Question: What does Choncho mean in English?

choncho {adj.} big. hefty. serious.

What does Choncho mean in Spanish slang?

chichi. 1 (vulva) fanny (vulgar); beaver (vulgar); (EEUU) 2 (México) (teta) tit (vulgar)

What does Camarada mean in Spanish slang?

best friend, the ~ Noun. buddy, the ~ Noun. confidante, the ~ Noun. bosom friend, the ~ Noun.

What does chencho mean in Spanish?

In Spanish Baby Names the meaning of the name Chencho is: He who is crowned with laurel.

What is Chon Chon Spanish?

action. chon chon. masculine noun. 1. ( slang) (sex) (Mexico)

Whats the meaning of Kiki?

Kiki (alternately kiking or a ki) is a term which grew out of Black LGBTQ American social culture, and is loosely defined as a gathering of friends for the purpose of gossiping and chit-chat, and later made more widely known in the song Lets Have a Kiki by the Scissor Sisters.

What does Chi Chi Girl mean?

adjective. showily or affectedly elegant or trendy; pretentious. noun. a chichi person or thing.

Is Camarada masculine or feminine?

A chap is a man or boy.

Is camarade masculine or feminine?

1587, in military slang camarade either masculine or feminine, with the sense of who shares with someone else, thereafter buddy; 1869 political sense.

What does Panchito in Spanish mean?

A Spanish profane term for a Mestizo or an indigenous Central or South American.

Who is chencho?

Chencho (l.) ... Plan B were a Puerto Rican reggaeton duo, consisting of Chencho (real name Orlando Javier Valle Vega, born on February 19, 1979 in Guayama, Puerto Rico) and Maldy (Edwin Vázquez Vega, born on July 29, 1982 in Guayama, Puerto Rico), who are co-working cousins.

What is a Conchita?

Conchita is originally a diminutive for the Spanish feminine given name Concepción. Conxita is the Catalan equivalent. Conchita is also the diminutive of concha (seashell).

Where can I find Chonchon?

ChonchonSizeSmallTypeInsectElementWind (RO) Water (RO2)Natural HabitatGeffen fields, Sograt Desert, Labyrinth Forest, East Mt. Mjolnir4 more rows

Is Kiki a bad word?

It isn t a bad word. It s more like a playful word used predominantly by Mexican men and it means idiot or stupid. Possibly other meanings could be linked to the word “wey”.

What is Kiki nickname for?

Kiki can be a nickname for any name beginning with the K sound, from Katherine to Christina to Kayla. Kiki is also a Japanese name most famous via an anime film, Kikis Delivery Service.

What is Chi Chi a nickname for?

breasts It is not true that chichi is a Japanese slang term for breasts. It is no slang but actually a general term. Chichi means both milk and breasts because milk comes out from breasts.

What is compadre in English?

In Spanish, a childs father and godfather are, to each other, compadres -- that is, co-fathers. Compadre is also a traditional term of reverence and friendship for a man. ... In English, compadre means friend and can refer to a person of either sex.

Is Copines masculine or feminine in French?

A friend is given by un ami (masculine) or une amie (feminine), or informally as un copain (masculine) or une copine (feminine).

What is Panchito a nickname for?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Panchito is a diminutive of the name Pancho, which in turn is a diminutive of the name Francisco.

What is Panchita a nickname for?

Panchita can be either the diminutive form of somebodys name, or the nickname peanut.

What is Plan Bs real name?

Benjamin Paul Ballance-Drew Plan B/Full name What does Choncho mean in English?

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