand the rational behind it. Performance is on the lower-end of average; lasts 4-hours on my skin and projects moderately.

What does boss the scent for her smell like?, I give The Scent a tepid like. This fragrance is a joke. The leather and ginger notes smell highly synthetic. And the other notes What does boss the scent for her smell like? for that matter. This is cheap-smelling and fades quickly. If I was What does boss the scent for her smell like?

imagine a celebrity wearing this, it would be Steven Seagal. Nothing alluring about this at all. Smells like someone trying too hard. It's a shame, really, that this is what we get when Hugo Boss finally decide to release something that isn't a Boss Bottled flanker.

The angry, serious expression of the model in the ad for this pretty much sums up the fragrance. I need to wash this shit off. My own personal critic wife thinks it smells pretty good too. I never ever use What does boss the scent for her smell like? more than 1 or 2 sprays. Not a bad scent but it really does not stand out. To compare, scents like Ferrari Leather Essence and Bvlgari Man In Black offer much more sillage and projection.

The ginger note is pretty top heavy and most likely be a turnoff if you are looking for compliments. Hugo Boss What does boss the scent for her smell like? been criticized for many years for a good reason and this pretty much validates it. Here's a review for the latest addition to my husband's modest fragrance wardrobe.

This is a very masculine fragrance - not unisex, not gender-bender, but a proper alpha scent for an alpha male, a. The leather accord is also very prominent; the ginger note, on the other hand, is very subtle and only serves to add just the tiniest hint of spiciness.

Now, I have no idea what the maninka fruit is supposed to smell like - I've never heard of it before! Got a few mini's back when it was released, so I have worn it more then once, due to it, brother of mine made a purchase of a full bottle for him self, because he loved it. Longevity is actually a very good, not bad at all, it last easily 6-10 hours, and on clothes it stays for days.

Longevity as always, it depends, like with most fragrances. Scent itself, has nothing to do with Bottled fragrances, it is a absolutely new release with unique enough smell to stand out. It is lovely smooth, fresh and energizing scent. Absolutely safe and universal fragrance. Not a lover of Hugo Boss house, but this one is truly Beautiful. In the very dry-down I sometimes get a whiffs that really reminds me of Pure Malt and Erba Pura.

Un parfum senior, doux et la fois aromatisé, épicé, fleural et des notes de cuir légère. But I like the leather, and there's the sweet leather waiting for you there under the lavender, but I have a real problem with lavender scents.

I wouldn't wear this, nor would I buy it for a man, but if my man were wearing this I wouldn't complain. But it's not a 'wow' scent, either. I feel about it about the same way I feel about Burberry Brit Rhythm. There's something very good and enjoyable about the drydown, after two hours or so. This is great to wear in autumn and winter, because it interacts well with the cold air.

I wore this outside in autumn and it reacted wonderfully. This lasts fine on me. I know a lot of people were complaining about longevity, but I easily get 6 hours out of this. Perhaps it will grow on me.

After trying it at my local perfumery, I was actually surprised to check Fragrantica and see rather unusual notes like ginger and maninka on the list.

This fragrance is an amalgamation of every played-out trend that haunts mainstream masculines today. Take notes that you think represent your target audience. Synthesise them in a lab, and then carefully sand down every corner and edge you can find, until you get something that appeals to the broadest possible focus group. It's a fragrance designed by executives, for executives, devoid of any character or soul.

I agree, a negative side in Scent would be longevity and small projection, its a lovely smell, friendly, versatile and comfortable. Of course is a low profile fragance but its growing on me in every wear in a few hours.

The fragance goes to an intimate joy, the more you wear the more your wish this could be in a better concentration, with this point to improve will be an amazing fragance, the smell indeed will cover a nice brief moment of wear. This is the second fragrence from Hugo Boss that i felt cheated on. The scent itself is ok, nothing special as it smells a lot like other perfumes, but what kills it for me is the longevity. With Hugo Just Different i got an hour tops, with this one i get two, maybe three if i overspray.

It's just not worth getting if you ask me. Spicy ginger and lavender is the most dominant notes i get out of it. I really wanted to like this one, but because of its poor perfomance on me and the fact that it smells like other fragrences out there, i'm not recommending this one.

Its a very nice smelling fragrance. Not sure what the hate is all about. Its got a little sweetness like boss bottled, a little freshness like a dior sauvage and a little spice. The only thing I worry about is the performance. I am only going What does boss the scent for her smell like? a sample, but I have a feeling the performance might not be that great. Like so many other designer fragrances.

Fragrance itself smells decent and safe for any type of environment. The problem with this one is that after 1 spray on myself i can't smell after 30 minutes. I have very resistant skin according to many sale associates and I blind bought this. Big mistake as I wear it and then smell like nothing after a couple of minutes. Maybe spraying it on my clothes will help but as of now it's really a shame. Not the best but not the worst.

What does boss the scent for her smell like?

Definitely a safe scent if anything. Honestly, this one doesn't smell bad. It doesn't quite deserve the hate it gets purely from the scent perspective, as it's a reasonable and unoffensive scent which i find to be inline with most of boss' releases, however the performance is terrible. After two hours or so there is nothing left, and even after the first half hour there is very little sillage.

My 16 year old son used it couple of times. Got the sample from my husband who likes Armani di Gio only ; When I smelled it for the first time on him I was like - what the heck? It reminded me of that perfume so much I didn't ask this question of course, he's a teenager, didn't want to risk my life :D But I What does boss the scent for her smell like?

a sample of this perfume on his desk. And I must say, after sniffing it more, I cannot really understand why so many people find it dull and unoriginal. Someone who will care for you. That goes from the warm part of the scent I guess. It smells young but classy. A bit spicy but nothing overpowering. It also has a masculine sweetness to it that is very sensual and invinting. Everything is very well balanced and the bottle looks great too.

All I can say: It doesn't last and easily forgotten. I cannot say this What does boss the scent for her smell like? a bad scent, I have a hard time thinking that What does boss the scent for her smell like? one will dislike this fragrance by its smell, it's very very safe, very versatile. Maybe it's my skin, but we have much much better options.

I tend to wear perfume for me, rather than other people. In some cases that means I might be a bit of an arse, and flood wherever I'm at with my idea of what smells good luckily, I'm ok to do that since I don't rely on making a good impression most days - I'm mostly alone. Hugo Boss The Scent will ensure you can't make that mistake - I just can't imagine being able to overdo this fragrance.

On the whole the smell is ok although not particularly memorable : it lacks aggressive projection; it dies away quite quickly. I applied The Scent at about 10am, and by 11am, all I had was a very weak skin scent. Not something that I get much joy from personally. Opens with vanilla leather, some fruityness i couldn't place, but i'd guess something Amber, Resinous. I guess i was wrong. It's nothing ground breaking, but i got a few sample bottles.

Not bad really, it's a safe masculine fragrance, similar Leathre Accord as Bleu de Chanel, but without any Citrus. Sillage: Medium Projection: light Scent: Vanilla, Amber, Resinous Fruit, Leather base. Would go great on someone who wears a suit, or Leather jacket, and may mix great if you got good Natural chemistry. I can understand why people think this is What does boss the scent for her smell like?. It smells like a lot of other scents.

But sometimes it's when someone does something simple, really well, we come to appreciate their class. Been on my skin for a few hours now. Because I too get disappointed with Hugo Boss fragrances that smell great and don't perform. If it does last this might well be my new signature. There is not really much one can say about this one. I'll summarize by saying it smells average and acceptable but that it evaporates faster than liquid helium which is it's biggest issue.

While it smells mildly pleasant it has zero impact, does not innovate and has hairless balls when compared to some of the leaders in the designer area. This is designed to be a safe scent and will just do nicely for Joe Average who doesn't care about complexity in a scent. I have no problem with mass marketed fragrances but this just lacks any impression. Dior showed that you can bring out mass marketed fragrances Sauvage that still have plenty of character, even if it's a tad synthetic.

Ginger is also done right in that one. It starts out with a fruity, fresh accord which I can't really attribute to the fruit which I've never heard of before but nevertheless is very pleasant. There is warmer tones and perhaps some ginger? But the scent inevitably turns into a generic smel that is vaguely reminiscent but hard to place.

If usually jump on the bandwagon of haters and say. As long it's not awful I'm going to can that kind of rhetoric. Boss have made a scent which maybe uninteresting but is it bad?

It is diabolically generic and it will smell really pleasant to your surroundings. It's not a bad thing, but if you expect What does boss the scent for her smell like? more then you are going to be heavily dissapointed. Plus I'm bothered by its syntheticity. But after all: if you want to buy one scent, that will work for What does boss the scent for her smell like?

ocassion I think it's not a bad way to go. It's masculine not as sweet as Boss Bottledit's crowd-pleasing and my god. I don't know if I'm smelling the same scent that's being shown in the notes as I can only detect cloying sweetness with an addition of spices, mostly cardamom and cloves to my nose.

However there is a leather base that is quite well done and intriguing but as it's leaning too much into the gourmand genre I can skip this scent. In conclusion something for people that like to have a sweet leather scent.

Why the fuck ppl are bashing? Indeed not something extra ordinary but not deserving such critics for no concrete reason, i bought two 3ml samples and tested thoroughly now about to buy this one any moment. It might not make you wet, but I don't think it deserves all the dislikes. People are being far to hard on the mass marketed fragrances. Well maybe this is a good thing, to teach these companies a lesson about creativity.

The artistry in their marketing and recipes What does boss the scent for her smell like? been replaced by their board rooms. Its all business and suits and ties and marketing, sales reports. Do this to equal that.

It falls to hard on the department stores. Where is the organic creativity? The freedom to create something really different. It's no surprise that the segment of the perfume industry that is growing the most What does boss the scent for her smell like?

the High End segment What does boss the scent for her smell like? more thought is put into it. See how I did that, I slid right into statistics instead of something creative. And what about the irony that Boss is probably designed to be safe for the office. Hence the suit and tie on the models. Perhaps this was designed to be exactly what it is.

Then niche fragrances are the ones being consumed by the market. So they are the new mass marketed fragrances. And the traditionally Mass marketed fragrances are the new anti-fragrance. So how long before they are back in style? Once we have taught them a lesson, will we come full circle?

Or will they be out of business once we refuse to buy their contrived ideas? In reality, there are probably enough Joe Smiths to keep them in business long enough until the last of their juice hit the bargain basement discount stores. In the meantime I'm going to buy the Boss-Bottled Oud. Because I want that one right now. It seems to be the done thing to slate criticise most offerings by Hugo Boss on fragrance websites such as these, they're often derided in the same fashion as offerings from Calvin Klein - I get it.

But, as I was initiated into my scent passion as a young guy in his 20's thanks to 'Hugo' by Boss, I will always give their new offerings a go, as I still love the whole 90's vibe of 'Hugo'.

So onto 'The Scent', first impressions were that the bottle looks kinda cool and the gorgeous amber juice on display made me instantly interested. However, like a fleeting glimpse of something in the corner of one's eye, after 3 3 sprays on my inner elbow - just to be sure - nothing!

If anyone knows the whereabouts of 'The Scent' I would gladly like to know. This fragrance is suitable for those looking for a wonderfully warm and seductive masculine fragrance. It's great for those that wants a safe and a versatile fragrance. I think Hugo Boss have focused more on the adverts for the fragrance than the actual scent.

This is not a bad fragrance, but it's not the best and most unique fragrance in the world. Is there an award for most disappointing fragrance of the year? Considering the sheer volume of advertising and the gloss that has appeared with all the displays, posters and shiny plastic fancy gimmicks, Boss should hang their heads in shame. Not particularly memorable from first impressions. Completely forgotten after an hour as it had vanished from my wrist.

This is the runaway winner of aforementioned award I was very curious about this scent, because there are some perfumes from Hugo Boss i really like Orange man is one of my favouritesplus the flacon looks really awesome.

So i will definitely not spend any money to buy it, but if someone want to make a gift, at least i would like the bottle to put on a shelf Let me preface my review of Hugo Boss Boss The Scent by saying I am no fragrance connoisseur - a completely untrained nose.

All I know is what I like and what other scents a fragrance reminds me of. That being said, The Scent reminds me real fast of Obsession for Men without the longevity. It is a warm spicy to me, with a masculine yet powdery dry down. I cannot detect anything citrusy as other probably more experienced reviewers have stated, though. It makes me think of a ruggedly handsome man who wears custom-tailored plaid shirts and fine Italian leather shoes whose idea of a man cave is a dark leather sofa and club chairs with hunter green walls and wood floors.

He sticks to classic colognes and isn't overly metrosexual but is still well-groomed. Maybe he smokes cigars on special occasions. I would love to embrace a man and smell something similar to this in the crook of his neck. It is not as bad as people claim it to be. It just is not great. The purpose of this fragrance is that it is very safe and versatile. Definitely a smooth office scent if you do not want to be overly noticed.

What does boss the scent for her smell like?

Additionally it works great casually. The best part about this fragrance is the bottle. If only they had spent as much time on the scent. I would only pick this up in a bargain bin. Nothing really special with this new addition to the Hugo Boss family.

It smelt good at the beginning but I wasn't wowed by it at all. Just didn't seem like something genuinely new like almost every other Hugo Boss cologne that has come out over the years. This lasted a really long time on my skin though and I could constantly smell it throughout the day although it had a very synthetic smell the longer I wore it.

Tested this alongside Boss Orange. The opening is clean, and fresh spicy, with citrus undertone. I found it quite pleasant, with good projection and longevity.

On drydown the lavender comes through and blends well with the ginger, and I guess, the maninka. Interestingly, Google has little data on this note and just seeks to educate you about the Maninka people of western Africa. Supposedly the fruit comes from a tree called the 'fried egg tree' used by the Mankanese people - thankfully the egg conotation stops there and the actual citrus note is warm and helps develop a light musk to the scent.

Not sure what happened to the base note - possibly used to add depth to th eother notes. You know, I like it. An unoffensive, fresh, day-time fragrance. Can't comprehend the dislike for it. And no, its not a case of 'user being unable to smell their own smell' because no-one else within my office space can smell it either.

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